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Leather Crafter Complete Shop

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Leaving the business due to health reasons so my entire shop is for sale. I specialized in western gun rigs primarily for the Cowboy Action Shooting folks.  This offering is for the entire shop, all machines, tools, tool boxes, benches,  hand tools, dyes, remaining stock of leather and hardware, and miscellaneous items.  Cobra 4 purchased new about 5 years ago, the Class 14 about a year later. Shop is located in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.   Price for entire shop is $4500, buyer responsible for pick up and shipping, these costs are not included in purchase price.  I am not interested in selling the individual items, this is a package deal.   I can use PayPal to invoice for payment.

Included in price:

  • ·         Cobra 4 Sewing Machine & stand

  • ·         Cobra Class 14 Splitter & stand

  • ·         Bench top drill press

  • ·         Spindle sander

  • ·         Hardwood top bench

  • ·         Cutting table

  • ·         Bench/desk with shelf and overhead light

  • ·         6 drawer tool box on 2 drawer roll around stand

  • ·         12 ton hydraulic press

  • ·         ½ ton arbor press

  • ·         Craftool manual splitter

  • ·         Assorted end and hole punches

  • ·         Tooling punches

  • ·         Pistol molds

  • ·         Assorted hardware: rivets, Chicago screws, buckles, snaps, conchos etc..

  • ·         Fiebings Pro dyes, and edge coatings varied quantities and colors

  • ·         Leather stock remaining at time of sale

  • ·         Belt and holster  patterns.



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I'm sorry you're having to close up. Whoever buys your shop is getting an incredible bargain! 

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I am very interested in your business and would like to find out more. I am sorry you are having to sell it, I know it must have been a tough decision. I would like to talk or email in regards to this if you have some time. Matt  9five1-2three3-1nine8zero

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We are in the area (Eastern Ohio) about 2 hours away and would like to come by and see your items if we could? We will be in the area through the weekend and first part of next week. If you could please call me I would like to see if we could schedule a time to come by? Thank you.



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At this time I have accepted a deposit for the equipment. The buyer is scheduled to pick up November 16th.  If anything changes I will update this post.  Thank you all for your interest.

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