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Singer 15-91 sewing cabinet, free

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Free wooden Singer _domestic_ sewing machine cabinet for refinishing. It used to hold a 1940 Singer 15-91.  It will probably hold other domestic machines of the same era, but I am certainly no expert by a long shot.

 The cabinet is not a pretty sight right now.  It's former owner (I didn't do it!!) tried to Pinterest it for his wife..and failed miserably.

When I got it, I elected to try to strip the veneer and paint it.  I got a goodly chunk of the hopelessly damaged veneer removed, only to find another layer of veneer. So maybe the guy tried twice?  I don't know.


The drawers are all there, along with the multi-spool pin holder, etc. 

Long story short, I discovered vintage industrial machines in between the acts and that, was the end of that, because I finally had the punching power necessary to do what I am aiming to do.

Please come take this cabinet off of my hands in Chesapeake Va.  Ours is a non smoking household, but we are cat and dog friendly.  I do believe that the previous owner of the cabinet smoked--but I did get the smell out, I think. 

No charge, but you haul it out.  It will fit just fine in the back of a Jeep Cherokee.  

If you would like a photo, message me with your email address because the photo editor here doesn't want to play nicely with me today. :(

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