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Singer “patcher” machines 29-4, and 29K71

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Hi. I got a Singer model 29-4 several years ago as a barter deal for some custom ironwork. I always hoped to get it going, but I couldn’t ever seem to find the time. It’s a beautiful machine, needs some cleanup and it’s missing the treadle and a few other small things, but basically all there. Time went by, fast forward to last week, I got a huge deal in an estate clean out “free sale” I picked up a newer version of the machine model 29K71. This one is beautiful!! It needs the bobbin winder except the frame, but everything else is there. I have several questions to the community: I like the old cast table legs from the 29-4 machine better than the newer stamped sheet metal ones from the 29K71. However, being 99 years newer, (1865, vs 1964!), #1, I don’t know if the newer machine and tabletop would even fit the cast legs, #2 while I like the cast legs, I am a bit conflicted about changing out from the original 29K71 legs. What do you all think? Also, planning on selling the 29-4, what is a reasonable price to ask?

I have several other questions. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get the parts to rebuild my bobbin winder on the new machine? And what would you all recommend for needles and thread for various different work like cotton duck work pant patch work, vs leather pouch work?64FEE5CD-B25B-4C58-A53D-0BD935BAB70A.jpeg.185273922f3a9e886fb8a514ae4e942c.jpegDBC17487-AC6D-43C4-8482-3B0F8096333F.jpeg.91675b39a6adf5d41e097a76775737e8.jpeg





















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