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Top and Bottom Feed Skiver Presser foot

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I haven't posted in some time but thought this was worth it. I have a top and bottom feed skiver, it is excellent for heavy veg-tan, oil tanned leathers, etc as long as they are about 6oz or above. I have ALWAYS had trouble with this machine to skive lighter weight material. I needed it to behave more like a bottom only feed so that so much pressure wasn't being put on the leather and subsequently eating it up. Yes, I have had some limited success with various methods using both feeds, but not consistent. A couple different feed rollers are available, and a single top presser foot is available, but not nearly as many or in a wide variety as the single feed machines. So I finally got around to drawing one in CAD and after about 12 different versions I managed to 3d print one that works perfectly. The final version I printed it solid at the highest resolution available to me. There is no load being placed on it so it didn't matter that it was plastic. The biggest hurdles were just getting the sizing right. Particularly the distance from the shaft to the top edge of the foot. Now that I have this, it can be modified into all types of feet. It did take some sanding and polishing to get it very smooth (which now does not produce any marks on the leather). As a frame, I can add rollers, pins, channels, etc. I included the 3d file if anyone wants to download it for printing or modifying. I did have to remove the drive shaft from behind the top feed so that the gear cog didn't chew into the foot, but its not entirely necessary because I built in clearance to take care of that as well. If you do end up modifying it please let me know as I would like to see any other versions. Thanks.

The first picture is of an earlier version before I worked the kinks out, the other pictures are the final version installed on the machine.





presser foot v4 v1.stl

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