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Chinese Diamond Lap Discs, Any Good?

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Hi all,

I have an old Metaserv Universal Polisher.

like this - https://spectrographic.co.uk/products/metaserv-universal-twin-polisher

I would like to get it setup for sharpening my tools, 1000 grit ish wet grinder on the faster wheel and a leather strop on the slower one. But i'm struggling to find any suitable adhesive wet and dry sheets/discs at a reasonable price. The discs need to be 200mm / 8" diameter. 

While searching I stumbled across the cheap Chinese diamond lapping discs available on eBay and amazon. I think they are typically used to facet stones for jewelry.

like this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/120mm-Diamond-Coated-Flat-Lap-Wheel-Ceramic-Glass-Grinding-Discs-46-2000-Grits/401784288990?hash=item5d8c35b6de:m:m4w5o-l07fVjaKANC50SGMA 

Does anyone have any experience with these? are they any good or a waste of money?

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Oh well,

I ended up ordering a pair of the diamond lap discs, a 600 and a 1200 grit.

I would really like to use some of that adhesive magnetic sheet to mount them but fear the magnetism may be too weak to get a good hold on the discs,  I will report back when I have figured out how best to mount them to the polisher.

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