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transfering printed images

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I have vary few videos on this. and so far the best one was with a leather burner tool. I tested it, but also I burned the leather a few good times doing it. now the image transferred, but not happy with all the burned areas. was thinking of trying the iron or something.

Now usually i prefer to carve the leather, but I do have a friend that is professional artist, and i thought on my next project for her, it would be great to put one of her images on it somewhere. and her details with shading are grand, and have not found a way to do anything close to giving her art justice.


I am using a laser printer for printing out the images.

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I used these very successfully to make a quilt for our veterans and the "old folks home".   Each 6 inch square had his/her name, rank, and an image or two.

Have never tried them on leather, . . . but would certainly think they would work well.

Put em in the laser printer, . . . make sure you print the image backwards, . . . lay it on the object, . . . apply the iron, . . . leave it and let it cool by itself.  

When it is cool to the touch, . . .  peel the backing off, . . . DONE........

Go to Ebay, . . . search for this:  Iron-on Heat Transfer Paper Light Fabrics - Red Grid 8.5" x 11" 25 sheets

May God bless,




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