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Reconditioning a Bonis "Never Stop" Model Fur Sewing Machine

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Hey All


I got lucky today and scored a good working condition Bonis "Never Stop" Model complete with table and motor.  To make it even better, I also got 2 great condition matching Bonis machines I can use for parts or use as well. (The "spares" also seem to be in good working order.) I also got a bunch of spare Bonis needles, thread, etc.


Since I live in a very remote area with no local leather workers, this is an extremely lucky find.  (Didn't think there was a Bonis machine for 1500 miles.)


No idea how old it is.  

I've attached a picture of the working machine and one of the spare machines.  


My plan is to completely refresh the wooden work surface and sand/polish the stand frame.  (Might get it professionally painted, but haven't decided yet.)  I also plan on doing a thorough clean, polishing and lubricating of the machine and case.  I ultimately want to use it for Seal Fur, but want to make a restoration project out of it first.


Anyone ever try to bring one of these old machines back to new-ish condition?  Any hints?


Also, is there any way to date this machine?




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14 hours ago, NewfoundlandLaw said:

is there any way to date this machine?

Possibly. Contact Bonis Parts with the model and serial number.

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