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What size leather should I get for this kind of Leather Book Cover?

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^Is the leather book cover that I'm looking to recreate for a fraction of the price, but I'm a *complete* noob with leathercrafting. This will be my first project. (I'm going to practice on foam before I make the first attempt) I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the size of the leather used for that cover, OR...

Since below I also linked the book that the cover is for, perhaps with the additional information someone could tell me the correct size.


Thank you.

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9 hours ago, TestTube said:

someone could tell me the correct size.

Do you must mean the weight (thickness) of the leather? Probably 4-5 oz. will do. If you are asking dimensions, or the amount of leather to purchase, hard to answer with what was provided. 

Links are easy to post, but sometimes "disconnect" for a variety of reasons. If you are serious about getting a response, you will be better served if you post the actual image.

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Make a pattern on paper first, then measure it to calculate the area of all pieces. That's how much leather you need.

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I make two versions of a same style book cover. The cheap one uses upholstery grade leather, is glued and riveted together. The leather is soft and about 1.2mm (3oz?). The better ones uses veg tan leather and is glued and sewn together. The leather is about 2.5mm (6 oz?) on the outside and about 1.2mm (3 oz?) on the insides.

The covers I make are for A6 sized note books or diaries. A6 is half of A5, the size you are looking at. For a tight fit the outside of my cover is 25cm x 17cm, for a looser fit it is 26cm x 18cm. Inside pockets hold the book covers, they are 7 or 9cm x 17cm or 18cm

For A5 you'd need to up the measurements, to about 34cm x 23 or 24cm for the outside cover and the inside pocket flap to between 9 and 12cm x 23 or 24cm

This is the insides of the cheap version

Without a book


and with a book




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