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Made an excellent straight edge that does not move.

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Here is how I made an excellent straight edge, I hope you like it!

It creates a straight edge that *will not move* while you are cutting along the edge.

You put the straight edge in the corner vise and tighten the jaws after you put the leather to cut between the edge and the leather.

TOOLS: 4 needed

1. Dresser or other heavy stable table/stand with a lip

2. Corner Vise Clamp (used in woodworking to clamp 2 pieces of a corner while gluing together.)

3. Retail store shelf bracket *standard* (they hold the brackets the shelfs rest on)

4. Cutting board


1. Open the drawer and screw the Vise Clamp to the underside of the top of the dresser, stand, etc.

2. Put the cutting board against the clamp, completely tighten the 1st clamp to lock the board to the top of the dresser. It then locks the cutting board in place.

3. Insert the shelving standard between the jaws, tighten to where it is just slightly loose enough to raise or lower as needed.

4. Insert leather, push straight edge down to the leather so it is tight, and tighten the jaws all the way so it will not move.

5. Cut away!

Total cost, since I buy everything usually at garage sales and auctions:

1. Shelving standard: $0.50

2. Corner Vise Clamp: $4.00

3. Dresser: left by roomate: $0

4. Cutting board: $5

Total cost: $9.50

Pictures show all.

1 Straight Edge.jpg

2 Straight Edge.jpg

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