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Tannerie Masure Nubucks and vintage snake skin

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Hello all I’m getting rid of of some leathers that I don’t use during this confinement period and because of Corona it’s been quite hard making sales as I’m sure it’s impacted everyone in the leather-working community. 
 So for sale I have 3 Nubuck skins from Tannerie masure in Grey, dark blue and Bordeaux they are around 12-13sqft each and a thickness of about 2-3mm 

I’m selling each hide of Nubuck for 45$ 

I have one remaining Brown calf skin lining used for the insides of shoes from tannerie Masure in Belgium. As you can see in the picture it has one hole in the middle and is around 13sqft. The flesh side is ultra soft and has a lovely suede feel and is being sold for 30$

then I have a selection of remaining vintage snake skins from an Italian tannerie dating around 1983-5 they are in grey, beige and a polished silver look. The grey and beige skins are 5€ each and the silver are 12€.

i ship internationally from Belgium and if there are multiple purchase I can definitely work out a discount!

any and all questions are welcome!












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I have a need for a couple of Copperhead snake skins.  Would you have or know of a resource for them.  I use Western Diamondback rattlers and have found a source for them , but they don't deal with Copperheads. 


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