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Necessary Adler 205-370 parts for leather

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So I’ve spent a little time on YouTube.   
I now know I’m going to need some shims for different needle sizes

no big deal there since weaver carries them  

what else is a good idea to get for an Adler 205-370 to switch from canvas use to leather?

I’m not terribly concerned about price since I picked up the unit itself for 900   as well as a consew 206 for another 500. ( I was stunned by the asking price myself, but they knew the original cost and that’s what they asked for). 

I figure a further investment in the right components is more than warranted  

I just know that a lot of the kit for my boss hand stitcher is seldom used so far   And I’d like some opinions on what folks have found most useful  

I basically make leather armor, knife sheaths , holsters , belts, and pouches so far .



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I have it's older brother an Adler 105-6 and all I do is change the needle from 214x1 to 214x2.

They are a Nice Machine.


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In general you want to look for parts without teeth to avoid the dreaded marks on the leather. Most Adler 205-370 I've seen already had smooth (tooth-less) feed dog and presser feet installed. The curved throat plates usually have some subtle teeth.

I'm sure Weaver will be happy so sell you these parts if you don't already have them.

You can also source high quality aftermarket parts directly from manufacturers like Kwok Hing (http://www.khsew.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=205).

Shameless self-promotion: I make flat-top throat plates for needle-feed (UTP441-NF) and for use with feed dog (UTP441HM2) that are based on a throat plate design for the Adler 205 (my versions have no teeth and they also fit 441 class machines, hence the 441 name):



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