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Juki DLN 9010A-SH Tension Problem

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I am having bottom tension issues on a couple of Juki DLN 9010A-SH...one brand new machine and another that is only about 8 months used.  The issue is bad tension on the underside of the fabric only when the machine is doing a reverse stitch using either the reverse lever or the reverse button.  Tension is great when sewing forward. 

Things that I have checked adjusted, re-adjusted, tweaked, changed you name it:

Machine head properly threaded

Brand new needle size 18, installed correctly

Bobbin tension

Burs on hook

Needle & hook timing

Check spring tension

Presser foot tension

Feed dog height and positioning

Put new feed dog and needle plate on

Tried different presser feet

Measured forward and reverse stitch length which both came out equal


Am I missing something or is there a problem much deeper in the machine?

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As a test, sew slowly, then to a stop, and then go into reverse.  See if that improves it.  Often, on full function machines, the bobbin comes to an abrupt start and stop, and can over spin the bobbin.   I would still check the timing.  Usually when things are going well in forward but not in reverse, it's a timing issue.

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It is weird that you have 2 machines with the same problem. What material are you sewing? How many layers? What kind and what weight of thread? What stitch length?

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