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Help with this painting style

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Hello guys, been away for quite a while... now trying to get into leather crafting again,

I came across these leather guitar straps, I really like the technique, it looks like relic wood,

Any idea on the process and materials that could be used to achieve a similar effect?

With my limited experience, it would look like no alcohol based dyes were used, maybe water based ones or acrylic paint? a base color, then another color on top of it an then some sanding?


Any help would be appreciated,


Capture 1.PNG

Capture 2.PNG

Capture 4.png

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Looks like the 'grain'  has been scored or sanded, before dying or maybe using  a wire brush . As for the colour, I have done something similar, using a red base dye, with an ' brandy' antique over the top and I got  a similar result. It was on a knife pouch, it came out a bit ' streaky'looking , a bit ' wood grain-ish '  so I left it. I hand stitched it  for a more authentic look . Didn't take long to sell it :) 

Not sure what colours were used for the others, perhaps  a white base dye with a turquoise or green mix dye over the top ? 

They do like quite effective though . Try experimenting on some scraps , no harm in trying and learning :) 


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Thanks for the answer!

I been trying today, made a few advances but I'm far from satisfied with the results,

Got a piece that with some improvement I think I could apply it in the things I do, going to work a bit more on that direction.


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