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Embossing wheels, stamps, conchos, buckles, antique paste

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I have some items I'd like to sell or trade. Prices don't include shipping, buyer pays shipping. Prices are less than what I paid for these.

I'm new to the site but not to trading and selling - see my GTZ profile here, 100% positive feedback on over 100 trades. 


Embossing Wheel Carriage + 8 Wheels (will come in original packaging) - $65


3D Stamps

  • 3x Sphinx (may not be Tandy) - $3 each
  • Crossed Guns (Craftool Co. USA) - $5
  • Plate (not Tandy; from SLC)
  • Scarab (Tandy, w/original packagin) - $3
  • Pheasant in Flight (Craftool Co. USA) - $5
  • Bunny (Craftool Co. USA) - $5 (note: chrome plating has fallen off in some places, especially the edges and back; the back of the stamp has wear & engraving, see photo)
  • Lizard (Tandy, w/original packaging) - $1


Craftool Stamps - $3.50 each.

  • From left to right: F902, E675, F941, G536, G538, L949*, L948* (* = Craftool Co.)


Craftool Pro Stamp X2862 - $5


Hardware - $1 each

  • 2x key hook plates
  • 3x Sphinxes
  • 5/8" roller buckle, nickle
  • 5/8" roller buckle, brass/gold tone


Fiebings Antique Finish paste

  • Mahogany and Tan colors. 80-90% unused. Will need to be stirred.

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Update: G536 and X2862 have been sold.

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