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Make multi compartment

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Hi L&G. :)

Well, For now i'm focus to do small pieces or not much difficult but now I wanna know how is make this type of multi compartment, sure it various kind of ways to do but I'm seeking to do a small hand bag man for me with 2 compartment, so. For now google don't help me with this words - leather bag multi compartment - so... You'll share ideas/videos?
Thanks to all.

Attached img. As you can see on the side, you can see several compartments but you cannot see the bottom to intuit the seam.


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Hi D2G, 

I've made a similar one about 2 years ago, and I followed the instructions of Andersen leather. You should check his blog :) (look for the older posts, he's got a step-by-step)

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Thanks @SamB good blog.

I'm seeking to small hand bags to put inside smartphone, box cigarettes etc, sure I can do like Andersen but I need focus in my idea, so try with more ideas based on my small bag please.

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