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Makers stamp(s)

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Hi, just looking for recommendations on getting a stamp or three made. Figured I'd try asking here rather than just googling and not really knowing what I'd end up with. Not gonna lie I'm not looking to go "cheap" but I'd like to keep it inexpensive, let's face it, with things the way they are right now I need to be bringing money IN much more than putting it out. Any info would be appreciated.


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Depends on whether you want to buy in US or go abroad.

I get my brass stamps made in Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. A 2cm across stamp costs £15, a 6cm across stamp costs £25, and sizes in between and over at pro rata prices. I send the artwork as a jpeg and I get the stamp back in about 10 to 14 days usually. The artwork needs to be binary though.

My makers stamp, 3 cm across, cost £16.99 afair


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