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"Frobana" bent needle stitcher on pedestal, instruction book and motor!

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I'm not sure if there is a category somewhere that you can mention items for sale, apologies if this should be somewhere else.  Likewise with almost all forum members being in North America my item for sale may not be suitable?

I've owned a GENUINE Frobana "bent needle stitcher", or to give it it's other typical title, "Side Sole Stitcher" on it's highly useful pedestal base since about 1994.  I've never used it for shoe-making rather used it's ability to stitch two pieces of very heavy material together by sewing down the sides, eg : heavy straps or belts.  It was originally fitted with it's motor but the retiring cobbler I bought it from had to remove that and the belts as the "Health and Safety Inspector" - probably a "jobs worth" as we call them - was concerned the operator would get chewed up by them as they had no guards.  The cobbler was happy continuing the use the machine by hand-crank and this is where it's genuine base makes that much, much easier.  Later on I sources a heavy 230 volt single phase motor with stepping pulleys and independent clutch and was only going to add this into the base . . . but we all have projects we never got around to finishing, don't we?

Time has caught up with me and now I get to retire too so I've been selling off that machinery that I reckon I'll not ever use again.  Just sold my Singer 136w104 Post stitcher on a lovely genuine Singer cast iron base but retro-fitted with modern motor.

I have my Frobana listed on eBay (UK) if anyone is interested?  Item number :  274486486197

I am able to securely pack these items and strap to a pallet so, just maybe, long distance carriage is feasible?

Twelve larger pix on eBay but a smaller posted here . . any questions send away!














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NOTE : The FROBANA above is presently not on eBay as a Buyer has paid a deposit and the item is awaiting collect and balance paid at same time . . . it is therefore not available unless the Buyer changes their mind.

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