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Adler 67... Is this wear, or in need of adjustment? VIDEO

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Hi Guys,

When sewing the needle, inner foot, and feed dog jumps away from the sewer about 1/16" at the end of a stitch - just before the foot lifts of the feed dog. It kind of "pops" or "snaps".

The video was taken when the needle and inner foot are TDC.

Is this something I can adjust or is this wear?

Thanks in advance!







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Yep, that’s WAY too much play for sure. 

Since that movement also moves the feed dog in your video, I suspect the problem lies in the feed driving mechanism or linkage. 

I suggest opening the covers on top and rear of the machine. Turn the handwheel to bring the needle bar to max front or rear position. Note all the parts that move when you flip the reverse lever up and down. Something in that chain of linkages may be broken, missing, loose, or worn. These are supposed to be very taught linkages with little play. Take video snippets of these internal  linkages as you move the needle bar by hand like you did in your first video (lighting may be tricky.) Perhaps it will become clearer why these linkages move when they shouldn’t.

Don’t loosen the screws in the thick plate on the rear of the machine. That’s actually a structural plate for a hinge mount that is central to the whole feed mechanism. If that structural mount plate is loose, it will definitely cause problems.



On the Adler 67 design the feed movement for top (needle bar rocker frame) and bottom (feed dog) are “connected” via the feed driving shaft for the feed dog on the bottom of the machine. Note the two clamps in the picture below. One is a linkage that comes down from the eccentric feed mechanism rotating the feed driving shaft to move the feed dog. That in turn also drives the second linkage that goes back up to drive the feed motion of the needle bar rocker frame.




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Uwe, you are a freaking ROCK STAR - Thank you! 

This is the second machine you have helped me fix. Along with others, you make this forum something special. And I am sure many people feel the same way. 

I tightened up a few pivot points but the real ticket was adjusting the eccentric (cam) on the top shaft under the cover plate. It was pretty loose and the sleeve was floating left and right. To eliminate the unwanted movement I slid the assembly to the right forcing the sleeve against the shoulder of the cam, where it should be. I am not the first to adjust this. The two lock screws are pretty galled. You can see the results in the video.  Just the needle bar has movement. It would be nice if I could fix this too, but I can't see any adjustments.

I thought this machine was toast! 




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