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I'm coming along- wouldn't consider myself a newbie but far from a master.

I've been punching size 207 and 277 pretty consistently through my Cobra C4 machine with good luck thus far.

I am getting ready to put in an order with Weaver and want to make sure I get everything I need in order to take advantage of their best buy pricing and free shipping... it pays to put in those big quarterly orders.

I have been purchasing Nylon thread by the pound from Weaver

My question is... has anyone had luck with Tiger thread through 22/24/26 size needles? I don't currently use Tiger thread but have heard that it is really high quality. Can anyone attest to this? My concern is the "Lightly waxed" bit... will this gum up my rollers/ thread guides/ needle bar? What do I need to know- if anything- about this whole "Braided Polyester" business? Does is sew differently than Nylon? Would the size 207 nylon be size .5mm tiger? 277?

Primarily, I am interested in the large availability of colors.

I guess I should add- I make mainly tack so heavy/ thick stuff generally doulbled up HO Harness or Latigo but I have been making a lot of belts/ chaps etc and have been looking to invest in another machine more capable of handling the thinner/ softer oil tan/ chap sides. Any suggestions? I am weighing pros and cons of the Cobra C26 and Cobra C20.


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for confirming- I was leaning towards "when in doubt- don't."

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