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Electric creaser at low cost

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I just wanted to share my take on a cheap electric creaser. Overall, I spent about 140$ for everything including various tips.

I used an extremely basic pyrography handle from Regad (one can find those for 9$) as a base. I didn't purchase the full model with the power supply as the price doesn't make sense.


I changed the outlet to one that matches an adjustable DC power supply that I found on Banggood (3-12V 5A). The quality of the DC signal is probably not fantastic (haven't checked) but for heating a resistance this is more than enough. The thermal inertia will smooth out any voltage variation.

For the tips, one can use the standard ones for pyrography for ridiculously cheap but then it's a bit difficult to do anything else than a straight line. It's quite handy for hot foil printing by hand though. (drawing, signature, etc)

 I ordered an adapter and a couple of tips from Etsy (CharismaLeather) They fit right on the handle, albeit a bit long. 




They could be shortened easily given the length of the first thread, but I had no issues leaving it as it.


The first test is a success, here with an FNR2.

I also stitched a leather handle, and made a wooden support for the handle and the tips



I saw some shops selling shamelessly this block of wood with 5 holes for 50$

Here's the details of the cost. If I had focused on buying only the essentials and one tip, the cost would have been 88$

Item Cost ($)
Handle Regad 200 10
Adjustable Power supply 3V-12V 5A 20
Tip 26 for hot foil 6
Ball tip B21 6
Ball tip B22 6
Ball tip B23 6
Spatula tip P20 for smoothing paint 6
Base Tip for leathercraft 40
Tip FNR 2.0 18
Tip F2.0 18
Total 136


Hope this useful for someone!




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You’ve put together a good bit of kit there.:yes:

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That’s great, thanks for sharing. The prices often charged for these units are somewhat baffling to me since, as you’ve shown here, the components are basic.

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