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153W102 Safety clutch question

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My singer cylinder arm 153w102 (recently purchased) keeps slipping out of timing.   Could the reason for this be because the safety clutch shaft is frozen?  The catch dog on the shaft doesn’t appear to be engaged fully and when I use the safety clutch release button on the cylinder arm, it doesn’t do anything.  Thanks to Uwe and his videos, I have put it back into the timing a couple times.   Thank you for any ideas that you might have about this.     Kidkowboy


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We need to see the view with the clutch rotated 180˚. That little hook catch only engages when you reset the clutch. The actual hook shaft driving connection is on the opposite side. That clutch looks pretty chewed up along the rim, indicating it has caused trouble for previous owners, or previous owners caused trouble for the clutch.

Here’s a video that goes into more detail about these safety clutches:


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