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How to make leather animals - Al Stohlman

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Does anyone know if this book is still available anywhere, perhaps as a download?

I can't find it in the Tandy LeathercraftLibrary where most of the other Stohlman books are still available, and its not appearing on any searches of the online bookshops.


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This is no help but I found this as a reference:


and this:


So people knows what it looks like at least.

Perhaps someone on here might be good enough to send you a copy, or look for a download? 


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Tandy did open up its library at one point, and allow everything to be downloaded for free. I am sure this book wasn't one of them, or I would have remembered it!

Too bad - maybe we need to put pressure on them to put it in the library! I'm sure many people would be willing to pay to have a copy, even if it's digital!

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