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Singer 111w thumbscrew wanted

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Am in need of the thumbscrew that compresses the spring on the inner foot/vibrating foot presser bar. Cant find this part anywhere for sale.

Hoping someone has one and is willing to sell.

Also interested in face-plate/cover on the side of the moving parts.

Also interested in middle slide-plate for singer 112 series

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I don't have the parts but I found somewhere you can buy it online:

Foot Thumb screwhttps://www.ronsew.com/vibrating-foot-bar-thumb-screw-50299-for-singer-111w/


111w Faceplate (you may also need the mounting thumb screw:https://www.ronsew.com/screw-200473/):


(Note: I have purchased one of these for my Singer 153w and I had to drill a new hole in it for the thumb screw, the one that came in it was in the wrong spot.)


Middle slide plate for Singer 112https://www.ronsew.com/attachment-slide-plate-224144-singer-112-singer-212/

(I'm not sure if this is the one you meant.)


Ronsew.com has a $35 minimum order, so you probably have to find more parts you want to replace before ordering. They ship fairly quickly, but I'm not sure how long it will take to get to Norway.

I have found the best way to find parts for a machine is to google search "supsew (the name of the machine you are looking for)" and then download the pdf (from supsew.com) of the parts list and find the part I need.

Then I usually look up the part # on ronsew.com but sometimes you can find it on eBay or Amazon.

Here is the parts list for a singer 111w machine https://www.supsew.com/wpfb-file/singer-111w155-pdf/

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Pennsew seem to have the parts you need too.


For international orders, just email them with a list of the parts you would like and they will give you an estimate of the shipping cost. They use USPS for small orders, it's affordable.


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