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Pfaff 335 clone, Cowboy 7335, Feifeng ff335

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Hello group,

  I'm in the process of buying a used Feifeng ff335 that is a clone of a Pfaff 335 and looks pretty darned close to the Cowboy 7335.  It has the binding attachment hardware on it that follow the needle feed.  I'm overseas but American here in Philippines.  Seller bought it for 40k php (about 800 USD), used it for a couple projects tried to sell it for 25k php and lowered it to 20k php roughly 400 USD.  It has a table that is a standard looking commercial table with a cutout and a servo motor without any reduction (I want to change that).  I'm jumping on it as we have the heavy hitter cb-4500 and various M bobbin single and double needle compound feed machines (as well as vintage Singer compound and walking feet) but nothing like this which can do binding and work well with the medium to medium-heavy on a cylinder to boot.  We do have some 18u322's but again nowhere near the capabilities here with this 335 clone.  I know this won't be quite as nice as a Cowboy as they are gone through in country carefully but this is a very lightly used machine that does work and has zero wear on it from appearances.  

  So I saw a thread that discussed the different hook sizes on the Pfaff 335 and it appears the newer are all larger hooks and I'm assuming the Cowboy 7335 is also?  I'm guessing I'll just need to find a source of the bobbins and buy them in hopes my assumption it is the larger of two sizes.  I'm seeing the bobbin cases on Amazon of all places in sets of 5.  

  Specs on mfg. website state large hook, 135x17 needle/dp17 (nice I like that as we have other machines with this needle obviously) but doesn't have the lift of the foot so I'm looking for input on that related to the Cowboy 7335.  It talks about beveled gears being encased in grease.  This reminds me of the beveled gear in our domestic 201k23 where some one removes the cover and cleans out old grease replacing it with new.  Looks to be manually oiled....again I like that allot.  

  Does this machine have a safety clutch of any kind like the old Singer 111w and 211w machines ?  Any feedback on the Cowboy 7335 would be very much appreciated as I'm assuming it is very similar in many respects.  I've been looking for a lighter duty cylinder arm with triple feed and the moving binder is an amazing bonus/find.  I'm also not yet able to find a youtube video showing the use of the binder just the general machine.  It can't be that complicated but a video would be nice.


Best regards,


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