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Here’s a last minute Christmas gift that was sent out.

Wallet is constructed of 3oz black buttero with black 0.45mm waxed linen thread spaced at 3.38mm and black Uniters edge paint...

 I got this side of leather on sale from Rocky Mountain so I wasn’t able to have it split.. I usually prefer 1.0/1.5oz leather to keep the bulk down but I did a lot of skiving where I could to keep this project as thin as possible. Questions comment and critiques always welcome. Happy holidays !!
Thanks for looking 









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Nice work as usual! The placement of the stitch line next to the crease line looks a little odd to me but I think it’s just personal preference. The leather is beautiful and that’s a sharp looking wallet.

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Hey thanks @Retswerb

I just recently started doing the stitch next to the edge crease. It’s really just so I can keep the stitches as close to the edge as possible and use it as a guide for my pricking irons.

Also since the edge crease is uniform on the all pieces the stitch holes will line up better in my case because I found I can achieve nicer stitching when I punch the wallet interior and outside separately then glue and stitch. Instead of gluing everything up and punching thru all the layers stacked like I used to.  

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