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Resin Printer for making embossing plates and stamps

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5 hours ago, RBELLO said:


Thank you for this information, it has convinced me that I need to go the Resin path and not the filament for my 3D Printing leather stamp needs.

I have a few suggestions if you don't mind on the laser engraving which I have been doing for a couple of years now.

I see that there is some over smoky burn edges during the engraving.

A simple solution is to place a piece of low tack masking tape over the area that you will engrave on, so when the engraving is done you lift away the tape and you will have crisp engraving edges.

Some people also like to wet the leather, actually more like damping it before engraving it. I haven't gone that route because the tape works for me but just an FYI.

And if your laser engraver has the ability to do so you can add an air assist that will blow unto the area being engraved and that will also prevent the smokey over burn.

Hope this makes sense, thanks again for your info on the resin printer, I can't wait to get one.




Thanks for the tips. That was my 3rd print and subsequently discovered I have to crank the power down to 30% to prevent that. In fact, the client wants a very light print which is even faster and cleaner. The build area on this unit  is only 3" x 3" and I have a small USB fan that does the job. I did play with the masking tape mask on wood to allow painting but that has given me the idea of using the laser JUST to cut the mask for stamped letters that I often paint, and this could cut the time to a fraction! Just have to get the depth correct and of course, only the outlines of the stamps. Thanks for that! 


The burn below is around 2"


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