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Leather working Equipment For Sale

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My friend and her late husband owned a leather shop for boots and saddles about 20 years ago in Colorado.  The machines have been in storage about that long.  However, they do run and operate.  She also has additional machines for leather working,  materials, and tools for saddle and boot making.  She is looking to get rid of as a package or possibly individually depending on the situation.  

Attached is the inventory list. 
More pictures are available.   I can share via Dropbox or emailed zip.
Thank you 

hardo sole presser P 7045.jpg

Hardo sander polisher D4902.jpg

ferdinand 900 b sewing machine.jpg

jack master sander JM 1426.jpg

landis number 12 stitcher model F.jpg

Klingelnberg Remscheid.jpg

Manuals for machines.jpg

Randall stripper model 152.jpg

singer sewing 107W3.jpg


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Do you have more pictures or information about the Landis Model 25 and the shoe lasts? Also I’d be interested in anymore info about the listed soles, half soles, and nails (e.g. sole types/brands and nail material and lengths)

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Interested in the leather splitter and bell skiver

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