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Pfaff 491: hook timing / upper thread loop problem

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Hello you all !

I am owner of a Pfaff 491 industrial sewing machine with the folllowing problem:

when stiching, the loop thats is build by the upper thread and is normally caught by the hook sometimes isnt staying in a 90 degree angle to the hook but turns backwards so that the hook misses the loop. This results in missed stich.


I made a video to show the problem. In case you have any ideas I would be very happy for suggestions.

greetings !


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I guess you have removed the throat / needle plate, right? Is it the same with installed throat / needle plate?

1st guess is - wrong thread path.

Why? Cause a thread loop also appears left of the needle (but that may be machine specific - not sure). Do you have a manual? Is the machine correctly threaded? Please show some pictures of your thread patch.

2nd guess - bad thread? What thread is it? I guess bonded nylon? Maybe try plain polyester thread.

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