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Rebuilding old sewing machines gets old for those who don't do it. Also if you don't live in the US so does saddles chaps and holsters. in fact if you took those away from the forum there'd be precious little left. It works the other way too. If I post about handbags/purses there's precious little response. If you really want to be a global forum you might want to think about encouraging other stuff.  Just a thought.

I know there are sub forums that cover a lot of it but newcomers to leather don't even know what questions to ask yet. Sometimes those that are very knowledgeable don't always like to give away their secrets so I'd like to see that opened up. How about a sub forum where we can give away our secrets without being asked for the benefit of all?

I for one am champing at the bit to share what I know, I'm old enough to have racked up a considerable wealth of knowledge ranging through engineering, fabrication, construction and even retail. I don't professs to being a guru at any of it but I could sure help out a lot of people. I would even be available should anyone take an interest in anything I've done to help out via messenging on here or email. I'm still relatively new at the leathering but I've been getting/making the stuff to make things easier and people will be surprised at how cost effective it can be.


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