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CS Osborne round knife, crafttool strap cutter, punch, beveler

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Selling a couple of items I'm not getting much use out of


Tandy / Crafttool strap cutter. Used a couple of times, turns out I prefer using a straight edge. Will try to find the spare blades. $20



Craftool Pro Rotary Leather Punch - used rarely, turns out I prefer the feeling of the cheap plastic-y ones in my hand - $35



CS Osborne round knife - used ... once? This is too much knife for me. $40 - recently professionally sharpened, comes with an incredibly unattractive blade cover (I made it in a rush, please forgive me)



Tandy pro edge beveler #1 - $40 - basically new. Turns out I prefer the bigger head shape of the crafttool pro bevelers



Take it all for $125, shipping included

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I'm just getting started with leather crafting. I have leukemia that restricts my life. In particular my budget. It's my birthday and I'm interested in buying myself the knife you have for sale. I'd like the beveler also, but can't really afford both. Will you please sell me just the knife? It's going to be the monument of my journey on the path of leather working.


Thank you,



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A general reminder to all folks buying and selling.  Please be sure of whom you’re selling to, and buyers pay in such a way that you have buyers protection.  

Use shipping methods that provide tracking and remember that ultimately, it’s a gamble if you don’t know someone’s reputation.  It’s a sad state of affairs but many folks get burned on the internet and have no recourse.


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