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Padded bund strap in brown with slightly contrasting blue thread. Fully lined and reinforced including keepers. This strap was a little tricky, because I had to make the distance between the lug folds quite tight for the strap to fold nicely around my wrist with the watch attached (I have relatively small wrists)

I'm happy with the result except a few minor things. the back stitching at the lug folds, and the finish on the lug folds could have been better. (Even though the later isn't visible with my watch attached.)

Thickness 2.8mm

Exterior leather: Tärnsjö semi-anlinine veg tan.

Inlay leather: Alran goat

Lining: Haas Zermatt calf

Stitching: 2.7mm/10spi






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Exquisite, like all of the work you display here.  I made a similar one for an old Seiko Automatic I have had since the early 80s.  Yes, it is still running!  I first saw this style in a Rolex advertisement.  I immediately liked it.  I find this is a good way to make a watch appear larger than it really is.  When I changed to this style of strap, the watch just seemed bigger due to the surrounding leather.  I think more people should experiment with bund-style straps.  There are so many ways you can express that particular style.  Thanks for sharing your work!


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That's Beautiful. I love the way the blue thread looks. I just finished my first watch band with bund strap as well. 

20210627_165043 (2).jpg

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