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Made a free wallet template

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A wallet i've seen a couple of times. And I thought I make a template, and also instructions. (I didn't feel like making this wallet myself, so glued paper together for instructions.)

Suitable stitching irons is 3.85mm/#7 or 3.38mm/#8 (In my photos I used 3.0mm/#9 because I don't have any larger. (Hence the reason it doesn't match up between pockets.

Center of stitch 4mm from the edge.



A4_bottom_pockets.pdf A4_interior_base.pdf A4_lining.pdf A4_overview.pdf A4_top_pockets.pdf

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Wallet dimensions

1. Cut out all parts.

2. Finish top parts of pockets (crease? burnish, edge paint? whatever suits you)

3. Glue  top pockets in place, align them carefully with the inner opening edge. (Optional: skive the bottom part edges for a smoother look (will not be visible through the bottom pocket, and wallet will become slimmer)


4. Stitch the bottom part of the pockets (4mm from the edge.


5. Glue the bottom pockets in place.


6. Stitch the inner part of pockets. 


7. Turn the assembled piece around and trim pocket overlaps. And finish the open center part with (crease? burnish, edge paint?)


8. Glue edges (4mm) against the exterior.


9. Trim.


10. Stitch exterior edges all around, and finish edges.

Did I miss something? Just comment.

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fantastic!  thank you for sharing.

Sincerely,  ~JL

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