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'X' Stitch

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I'm looking at doing a project (purse) that is stitched using a crossed 'X' pattern which I've never done before. Is there a way to calculate a rough thread length or should I just start with something comfortable and add more as I run out? I usually use 4x plus a little for saddle stitching  but this one has me stumped. I don't have a problem with using long thread but this looks like it might get ridiculous.

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I go 6x for an X stitch, but it depends on how tight the X is. A tight X might take 8x 

Too many bludy Xs ! 

If the stitches are close then maybe about 8 times, if they are further apart maybe 6 times will do. 

But only use no more than 2m (6ft) at a time

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