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Singer 291U?

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Hi guys, 

Recently got gifted this machine, it’s a Singer 291U.

It’s a normal flatbed with a standard presser foot with clutch motor,  anybody have this machine and can vouch on its reliability? Unfortunately the bobbin case is stuck and I can’t take it out, so I’ll have to figure out that first. 

im interested  in swapping out the clutch for a servo and having a roller foot to help it sew well with garment leather and to climb over seams.


I understand that it’s not a walking foot or compound feed but regardless, I want to try make this work.. seeing as I did get it for free 









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That bottom-feed design machine probably the most copied in the world under a lot of different name badges . 'Cheap' price for, and plentiful on those shank Feet , Dogs , Needle Plates ... and Roller foot part/kits , and other machine parts that are all over the internet for sale .
Also.. you wanting a servo swap from the clutch motor . Easy and cheap, just get a small drive pulley for motor for betters low end control .

And for your ( Stuck Bobbin Case ) question .  are you saying ? , you Can't lift the small release lever, to take Bobbin out of the basket  ? , Or , you lift leaver and Bobbin Case Wont Slide Out ?
2 things ..
'some' under/side bobbins , If your Needle is ( down on it's stroke ) You Cant take out your Bobbin Case .
Or  , If your lift lever is Stuck and ( wont lift ) . You ( Probably ? )  something blocking hing movement , maybe ? thread wrapped over the Lever, or there No Room for the lever to lift up  ?? .

That's one good thing ( i like ) about Top-Load if you get a pile of thread wrapped under the bobbin and lever won't lift , is that you can easy take off the Gib and remove and clean-out and put back in, because it staring straight up in the face at you under the slide cover .
But .. You have a Side/under table bobbin assembly and is a little more of a pain in the ass, but still doable , and good learning lesson for basic sew machine maintenance mechanics .

'for me' , Easiest way I would do , but harder scenario ( for you ) , is that you loosen screws and remove the the whole assembly off the shaft . Easy to see all and asses the problem of 'why' , and put hands-on to fix . Then just re-time Hook and Needle .

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Fixed the bobbin case problem , I kept trying to pull it straight out but it just needed a bit of clockwise turning motion to free it up a bit. Fixed it right up. There was a bit of fluff and loose thread in there too. Bobbin case seems to be the most generic universal ones. I also read that I should adjust the bottom feed dog level for leatherwork ? 

I appreciate your help !

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59 minutes ago, AbelJojua said:

I also read that I should adjust the bottom feed dog level for leatherwork ? 

ya , if you are running the 'fine fabric' fine tooth feed dog setup on the machine . For thicker and heavier materials, they make a more taller bigger/heavier dog with a raised needle plate for that type common feed set-up. great for Slower RPM and thumping threw thick .
On my old  Mitsu. DB single needle, ( same parts ) as your Singer . I tuned for 135x17 needle, the heiviest Dog and plate set with slow servo RPM . I can 'Easy' sew ' 8-thick ' 1-k denier . urethane backed Nylon with using T70/#69 .

I have couple different size Roller feet and needle plate and dog also for it . I cant remember parts#'s on those but it very common sold everywhere . Don't know if I seen any Heavy duty single-Dog needle plate setup's for the Roller Foot sets . If you sewing some soft thin leather you can grind off the sharpness of that dog to leave a softer bite .

Heavy Dogs/raised Plate .. This one set here.. works really well on a Mitsubishi I have , same parts for your singer .

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