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Used Kingsley LM 55 NF - Hot Foil Stamping Machine

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About this machine:

Compatible with most Kingsley accessories
This particular model was designed with luggage in mind, so it has a 9 1/2" deep throat. 
It is also mounted on rails so it can slide out if you need to reach deeper into something.
The machine itself weighs around 30 lbs

Everything works; ram, thermometer, heating element. (uses flat mica strip type heater)
The dial might have a few dead spots like most of these older machines, I just plug it into a wattmeter so I can see if it's not making contact and move it a little bit.
Maybe you could open it up and clean it? I haven't tried. It looks like a carbon contact that slides on a resistive perimeter to vary the resistance. Not sure what the technical term is 
Note: the handle was replaced with a screw driver, it works just as well (if not better, it's much quieter).
Locking pin in the back (which allows it to slide forward off the base) was replaced, so it jiggles a little bit.

- The machine it self
- 4 types of foil (Matte Gold, Shiny Gold, Silver and Brown)
- Single Line Type Adapter (you will need to get a type holder as well)
- Kingsley Magazine / Brochure
- Vintage Kingsley "Small Parts" Box (broken hinge)

Before you can use it you'll need a type kit, type holders and I would recommend a ruler guide.

$250, Local pickup in Middle Island, NY
Shipping estimates after the cost of making a wooden box for it:
- To LA, California: $100
- To Dallas, Texas: $90
- To Portland, Maine: $60
- To Alaska or Hawaii: Don't even think about it
I'd ship it FedEx Ground or Home Delivery






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Price lowered to $150

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