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Cheapest place/form of lead

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The cheapest and most accessible form of lead comes in wheel weights at your nearest scrap yard.

Look rather for huge truck weights than for tiny car weights: this way you get more lead vs steel, and they are easy to pick by hand, w/o requiring a shovel.

But if I were you I'd stick with less hazardous materials, like zinc that sometimes can be scavenged from old furniture hardware, golf club heads, and some other stuff, including the new "environmentally friendly" car wheel weights. If they do not melt with lead then they are zinc or steel (magnet check will tell). Zinc melts at about 450C, only about 150C above lead. The numbers are approximate. You can reach zinc melting point on an electric stove or with a tiger torch, in a cooking pot. Zinc shrinks quite a bit when it solidifies.

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