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Holster/Belt reduction

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My neighbor's son-in-law brought me a western style (for lack of a better description) that he asked me to reduce in size. The holster is attached to the belt and it has ammo loops all around it. He's asking me to try to reduce it from 46-52" to somewhere around 36". I don't really even want to touch it as I don't see a practical way to do this, other than cutting 10" out of the back and splicing it back together - but even that doesn't seem practical. I thought I would ask here to see if it's even possible. 


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just leave the holster where it should be and "lose" some of the bullet loops.  

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You need first to have the new wearer take off the belt they are currently wearing.

Lay it down on the table . . . measure from the outside of the buckle to the hole they use the most.  That is THEIR true waist size.

Add 4 inches to that . . . and you now have the size you need to make the gunbelt into.

One way is to simply cut out the extra from the center of the back . . . and then punch and lace it back together with lacing.  Use leather lacing . . .  not plastic.

The other way is to take off the extra from the off side from the holster.  Outline and re-do that end in the manner it was first created . . . you should not have much more than 8 inches of hand stitching . . . should be a couple hour's work at most.

Either way . . . when it is done . . .the buckle when centered on the wearer will cause the holster to ride slightly behind the "normal" ride . . .  or the buckle can be pulled around a bit to the side to line up the holster.  

Have fun . . . may God bless,


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