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Leather Sap 6.1/2" impact weapon, Slapjacks, sap, blackjack, baton device

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I have created multiples style of SAPs, Slapjacks. Some are just empty shell and they can be filled with lead shots and others are already filled with a lead slug, and the body has a piece of spring steel




REFILLABLE: Empty leather shell with a removable lanyard that can be filled with lead shots.
To cut down on shipping costs and to be able to ship it worldwide, the sap comes empty not filled with lead. 
This style comes with a removable lanyard and extra Chicago Screw.
To fill it in:
  1. Just unscrew the lanyard.
  2. Insert the spring steel in the sap leather shell. The spring should touch the bottom.
  3. Fill it with lead shots. The best to use lead shot numbers 4,5 or 6.
  4. Attach back the lanyard using the Chicago Screw.

Once filled, it should be around 250 or 255 grams



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I fill mine with 5 to 6 oz's of BB's

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