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Info on older Juki 5410?

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Hey all,

I've been in the search for a Juki 5410 and it seems not too much information is available out there online. Even more so true for the the older models!

I quickly learned that this site has the most comprehensive information regarding different sewing machines and all you could know about them! After reaching out to many industrial dealers, I've also seen results discussed in the thread created earlier but have also had some good experiences with some folks.

First and foremost, this machine would be for sewing lightweight 7d .5oz/yd nylons, polyesters, mesh, up to at most several layers of 8-10oz nylons/laminates. I would use from tex35-40 up to t70 bonded nylons. I know, not leather, but I come here because of the vast sewing machine knowledge. If I had all the means, I would search out a  new Juki 5410n-7 (or 9010). I understand the newer (n) 5410 models come in different versions depedning on the weight of the material being used from light duty to heavy and jeans versions. I am specifically looking for the light duty version as I'm going to be using needles 9-18 with materials from 7d nylons and mesh to light weight backpack materials. The older versions seem to also be available so i have been looking at the 5410-6 as I prefer to have the auto features. My hesitation is that I can't find any information  or instruction manuals regarding the older models and if they were offered in different weighted versions like the newer 5410 machines. I have an opportunity to purchase a 5410-6 within my budget but I'd like to confirm I'm getting the machine that suits what I'm looking for.

Do the older 5410-6 Juki's have different variations like the newer ones? If this is so, how can I distinguish light from heavy on the older models without physically examining the parts? Something in the serial numbers? 

I also understand the different versions can be changed by swapping out just a few parts. Again, I'm not sure if this is also true regarding the older versions? Also can anyone give input as to the reliability of electronics in some of the older Juki industrial machines?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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