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Howdy! I have one and it is a good - solid machine. Tippman has a great web site for trouble shooting or a phone call to Tippman and they will treat you right. Remember to always keep everything (nuts, bolts, etc.) tight, make sure you use oil and then clean around the needle, and move the handle completely up and down. A short stroke will usually make a bad stitch. They will send you a DVD on how to use the machine if you don't have one. There is a slight learning curve, so practice on scrap leather. Good Luck, Stan PS Arthur Porter has some great videos about sewing all kinds of items on heavy machines. He is the coolest guy you will ever watch.

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Hi Stan

Sorry it took so long to respond to you. I really appreciate your comments and I will wathc the videos you recommended. I did get a VHS tape with the sewing machine but that doesn't do me much good - no VHS machine anymore.

Again thank you


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I've had a Boss for several years and it is still going strong. But, it does have a learning curve, so I suggest that you read the manual carefully. Also, the Tippmann website has numerous videos on it's care and operation. Once you understand how it operates you will be very happy with it. Some things that will cause you problems are; Using the wrong size needle or thread, or not having the proper thread or presser foot tension.

When I first started using mine I had trouble with the thread knotting up and skipping stitches. I finally sat myself down, watched the videos and reread the manual. Took my time and properly set the tension, used the proper size thread for the needle I was using, set the proper stitch length, and ensured I made a full stroke with the stitching lever. After that it was a joy to use.

Good luck,


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