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  2. Wot they mean is its not suitable on leather that's not been dyed/finished as it doesn't rub off that too easily but I've used it on undyed leather and most of the pen marking has come off, the rest was hidden under the sewing
  3. I got a couple of modelling tools at 1/3 off. They were right opposite the cash register. I managed to refrain from going any further into the store... And of course, now, just 2 days later, I find I forgot to look for sewing thread to match my current project!
  4. Well, rats!! "Not for use on natural veg-tanned leather." Per Tandy. Not sure if I have anything else here.....
  5. I didn't see a single thing from ANY sales that excited me enough to spend any money. Not one.
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  7. Thank you both! I had to shrink the tooling pattern, which made it even more difficult to tool, as if Jim's stuff wasn't complicated enough already! And the machine stitching made me really nervous. Glad to see others think it came out alright! YinTx
  8. I would be interested, might enlighten me on what folks don't like about my version! YinTx
  9. Installed my new "narrow" needle plate and feed dog today. Nicely made, fit my CB4500 perfectly. Test sewed on some 24oz cotton duck canvas and stitched well. Will use with V138 bonded polyester to see how it goes fabricating some products later in the week.
  10. I have a Singer 20U, from the 80's I estimate. Decent machine for what it is, was never a factory quality machine but used in the alterations trade at dress shops and dry cleaners. People have used them in production, but they only have a manually oiled hook so take a lot more maintenance than a machine with an oil sump and pump. Drop feed only. The two advantages of the 20U design is it takes standard "high shank" feet, huge variety available, and is a decent ziz zag machine which also has a knee lift for the presser foot or you can switch it over to use the knee lift to vary the with of the zig zag while sewing, which is used for manually making embroidery. I use it for overlocking the edge of canvas, and sewing light weight fabric that would be overkill for my walking foot machines. It has a very small "L" bobbin which is fine for T27 thread, but runs out quickly for the T70 I normally use with the machine. The pulley is friction locked so you can wind a bobbin, but that's not what you want for heavy materials like leather or synthetics. There are many clones on the market and if you want this kind of a machine Consew makes a few models which could be considered "industrial", but compared to the computerized plastic machines available today for domestic use this is far more like an "industrial" machine as it sits in a power-stand and you can put any motor you want under it. Not as accurate as a Juki 8700 (drop feed) for straight stitch, but for a zig zag machine it's ok.
  11. Hey billy thank you for the input. What your opinion on the Wickett & Craig veg tan ? ive only worked with veg tan from Tandy, quality is hit an miss. Now that I’m investing serious $$$ into equipment, I’d like to work with some better quality leather. I’m not saying I want imported best of the best leather , just something a little better than what Tandy has to offer.
  12. Nice work and welcome back to the craft. From your northern neighbor.
  13. I use my Tandy marker A LOT! Helps me cut straight lines, mark stitching lines for either hand sewing or machine sewing, etc. etc!
  14. If I'm following you correctly; I use one of those Tandy markers. I draw the sewing line with the pen, sew and then wipe off the pen line https://www.tandyleather.world/products/leather-marking-pen?_pos=1&_sid=1d5573148&_ss=r very much worth having in the sewing and in the cutters box. I think I have about 6 around my benches, always having one close to hand
  15. Gotcha, Fred. So in that case it COULD be some fancy leather tooling, just not as pronounced as the statue shows. Back to Monty Python: Sorry, couldn't resist:
  16. People often think and realize the consequences of climate change. I lived for a long time in Europe and USA and I can speak about such things with confidence. I recommend that you delve deeper into the study of this topic, for example, you can here learn more about the consequences of climate change, and how to adapt to this in different regions, also read about minimizing risks, the main causes and factors of influence both in Europe and on other continents to understand the general picture of the world and get the possibilities for comparisons.
  17. I'm doing a first practice patchwork tote. I glued the patches onto some pigskin lining raw edge to raw edge thinking that would look ok. Boy was I wrong! Turns out I can't sew a straight line to save my life without a guide. I also don't think the edge to edge thing is the way to go so won't be doing that again. So how do you guys do it when you have to be tidy in the middle of the work where you can't use a guide and you have nothing to "lean" on?
  18. Could you please also post these files in the 3D and Laser Printers section of the LWN?
  19. The only portable sewing machines that can even remotely handle leather work are those made and sold by Sailrite. Period. They have dual feed; top and bottom, via serrated or pebble grain teeth on the feet and feed dog. The inside foot and needle are static. The outer foot moves in sync with the dog. They use Class 15 bobbins, just like the ancient Singer 15-91 and the 30-15 tailoring machines. Sailrite offers a super heavy duty Monster Wheel for added torque. Still, they can only handle up to #138 thread and 1/4 inch of material.
  20. Yeah I picked up some crafttool 3mm fine diamond chisels the other day from tandy online. Shipping got delayed, but I'm in no hurry, got leather and tools coming from all over #blackfriday sales. ALSO for those interested Thin Black Hermann Oak Veg | Springfield Leather its 3-4 oz black herman oak sides for $65. I talked with the CS and they basically said it was ordered in a size thickness they don't normally carry so they're selling it on the cheap as its normally about $240 a side.
  21. Back on to the topic; Whilst these embroidered sandals and slippers did exist, when they appear on statues what in real life is a soft and only slightly raised embellishment is depicted in hard strong and deep relief. Europe's Cathedrals and Churches have very many effigies of knights, kings and such where a design painted or sewn on to their surcote is depicted in 3 dimensions and was originally painted "Romanes eunt domus"
  22. What would be a good finish for a sling chair, made from Bridle Leather? I am making another chair in the style pictured; however, it will be in a true navy. I'm using Wickett & Craig's 8 oz. English Bridle. It will be a gift for my cousin; she has been asking me to make her one for years, ever since seeing the one pictured. She collects handbags, and definitely prefers things look pristine, rather than having patina. (That puts me outside of my comfort zone: I generally use minimal finish, prioritizing preserving the hand-feel of natural materials and embracing signs of wear. But this gift is for her, so I'm trying my best to honor her tastes ). What kind of finish will protect against the inevitable scuffs and wear? What kind of prep do I need to do with the hide being tanned like English bridle?
  23. Tandy is having a sale on some stuff i saw their fine diamond chisels are 50% off so picked up a couple. I think today is the last day for the sale.
  24. We're in danger of going OT here, but yes, he is; also watch videos by JH Leather. She uses pricking iron + awl for most of her sewing, and she's excellent. IMO her video on doing the saddle stitch is one of the best
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