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  2. If money is no object, you want the best and plan on using it get either the Juki LS-1341 (~$5000 USD) or the Juki LS-1342. The Techsew 4800 is more of a clone of the Juki LS-1342 then the Juki LS-1341 but with a saving of about $1500 USD or so. If you are not going to use the machine a lot then maybe look at getting a good used Juki LS-1341 or a LS-341. In Ontario Canada used they typically go for about $1500 -2000 CAD ($1100 - 1500 USD). You have not said where you are located but since this is going to be a substantial investment whether you decide to go Juki or a clone go to a brick and mortar dealer and test drive some machines with your stuff. kgg
  3. Thank you. And for the Girls
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  5. Gezzer

    Just an Old Lutz Scene

    Very NICE !! You have an eye for color
  6. We were on the fence with a Class 26, Techsew 2750 Pro and the 4800 Pro. We decided to go with the 4800 Pro for several reasons. The dial on top to raise the presser foot is invaluable. We sew a lot of bags and when you get to a double seam and thicker leather that is stacked, you are able to raise the presser foot to accommodate going up and over that seam. We use this feature a lot. After using the Pro model with EPS, we will never own another machine without it. We have zero issues with ours. It sews extremely consistently and once dialed in leaves very little if any marks on the leather. It also comes with a smooth feed dog and presser foot. It also comes with the left zipper foot which allows a very close edge stitch with the included drop down guide. These are what you will need to be out of the box ready to sew leather. We sew with Vinymo #5 thread only with a #20 needle and the machine loves it. We do not use the aluminum table that in included. It works great but I just have not had a need for it much. My wife likes to use it but she is slowly converting to sewing without it. We have zero regrets with our Techsew purchase. Take a look at Little King Goods review of the 4800. Ryan does a great job of covering the pros/cons.
  7. We recently had one of this in here that didn't have a flat spot on the shaft for the feed cam & when we adjusted the stitch length it would do what yours is doing.It's not too hard of a fix,mark the shaft were the screw is when it's sewing like it should then loosen the 2-screws in the cam & slide the cam to the right & grind a v-shaped slot into the shaft.Move it back & tighten the screws.
  8. doing 6 of these for Dentist office.
  9. Hi everyone. I bought a couple of days ago a singer 211U166 from a local upholsterer for 50 euros ( something like 48 usd i guess) including table and the clutch motor and some needles size of 120, 140 and 160. At home I started to exemine my new toy. As it was straight from the workshop, it s doing quite nice stitches, 5 stitch per inch. But things startef to get interesting, when I wanted to shorten the stitch lenght. I do as it says in the manual, push the button on the machine bed, turn the wheel away from myself. Then I release the button. But instead of getting a shorter stitch length, the feeding mechanism completely messes up, inner foot moves weirdly, feeding the material forward instead of backwards even though no reverse stitching is on. I managed to put it back to max. stitch and everything is normal again. But I cant manage to shorted the stitch lenght. I wonder if its fixed to max. stitch somehow and cannot be adjusted?
  10. The Techsew is a clone of the Juki. It has the dial on top for raising the the height of the walk. Both good machines. How much difference in price between the two? I believe the Techsew also has a longer stitch length and higher lift than the Juki but it is a clone!! glenn
  11. Haven't used them yet: Brass Hardware | Buckles, Snaps, D-Rings, & More | Buckleguy
  12. Samalan

    Guitar Sling

    Don't know a thing about guitar slings but it looks nice to me .
  13. Ohio Travel Bag: Wholesale Purse, Leather & Repair Hardware https://ohiotravelbag.com Leading hardware distributor to handbag and leathercraft, repair, costume and pet supply industries since 1908. Bulk Order Discounts.
  14. I am the new herd manager for the Caisson platoon in Arlington National Cemetery. We recently posted a job opportunity looking for a leathersmith. I am hoping that someone with leathersmithing and pasture management experience might be interested in an exciting opportunity. The job opportunity is available at this link: https://www.usajobs.gov/job/679055900. I am not responsible for the duality of the position. I know they are two expertise areas not tied together in the professional world. This position was created before I arrived as the Herd Manager for the Caisson horses. Regardless, I am hoping that someone out there might be interested in leather smithing at the Capitol. It was brought to my attention by a leathersmith professional that some may like the dual responsibilities in this job description. If that might be you- I hope you consider applying! Thank you so much and have a great week!
  15. Ohio Travel Bag has a large selection of stuff. I use them and Buckleguy.
  16. I have not personally bought from these sites, but found with google search https://emmalinebags.com/collections/bag-hardware https://www.sewmanycreationsny.com/bag-hardware.html https://bringberry.com/ https://www.goldstartool.com/hand-bags-accessories/ https://lsleather.com.au/collections/handbag-clasps
  17. Can't recommend a supplier, I'm also looking for quality hardware. Just had to comment to say those bags are works of art! Incredible work!
  18. Can't help with a supplier but I just wanted to say those bags are damn nice. kgg
  19. Help, I need a new supplier for my handbag fittings and in particular the front flip lock types. My supplier in Japan has stopped making these now and I need to find some high quality replacement hardware quickly. Most of the stuff I make is high end crocodile products some of which can be seen on my Wild Harry website and in these following pictures. If you have any good contacts to share please post here or send me a message if you prefer. This is a link to my web page - Wild Harry
  20. Question: Why do TV reporters stand out in the open when reporting on weather events? Looking at the news earlier , its an incredibly dangerous and powerful hurricane , but yet they're in the middle of it. Surely they can report on it from a safe location? Happens here in Oz during serious weather events, theres no need to tell us how dangerous it is...we are in it !!! Please stay safe, unlike the reporters. HS
  21. Yes of course As soon I can I'll post the following. I you want know more about used tools or otherthing, don't hesitate Mich'
  22. I gave them a look and liked what I saw. If shipping to the US isn't too bad, I will place an order.
  23. I haven't heard anyone mention this supplier, but I think they are really great. Tribal Spirit Leather https://tribalspiritmusic.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw4c-ZBhAEEiwAZ105RXsg0ssq0FF0s04HJcHkLlahNyJG2l4ITvd4PHvVLCzlWohSleQp5xoC2fMQAvD_BwE They specialize in moose and deer leather, but today I saw where they now have cow leather available, tanned using the same method they use on their deer and moose leather. They are owned and operated by Canadian indigenous people, and all moose and deer hides come from hunters who have killed the animals for food. They offer split leather as well as full thickness hides, and have an absolute rainbow of colours. Prices are reasonable, especially if you watch for their specials, or are buying in bulk. Their leather is much better and cheaper than what I've seen in Tandy's stores. They also have bison leather, rawhide and hoops for making drums, sinew, and native medicines, plus too many other products to mention. Shipping is very fast, and my first shipment included a CD of native music. Not to my taste, but it was a nice gesture! Some of their products such as bear grease, certain medicines, furs and feathers cannot be shipped to the States
  24. as you advised me, I resized all my pictures, but i am stuck again
  25. Next convexe beveling Next background, with Barry King 0.45 Bargrounders Next some setails with veiners
  26. Thank you guys. I'm going to go with 41/2" by 3 1/2" I'll share on here my progress
  27. On iPad, I use a drawing app called “Concepts”. It offers guides, scaling, and measurements. Not just good for drawing project patterns but also good for marking up construction plans and designs.
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