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  2. bikermutt07

    Wuta 1.5 Edge crease $20

    Ggggrrrrrr, missed it.
  3. Cferna27

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    Thank you so much for both your advice. A friend volunteered to see if he can weld back the pieces together? So lets hope that works out? C.
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  5. Sheilajeanne

    All leather closure methods for items like boxes and cases?

    The Indiana Jones bag is actually a WWII gas mask bag. My dad had one, which he passed on to me, and I found it very useful when I was teaching outdoor education. It's canvas with dome fasteners, and several pockets inside: The construction is very simple. The strap is canvas web with a slider buckle to adjust the length, and it is stitched to the outside of the bag with an x pattern stitch. As for the leather button, a wood toggle would also work, and actually look a bit better than the button. Or, of course, a deer horn toggle, if you can find one.
  6. LederMaschinist

    Fortuna Skiving Machine Restoration

    If you haven't gotten that clamping screw loose yet, forget all the penetrating oil and heat. Those sometimes work, but this is the tool you need and it has never failed me. It's called an impact driver. You put the proper screwdriver bit in it, put it on the screw and whack it with a mallet. It simultaneously puts pressure on the screw to keep the bit from slipping, and also turns the screw to loosen it. This tool will usually loosen the most stubborn screw without even damaging the screw head. You do have to securely hold whatever part it is that you are working on, because it will take the full force from the mallet blow.
  7. RockyAussie

    All leather closure methods for items like boxes and cases?

    Thank you @Tugadude TBH it is people like you that make the sharing so rewarding and easy to do. Nice idea that works well. I can remember doing a similar thing for a hold down on hats.
  8. dikman

    Singer 29-4 usable?

    Gunnarsson, if all you want is something to get into tight places and only for occasional use have you considered one of the cheap Chinese patchers? Might be good enough for what you want?
  9. LederMaschinist

    Drum thickness sander for thinning leather.

    I've though about building a hand cranked machine from scratch. I actually do a lot of grinding and cutter work in my day job, and in my opinion the blade would actually be the easy part. I thought about modifying a purchased rolling mill used for jewelry making and such. It basically already has everything but the splitting blade already there. The bottom roller would have to be textured for grip, and perhaps mounted on springs to apply even pressure on leather that's uneven in initial thickness. The other route I have considered is basically a guided "plane" where the blade follows closely behind a roller that would apply pressure to the leather to hold it in place and and ensure it's pressed flat against the work surface. The plane would ride on a rail suspended over the work surface and would shave a strip about 1" wide. The working idea would be you lay the piece of leather on the work surface, grain side down, and pull or push the plane across the leather. Then you'd advance the leather over slightly less than the width of the cutter, and take another pass. You'd basically thin the leather in 1" wide passes more or less "mowing" it thinner. Even a large piece would go quickly. And size would only be limited by the length of the rail that the plane rides on. I'd use inexpensive linear rail with a bearing block to guide the plane.
  10. dikman

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    Just had another thought, if the pulley part itself is intact just trim off any bits left by the broken off rim, patch the damaged edges with an epoxy and smooth down. Cheap way of getting it working while you decide what to do.
  11. nrk

    Crowdfunding Buttero

    why? you are in EU. Tannery is also in EU - you pay taxes while moving materials from one EU country to another??
  12. DrmCa

    How To Run A 3 Phase 380V Motor On 220V

    One thing to remember is that if after wiring a 380V motor to run on 220V it runs at lower RPMs, then it could overheat from the lack of air circulation.
  13. DrmCa

    Need Info On This Old Machine

    This machine was likely used to sew saddle blankets, not leather. It would take 3/8" of padding, not leather.
  14. JLSleather

    Help with pricing

    Yup, we use PayPal card readers.
  15. YinTx

    Craftool Super Skiver

    SOLD, Thank you! YinTx
  16. SOLD, thank you! YinTx
  17. cdthayer

    Help with pricing

    I forgot to add, that although we have PayPal for online payments, we also use SquareUp for on-site credit card payments. It used to be free for the gadget to go on a Smartphone to swipe cards, but we've had to buy the updated gadget that reads chips and swipes cards both. We like SquareUp and have used it for several years. I hear that PayPal may have a similar gadget for Smartphones now. CD in Oklahoma
  18. cdthayer

    Help with pricing

    That's probably the best thing you're doing at this point Kolton45. That one important question will tell you a lot about what the Buyer has in mind (or, if they're out of their mind). Some people who don't do crafts of any kind don't realize what is involved to make an item just to their specifications. The only other thing that I would mention, is to not let friendship determine who pays up front and who doesn't. Get a plan together on what gets paid when to avoid being left holding the bag for non-payers, and then stick with that plan for everyone. Friends included. Lots of friendships have been ruined because of what the friend is supposed to pay and when. CD in Oklahoma
  19. LederMaschinist

    All leather closure methods for items like boxes and cases?

    Some good stuff here. Thanks for all the replies. How about some methods that maybe are a little more Old West style, or perhaps Indiana Jones style? Billy, do you by any chance have a closer shot of those friction "buckles"?
  20. Kolton45

    Help with pricing

    Ok thanks for all of the advise I'm gona figure out how to use the PayPal and deffinetly start charging up front from now on
  21. PappysLeather

    Sealing leather

    Will oil base dye penetrate the super sheen I put on it?
  22. kiwican

    Starting Over

    Looks good to me. I Iike the peacock too
  23. JLSleather

    Help with pricing

    Paypal is painless. There are other 'versions' now that didn't exist before, but Paypal has always treated me well (and still do). As for money, I recommend billing up front for anybody you don't know. I HAVE done work prior to payment, but only if it's something I would normally make and sell anyway. AS A RULE (and I do break them); Basket stamped belts - I probably have some on hand most of the time. Holster for a model I make frequently - no bill up front most of the time. Tooled belts with patterns I already have - pay a deposit, amount depending on a few things. "Normal" work flow items, but requires additional materials not usually in the shop (such as exotic leathers or unusual hardware) - pay for the "extras" up front, but not the whole item. Tooled and/or stamped with names, initials, or custom (and off the path) colors or shapes -- payment in full before I start that.
  24. SilverForgeStudio

    Drum thickness sander for thinning leather.

    @LederMaschinist Not a prob- if you want to explore a "Novel" way to thin with a knife look into the industrial planer blades- M4 or D2 and up to 18 inches long- Although at 1.25-1.5 inches wide as well. If you use any HSS you are ahead of the curve for edge retention with a decent hardness (using a chisel grind). Use some mild steel with a couple of press fit bearings, angle iron struts for bracing and stabilization and roller assembly for pinch/guide and a 16tpi thread to the blade height adjust (divisor of 64 for "easy" thickness calculations). Ive been trying to cobble one up around home but "life" keeps getting in the way- I like Rockys' sander assembly but dont have the room in my little garage for the setup... Im still just experimenting and tinkering... You may have a bit (HA! A Ton is more like it!) more ability with the machining shop versus my hacker-space tinker bench! Just a thought- Be safe and as always- have fun!
  25. Kolton45

    Help with pricing

    What do you use to collect money PayPal or one of those new apps they have? Cause like I said most of my orders are from social media so I dont typically see the people until pick up
  26. Old Coach Saddlery

    Opinion on Adler 30-70

    Thanks wiz. I was going to offer considerably less. But I definitely want to lay eyes on her first.
  27. Wizcrafts

    Opinion on Adler 30-70

    Some replacement parts and some needles are available direct from Adler USA. Others from Europe and the UK from private sellers and major dealers. Prepare your heart meds if you need important parts. If you can buy it for under $1,500 and it is guaranteed to be in working order, grab it. Ask if there are needles included. The 30-7 and -70 use an extra long needle that is sold as 332LL LG, which are 55mm long (about 2 3/16"). Do not confuse this with system 332LG, which are much shorter.
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