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  2. Assuming you are referring to the thread take up spring, I’ve attached a photo that shows adjustment. This is from the 1541S owners manual that came with my machine, Hope it helps. Tulsa
  3. So both of you are recommending a larger needle. The thread vs needle size chart on Bob Kovar's website that this forum links to all the time says to use a 160/#23 with v270 thread. Is that only for fabric and leather requires a bigger needle or is the chart just wrong? If 207 requires a #24, what size is then required for v277 and v346? Also, I have been having trouble finding 135x16 needles in sizes larger than #23. Do you know of a US supply of the larger sizes?
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  5. Could you point me in the direction of a reputable dealer for a new Consew? thanks.
  6. looks great! Love shop pics!
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  8. Nice work! Where can one find blades like those?
  9. Whole thing is awesome, but i especially like the dye texture on the inside.
  10. https://fb.watch/3clivJF3m4/ Grandpa Joe on active duty boys in DC
  11. When sewing say for example the main seem on a holster with a welt. If you are going to change the thread color after assembly would a running or basting stitch work as a temporary stitch until the glue sets. What id like to do is glue the main seam and stitch, wet form the holster, then dye. After drying remove the main seam thread and then stitch the entire holster. So with a running stitch it would be a lot easier to remove the thread than a saddle stitch would be. But will the running/basting stitch be strong enough? Thanks, Robert
  12. File sizes are too big to post. Let me know if you’d like pictures please!
  13. I have been out of the leather business for about a year. I have some remaining sides from when I did work. All have been stored rolled, and completely covered in paper, in a climate controlled room. I will list them one by one and then provide pictures if I can due to file size. For the Wickett and Craig I have my original receipts direct from the tannery if proof of tannery is requested. Total price for the lot is $300 plus you pay actual shipping. PayPal preferred. F&f or you add 3%. Located in Stanly County NC if interested in local pickup. 1. 5oz Wickett and Craig Veg tan. Large scar in the middle I intended to use on a satchel but never did. Cool character. 6’ long, approx 3’ at widest. 2. 3oz Wickett and Craig Veg Tan. 5’ long, approx 3’ at widest. 3. 3oz Wickett and Craig English Bridle in dark brown. Beautiful, beautiful leather for wallets and such. 4. Tandy leather blue light special. Veg Tan. About 3oz thick. Little less than 4’ long and maybe 2’ wide. 5. Pig skin lining leather. Bonded epically to the veg tan with wood weld for wallet liners and such. Little less than 4’ long and maybe 2’ wide.
  14. Oxbo

    Leather shop ...

    Ha ! ! Ya'll will also notice there are Morse Code Oscillators/w/keys on the end of the benches (with print out of the letters and numbers in code etc ... I've got one on one end and another all the way over on the other side. We told the boys, "Just as we've had to learn math as a matter of growing up, so too we've had to learn the code, and ..... You boys have reached the age where it's your turn to learn the code" = They loved it = being able to send code to each other across the shop .... However, my son tells me they're driving him nuts, not with sending code LOL, but, one can change the frequency up or down where each has a different freq than the other, well, they just sit there running the freq's up and down = driving him batty etc LOL ...
  15. Dear Friends Did you manage to find manuals for the S machine? Kind regards Danishman
  16. HI. I'd almost be willing to give up my Pearson No.6 for a shop like that. Beautiful, room to move around and set up a shop like it should be, not a cubby hole like many of us have where you have to leave the room to change your mind. Very nice set-up. Layo
  17. It is recommended by the Forum leaders that you take those photos out of Google drive and upload them to the forum: (1) faster uploads and (2) permanency in the links, because 5 years from now, when the link no longer works, the thread will be useless. That aside... That's pretty good work for a first timer! Mostly what you need is just practice and experience, to get confident smooth lines and good shading. Some closer photos would give a better picture of what you might need to keep working on.
  18. And now we can rest! Thanks @Forester, those blades are beastly!
  19. fredk

    Leather shop ...

    Very nice set up another difference in lingo: a door-kick panel on a door is a re-enforced panel so's ya can kick a door closed, an inset panel under a cupboard door so's ya don't keep kicking it with your toes is a plinth panel
  20. Looks good! We got 6 younguns (white tails) running around here regularly ... aint but a few blocks from the river, so ... pretty common to find them about 5 am in the park across the street. Been a few years now, but on one trip to catch walleye I found a mother eagle teaching the young ones to catch fish. Put up the fishin' rod and watched em for almost an hour.
  21. Looks pretty good from here ......
  22. This bad boy waddled by the other day. Mule deer ears are about 12" long for reference. the bases of his antlers are massive.
  23. great picture!, i take a ton of critter pics also, last year had a set of hawks nest right across the street, the younguns would fly down into the street to get water. All spring you could watch them swoop on squirrels as they crossed the road.
  24. Oxbo

    Leather shop ...

    My son surprised me with hanging the logo on the bench, will have to move it up a bit ..... That logo was drawn for me 34 years ago by a good friend = he only charged me $10.00 ..... Had it framed awhile back = the original artwork .. Have had it rolled up in the top drawer of my desk all these years ..... Notice it says "inc" ... Had to change that to LLC ....
  25. I have a Singer 97-10 in perfect condition. Original manual, wax pot, original large electric motor, dozens of the correct needle, 15 or 20 large rolls of 5 cord nylon thread, etc. It is in perfect condition with the "handle throw" on and off switch (not some goofy cobbled up light switch ) and other accessories. The wax pot was removed when I got it, so you would need to put it on the machine. I have the original wax pot and all it needs is to be bolted on and some kind of heating element. $3500.00 I am in Golden, Colorado and can deliver to a reasonable distance. To a sidewalk or driveway. Cash or check only. No credit cards unless you pay the surcharge to my bank so I end up with $3500.00. Loads of pictures. Give me your text number and I can forward the pictures. This is an all original machine with the original service manual. It has no damage or paint chips. Near to mint as it can be. And yes, it works perfectly. Walt Green bailoutpilot@hotmail.com 720-351-2777
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