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  2. If you are asking if I would sell just one letter, the answer is no. Ferg
  3. Just something to note - weaver sells the machine now. Their accessories fit and work just fine. https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/63000-01/foil-and-hot-stamping-machine/pr_64162 Source: I have the 000002 serial number of Weaver's model.
  4. The seller in this case confesses he/she has no idea what it's worth, and just picked that figure at random because it's 1234. But I guess this machine will sell for a pretty decent price because it's been professionally restored, and is really pretty! I have to confess I'm tempted myself, but I'd have to get the machine for free or next to nothing before I'd bite. And of course, that means it would likely need some work!
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  6. This seller has it as a PDF ebook on a CD http://survivalpress.org/Verlagsneue-Buecher/Handwerk-Technik/Alte-Berufe/Das-Sattler-Riemer-und-Taeschner-Handwerk-eBook-CD::89.html or here https://pw-media24.de/produkt/das-sattler-riemer-taeschner-handwerk-ebook/
  7. I would say that all the brand name threads are probably within a certain tolerance of one another. The cheaper quality no name brands who knows. The strength would probably be in the far north of a 1000 pounds. kgg
  8. And sorry that half my replies seem to be late, but we are at sea now with a crappy Internet connection, so when I post and the net is refreshed, I see that there has already been links to the Amazon site.
  9. I doubt that the book is made available as an electronic book, but I could be wrong. Here are two links, one for the book on Amazon and one from the printing house itself. I can inly find the paperback version on Amazon, it is sort of half the price of the de luxe version. https://www.amazon.de/Das-Sattler-Riemer-Täschner-Handwerk/dp/374189883X/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 https://fines-mundi.de/vollmer-das-sattler-riemer-und-taeschner-handwerk
  10. I hope you enjoy! I have been building my business for just over a year now.
  11. Hey everyone I think the issue is that pieces were missing from both machines, including the walking foot so when I was turning the wheel the needle and walking foot were moving but nothing there to press down to fire off the presser foot I guess and complete the motion. Thankfully should be an easy fix when I get ahold of some replacement parts , really excited to get new servo motors on these and put them to work as they were severely neglected. Current set up is a juki 1508 , consew 206r, and then these two 206rbl and 226r. Thank you all for the help as I’m new to all of this, about a year in mainly working with marine vinyl looking to move into leather and heavier material soon!
  12. Have you managed to download the book? For me the links go nowhere and the "description" below the picture is highly suspicious (complete nonsense). I was hoping to maybe find it on German Gutenberg project, but no luck... Amazon Germany has quite a few pages preview though: https://www.amazon.de/Das-Sattler-Riemer-Täschner-Handwerk/dp/374189883X?asin=374189883X&revisionId=&format=4&depth=1
  13. May just fit but a tight squeeze and at its limits same with 207 if your lucky but normally 138 max
  14. Old singers are extremely common, and unless they are a very rare model, or in extremely good condition, they don't warrant a very high price. They don't even mention the name, so calling it 'highly collectible' is not something you should do. Jason Of All Trades recently posted a video about this, also discussing the extremely high (often unwarranted) prices of some 'vintage' machines. Regardless, for 1234$ you can get an extremely good walking foot industrial machine. Unless you have a huge collection and this is like the last machine you are missing and want it in top nick condition, honestly that's way too high of an asking price. Even 675 is on the way expensive end. Even nick condition singer 201's go for way less than that.
  15. https://sites.google.com/a/poitar.host/langdjerold/das-sattler-riemer-und-taschner-handwerk
  16. People selling just seem to pick prices out of the sky just hoping a idiot will see there ads The Singer Featherweight seems to vary from about 150 to thousands, not sure what is so special about them. Ebay in the UK seems to have the majority of industrial machines at silly money with the ads rolling over time after time until so idiot gets hooked, though the under about £400 tend to fly off the shelf, When i had a 29K the base units were offered at £70-400 quite a vary in price without the machine
  17. It varies more with other base materials. Bonded polyester has a lower breaking strength and Nomex is almost half as strong. I do a lot of sewing with Nomex and nylon, but only a little with polyester. I find it much easier to cut through Nomex, or cotton/linen, than nylon or polyester. When I do have to cut something off, I go inline with a seam ripper (up to b92). The strongest seams I have sewn were on an old Singer 28 stitch bar tacker, using b69 thread. The entire item would dissolve before those sewn items would come off!
  18. So 8 stitch per inch would have a staggering 132 lbs = 60 kilo, boy does that put things into perspective Does it still apply if the pressure is at one end of the row, which would maybe be the normal pressure point on many items Toledo gives the 11lb breaking strain for bonded 69, what sort of variance do you think there is for other makes of bonded 69
  19. I would guess that it is the nostalgia factor. I have a treadle powered patcher and an electric powered patcher. For those I actually prefer the treadle powered one. It enables me to sew a bit slower which I find advantageous at times. But for a normal fabric type sewing machine I'd go with something electric.
  20. In Denmark it used to be that each small town would have its own "gilde" for each profession. Pronounced very similar to the English "guild" (I guess it is actually the same word) Later on another word called "laug" was used. But the basic operating principles were the same. You had to prove that you were capable of doing work that would live up to the standards of the guild, and (probably more important) the guild would set its own rules for how many masters of there could be within the local area of the guild. The latter was so that you had a way of making sure that there was enough work for those who were already established, so they would be able to make a living. Traditionally they would also work as a social security system for e.g widows of diseased members of the guild. So you would pay a fee (monthly or yearly) to the guild, and some of those funds would be used to provide for those in need who were connected in some way with the local guild. I would love to take some pictures of some of the illustrations of the book to back up my endorsement of it, but I couldn't find any descriptions of the policy regarding that on the homepage of the printing house. So I don't want to get in trouble with any copyright here, so you just have to take my word for it. I got the deluxe version of the book, but there's also a paperback version. I just happen to like a nice looking book, and I like to support a business that try to keep small crafts like bookbinding alive in Europe. But I am pretty sure that the content of the books is the same. So far I have started making a halter using a plan from the book. It is a bit different those that I have made before in that there is also a band for the forehead of the horse. Which I have never seen on halters, but only on a headstall. There's also plans for a side saddle which could be fun to make at some point :-)
  21. I just made my first two Horween Shell Cordovan wallets and what I did was skive the edges down and make ribbon card slots. This made the wallet thinner!
  22. I waited and a Singer 111W155 showed up. I bought it for $175. Can this sew 1/2 inch? This one feels pretty tight. It was used in a one person shop to do upholstery.
  23. I'm practicing on scrap leather. I tried angling the slits at about 45 degrees. The top of one slit- lines up pretty close to the bottom of the next slit. There is a parallel space at an angle between the slits and about 1/16th wide. It SEEMS the leather is strong enough to have the slits that close. This puts the wraps very close together. In looking at the old photos of holsters, I think the slits may be a little less wide than the rawhide lace. If the rawhide is wet, maybe it comforms to the slightly more narrow slit.
  24. A friend I used to ride with many years ago was from Germany. Her husband owned a painting business. The same rules applied to go into that business, and the apprenticeship was quite long!
  25. I don't know if there's someone out there willing to pay this sort of money, but this is a beautiful machine, and judging by the prices I'm seeing on the local Buy and Sell pages, they are highly collectible! I wonder if there are people who still want them because they know how to use a foot treadle, or if it's just the nostalgia factor. I know the one time I tried to use my aunt's treadle machine, I made a TERRIBLE mess! Anyway, looks like there's enough of a market for these machines that someone who enjoyed restoring them could make themselves a few bucks! According to the poster, their mother purchased this beautifully restored machine for $675 in 2000. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/551624489415948/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks&tracking={"qid"%3A"-7713944053134917084"%2C"mf_story_key"%3A"925710107827506016"%2C"commerce_rank_obj"%3A"{\"target_id\"%3A925710107827506016%2C\"target_type\"%3A6%2C\"primary_position\"%3A0%2C\"ranking_signature\"%3A8443488340489011200%2C\"commerce_channel\"%3A501%2C\"value\"%3A0%2C\"upsell_type\"%3A21%2C\"grouping_info\"%3Anull}"}
  26. I agree 100% its not about the quality of the tools or products. Its about who makes them and how they are treated in China. Slave labor is what is happening over there and no country can compete with them when they have no labor cost. They captured the world economy while everyone slept now we buy Chinese because there is nothing else in our stores.
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