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  2. FourFangedFerret

    New from South Australia

    Im only just getting into leather-working, and have dipped my toe into the very deep and expensive waters of crafting tools. Im also stepping right off the deep-end and designing a canvas and leather messenger bag as a first project. So far, ive found out that my best bet for the heavy leather and canvas ill be using are stitching chisels, as the speedy stitch awl i have makes horrendous looking holes on the back-side, though that might be that the test piece was a bit thinner than the leather i plan to use. i think i need the next size down needle as well. probably not a big deal if ive got canvas as the second layer, but leather to leather looks nasty. Also, that i need to considerably thin the fiebings tan die i got, because it comes out damn near burgundy brown straight out of the bottle, and clashes horribly with the light drab canvas i have. I probably wouldnt need to if i got some antelope brown oilskin, but at my budget, thats just not gonna happen, haha. I do like the somewhat mottled effect the dauber gives, both because it accents the scuffs and scars on the leather (monetary and aesthetics driven decision), and it fits the sort of "manly-mans heavy duty bag" aesthetic im going for. Can you use methylated spirits to thin, or does it need white-spirits or something? also, how do i clamp whats basically a fillet or lap join in a stitch-horse? i have many, many questions, and this forum seems like its about the right place to start.
  3. hwinbermuda

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    That is not funny ... ASDA, one of the UK's leading retailers/supermarkets (part of Walmart) is stopping selling single knives to anyone, just sets of knives, because of the hysteria at the moment regarding knife crime. ??? want a 3 inch paring knife ? no I cannot sell you that, but you can buy this set with an 8 inch boming knife and 6 inch kitchen knife. What should you do with the unwanted 'blades'? I'm sure we at ASDA have no idea, sir, maybe there's a black market somewhere you could offload them.
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  5. robs456

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Ha! Soon there will be a ban on kitchen knives. You can only buy and use kitchen knives if you're a licensed kitchen worker, and then only in designated professional kitchens. All meat you buy will be pre-cut in-store. All veggies too. It's convenient and safe for us all. Aww, come on! As I always say, it's not the weapon that kills, it's the stupid human.
  6. chrisash

    3D printed floral tracing pattern

    Please can you tell me what is the actual mm width as 2 perimeters wide is not a term i am familiar with
  7. I can't decide which rig I like better!
  8. Well, I know have a gun mold that I never even knew existed. The Commercial version of the CZ 83. Awesome! Good communication and fast ship.
  9. Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I'm looking for classes or workshops in making horse bridles. Google wasn't helpfull. Hopefully anyone here knowa. I'd prefer Arizona/Nevada area. I'm located in Europe, Netherlands and plan to go january and february next year. I found the pattern book at Tandy, but that's not the same as workshop. Also looking for workshops in carving, my level in that is total beginner
  10. Sofaspud

    Album cover bag

    That is fine work! I still listen to ELP regularly, and have always enjoyed Giger's artwork. Very well done. The fact that it opens to show the image of Isis is really cool. I had a large poster of that inner image above my bed back in my college days. Wow!
  11. Great holsters and some great advise.
  12. Great work!really like the weathered look. Inspiring stuff.I have some leather patterns in the post coming from the US (Will Ghormley's and Chris Andres) so hopefully I will be posting some holster pics later in the year
  13. dikman

    3D printed floral tracing pattern

    I suppose you could glue it to a backing board for greater rigidity when tapping it?
  14. Ah, so it's not just me...... Brian, you may notice that my cap seems to have pushed in a bit further than yours (not that it makes any difference) so you could probably make it about 3mm longer, I guess?
  15. dikman

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    No argument from me re-PayPal, but I do find it very useful with ebay purchases. My mistake (because I didn't know any better) was that I lodged a claim with ebay and they suggested I claim through PayPal. Once I initiated that claim ebay said they couldn't help because it was now with PayPal, although one of their supervisors said that in good faith they would refund my shipping costs once I sent them the receipt (would have been about $200). I refused to "return" it to the UK because Australian Consumer Law said it was the seller's responsibility to recover the goods. Anyhow, if you ever have problems try and stick with ebay's resolution process.
  16. LatigoAmigo

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Believe me, I would be as annoyed as you (probably more so) if that is what I was seeing, but I'm just not running across the warning here that often, and I'm at Home Depot at least three times a week. Because you are out of state, it could be that the manufacturers' lawyers are posting the warnings even when the items have not been properly evaluated, just to cover their butts. The purpose of Prop 65 was to help make living healthier for those of us living here. It was passed by the voters (not the legislature) in 1986 when the smog was still thick in Los Angeles and San Jose, a fair amount of herbicide was being sprayed in our forests, and people in general were worried about being exposed to unnecessary health hazards. Probably not a perfect solution, and now the warnings run amuck, as you've pointed out. 33 years later it is probably pretty hard to stop that train. And certainly, no one here in California can do anything about the warning labels being applied in Nevada. So sorry!
  17. Tony11

    Juki DNU-241 H

    Will take reasonable offers. Need to sell to buy a cylinder arm. Also willing to trade for a cylinder arm or a kwikprint hot stamper.
  18. Tony11

    Pfaff 545 H-3

    Will take reasonable offers. Need to sell to buy a cylinder arm. Also willing to trade for a cylinder arm or a kwikprint hot stamper.
  19. Personally, I love it... for the weight, and the punch hole. Really amazing. Only thing, is the part above the tooth, that's still too big, and cover the hole. You need to care more when you punch... Also, I think Sina is good for 3.38 size or above. 2.7 or 3mm is not good because the tooth width is long .
  20. Treesner

    good snaps (and bad snaps)

    additional research/ testing: amazon "Snap Fasteners 100% Stainless Steel Boat Marine Canvas Upholstery Snaps Cap" from northwest tarp. they are fasnap brand. emailed them for the longer post version. good but not super strong holding amazon "Fasnap Stainless Steel Snap Set, Marine Grade, 80 Piece:" says they're offered by northwest tarp but really they are fulfilled by someone else and they are actually DOT not fasnap these were a stronger hold and more so what I'm looking for. I tested and they work with snap brands, the part that makes them stiffer is the female socket. using the male on other brand female didn't improve strength. so I think technically I could stock up on the female version of the DOT brand and use with whatever other snaps I have.
  21. NVLeatherWorx

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Beg to differ with you on that. I saw some doors today in my local Lowe's store and right on the packaging was a notice from the manufacturer that stated they are required by California Law to put the Prop 65 warning on everything that they make; we are talking about a wooden door that is unfinished but they have to post the Prop 65 information on everything that they make because California says so. I even have this damn warning on a bag of Pure Organic Cocoa Butter that I ordered and California says that is contains an ingredient known to the State of California to cause Cancer; how much Cancer can Cocoa Butter cause? Spoke to my Doctor about it and he didn't know of any cases directly related to the product so we are kind of stumped. The Prop 65 warning is on everything that you can find in any store so that is why it is just easier to say that living in California is hazardous for you health; that is according to Prop 65.
  22. Treesner


    like that detail in the strap where its curves in for that d ring
  23. All I had to do was adjust the thread tension. I padded the foot to remove presser foot trails and adjusted the tension on the foot. Simple, basic stuff. Doug
  24. I can't seem to get any accurate information on any of the stuff I have ordered from Kevin. But, unbeknownst to anyone, he and Wuta are in a race. A slow Chinese race. I ordered a knife from each of them within a few minutes of each other. We shall see who gets the shipping nod.
  25. bikermutt07

    Learning the Head epiphany!

    This reminds me of when I started tooling back up for carpentry work after 5 years of industrial Electrical work. My wife kept asking why did I need that tool. Well, how come you need that tool? When I finished our master closet and bedroom addition I puffed up and said.... You remember when you kept asking me why I needed all these tools? Yes? This is why. It was a proud day for a husband.
  26. Rohn

    Leatherman Case

    They look very nice. Well done.
  27. Scoutmom103

    Pfaff 335, Adler 69 type Cylinder arm caps.

    I so get that. If I set down my coffee cup to deal with the dogs, I have to find it again since it's not in the usually spot.
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