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  1. nylonRigging

    Thread tension issues

    That is a combo straight/zigzag stitch ? , & Drop/bottom Feed ? .. Probably nothing wrong with the thread tension all by itself . That a good machine, but when you start stretching out the stitch With that Machine and feed, ( bottom/drop feed ) . It a combo problem of the Suede most likely the material and grabby texture under Foot & when you ( Stretch-out the stitch length ) . The Suede not feeding in unison with the Dog and giving you all that slop on the bottom side . I run a couple drop-feeds along with walk foot/needle feed/unison feed . and that ( I find ) is common problem with different materials with bottom-feed only and certain materiel under the press-foot and texture of certain materials that don't flow well under the Foot . Stretching the stitch size Big just accentuates problem and it not flow unison with the Dog under the Foot. You will get that Sloppy thread mess underside . Try slowing down stitch-speed and with pressure-foot tension. maybe try a Teflon Foot . Try to figure out a good-Happy stitch length it will flow with . Best way to fix is to run a materials 'pull attachment .but that a spendy-$ fix . Or if you in love with having a combo straight/zigzag . buy that Consew machines big brother, Walk-foot ( 146RB-1A ) . I got this japan Consew and it is a 'strong' workhorse, combo straight-stitch/zigzag machine . .
  2. nylonRigging

    Singer 7 33 fly wheel

    Was thinking about this also . that class7 cast iron handwheel . with someone who is current at what there doing. It is probably GTG to be able to Brazing it back together with real nice looking repair and structural sound. it will forsure be a couple hour shop time-$ , but I think only way for you to find a replacement would be finding a junk donor head . .
  3. - You can't see me, ...but I am on the floor in the living room in-front of my PC. . ' Bowing Down ' , to you sir .. A full size Pool Tarp on a 111 ... you are the man. .....LOL .
  4. nylonRigging

    burning thread near cement glue

    LOL .. ya, I slide all kinds of currency/picture/paper under there . I use a 1/2" thick glass top for a hot-knife cut table . .
  5. nylonRigging

    burning thread near cement glue

    That will work great . All a Hot-knife is, is a glorified soldering iron . Until I bought production hot knives, all I used to do is just buy those Radio Shack 100 watt solder guns . Then put/fix a two-prong blade on it, in-place of the solder tips . The smaller watt Solder wands work great also for specific jobs . I cried the day they quit selling those radio shack solder guns with the 2 screws tightening on the end . . I still got a couple of them and one I never used & I always keep my eye's peeled at junk stores for those old 100 watt guns . - .
  6. nylonRigging

    Stitching along a ridge

    Nice fix to the tension and multi-height . Easy straight forward fix . Belts look good also . Sleeping, I love that feeling when my eye's blast open and the answer to a sew problem that I been haggling with all day just pop into my head . Sometimes the simple is hardest to see. .
  7. what ( DrmCa ) . say's , there are tables with wiring switch off ebay or amazon ..etc . . I would concentrate on a 'plywood Lam. top' , over getting those cheaper pressboard top tables sold . Then just get a servo and put under it . wire it up and get it running .go over to ace hardware a get a belt ...etc . If you not all that handy with ( DIY ) from scratch , you better off ( pay more money) getting a hold of a shop/local Tech. around here that does repair and have them set one up. so all you have to do is drop your head in, put the belt on and and tun power On and sew . .
  8. nylonRigging

    burning thread near cement glue

    - Fresh glue and spray adhesive is pretty obvious (common sense) a No Go . You can set anything on fire if you try hard enough or not paying attention . Flame and burning-off thread tails, cauterizing fraying edges is pretty everyday common practice and nothing to really worry about . Bic Lighters by every machine and keeping a good hot knife is good tools to have and learn . .
  9. nylonRigging

    138W102 adjustments/questions

    The Top belt drive pulley has sides, so belt rides in a Chanel, so it cant walk right or left . . On the belt not riding on the bottom drive pulley and walking off to side . The surface might be worn and making the belt walk off . ( best Guess ) .. surface wear/friction over years . Surfaces do not always wear-out even and flat . I have seen this before . As for the rest of questions, cant comment as I have never owned that model . .
  10. nylonRigging

    Desperate newbie

    - What ( trash treasure ) says .. with the machine strung-up so wrong, wakes one wonder if you have needle correct to the Bobbin assembly. Obvious you have tension problems from Pic's . Along with, You using a upper-end Thread size that this machine can handle . it will do #135 nicely, but it needs to be set-up right and proper to run it . but It obvious you not strung-up appropriately from your spool of thread, tension assembly and down to the needle itself . You stated in your 1st Post that ..." it was working when bought it ". . but not now, when you started sewing at home . ' But' , Was this machine actually already strung-up and sewing #135 when you bought it ? . before bringing home ? What Needle ? are you using . Are you using a 22 size/hole ? . is it a 135x5 ? . or 'even better' been change up to a 135x17 needle ? Do the throat plate and the feed dogs have a nice clean and large enough hole to accommodate your #135 thread with 22 needle ? Also is your 'Bobbin tension' with the larger 135 thread needs to be set-up proper . There is so much wrong with the pic's and your descriptions along with you not knowing what to do, you should probably use a person to actually use hands-on and set of eye's to string-up and setup to run larger Thread on the 111 . .
  11. nylonRigging

    What's up with this thread I was given?

    excuse me for my misuse of the the word 'manufacture' , inplace of word importer . Also pardon me, I have nothing to bitch about sewing with different Threads bought from different vendors because I should have ordered Thread direct from Serafil or Amann in the first place . .
  12. nylonRigging

    What's up with this thread I was given?

    Precisely.. it is All Quality Control of material . It has to do with free market of course with price and profit . . Most of fabric and threads are manufactured overseas because they have FAR LESS EPA burden, regulatory control, Taxes and Labor cost than USA forcibly mandates . But it boils down to what the manufacture is willing to order and pass for acceptable quality of thread he is buying from the factory and going to sell to it's distributors, that gets sold retail sales to your or my machines . And I not saying ALL imports are crap that are coming in here and fall on my cutting table or Thread running threw the machines . But Manufacturing overseas at a better cost on the bottom-end . Should not release the burden from the manufacturer that is subcontracting the runs of Threads or other fabric materials from keeping good QC that falls on the end to it's customers . When I find a distributor that I see has good smooth running Thread coming to my door I am a loyal customer ...LOL . past few years I have really been struggling to source out better quality of materials I use in the shop and Facts don't lie that it is a real crapshoot sometimes buying Import runs . and 'especially Thread' because I not ordering a few rolls of a color . I ordering box's of one color . .
  13. nylonRigging

    What's up with this thread I was given?

    I think it all depends most on where your sourcing materials you sew with . Thread is biggest most important item, that most people overlook . It all your machine eats and it holds all your work together . And Crappy Thread can make the most perfect job look bad . Where does the Thread you buy, Come From ????? I would like to also throw out there, that maybe poor quality threads are Maybe ? Imports that your supplier is buying and selling . ( Poor Quality Control ) All threads are not equal, and I think a lot of Threads these days is just crappy manufacturing with poor quality control of Cheep Import manufacturing . I have experienced several 'Import' items over the years that are complete Crap when put up against US manufactured product . especially import Binding tapes, webbing, fabrics that are hideously out of spec. and poor weave . As well as most of the Cordura Copy import fabrics I find the Urethane PU spray backing is total crap and the Asian imports scrimp on the Chem. process there also . The Urethane finish on the backing of US manufactured rolls is far superior to the cheap imports . .
  14. nylonRigging

    What's up with this thread I was given?

    Ya, Black is usually the most stiff I find for color . Don't know if maybe the dye is heat-set, or it is just the mineral/Chem. used in that specific color ? I know commercial dyeing is 'Chemical science' and is really in depth knowledge of a trade with sourcing Mineral and Veg. properties of color . I am sure that all the different colors dye can show in the end process, a different finish to a weave or thread . - ( williaty ) : ..." I played with the red and black threads in my hands and they were a hell of a lot different. The black thread felt soft and supple like I'd expect bonded nylon to be ". It, your (black thread) might have been a manufactured 'soft finish ' thread . I have some that is soft finish and they do tension different from the other bonded nylons . I got some Silver-grey soft finish 69, that is the most different to tension from the rest . I buy one color of #69 Lb. nylon cones that I love and is a med. Tan/beaver, I have bought it from 2 different sources and it is rough as a cob compared to other colors . .
  15. nylonRigging

    7-34 Motor recommendation ?

    I bet you did Not pick that up and carry by yourself to your truck ...LOL . Did you get a table set-up with it also ? or just the Head by itself ? Class 7's are a BadAss , ever see one sew through silver dollar ? .