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  1. Well string it up, sew and see, figure out what he was doing ? . it;s interesting, he had something in-mind for taking an interest with doing that setup . looks like he is still keeping/using the the knee press-foot lift with factory tension unit . Did you ask previous owner what size thread he was trying to run on the top thread ? Did you ask previous owner what size thread he was trying to run on the top thread ? . was he trying to use 138 on top ? . I have very similar looking DB body , but I did not have to add that much extra tension on the machine to punch thicker and heavier, and to make good looking stitches top bottom . but I only using nylon #69 . The L-bobbins in my DB are pretty small but OK volume for using #69, but L-size is small and a lot of bobbin changing when sewing . .
  2. I know my Mitsu.DB .. that was a weak point for sewing heavier and thicker . I put a heavier tension spring and new disks on it, with also using a Thread Post w/ tiny tension disk . 'interesting'.. So yours might have been MacGyver'ed even better approach, with that added tension setup put on it . Sew with it and let me know if that works well, I very well could be adding that to mine . .
  3. Identify finding parts , Most wear parts for that machine are Mass produced common/plentiful and economical that cross over to many name branded machines that ALL SHARE Same Parts . I have no idea what the 1st Parent machine design was copied for the Mitsu.DB's . But Mitsubishi made many thousands of them in a lot of different model and then a crapload of DB-### re-branded name models . It's a VERY Common high shank foot bottom feed design machine . - - DB's don't get any respect on a leather forum , but It is, what it is .. DB's are good economical machines that sews pretty good for a ( bottom feed ) . it's a machine that uses it's primary feed with the bottom Dog Only . Sews great with 69E. has big selection of very narrow to Wide presser feet shapes, with dogs, needle plates ..etc. Main design was for light/Med. fabric weight and moving fast RPM . but you can easy slow them down for more precision stitching for little more heavier materials . The negative .. Your going to have 'Dog Tracks' on the bottom side of some soft leather, when using Presser foot or a roller foot . Sometimes that really matters, sometimes not , fabric never . But It a sewing machine that comes in handy for certain jobs, and handy one to keep around when you can have several machines in your stable . I see that you have a Roller Foot/dog/needle plate, on that Pic. and they sew good with roller when you 'slow them down' on the RPM with a nice servo . Roller foot good for certain jobs, and will delete the sliding/friction of a presser foot for a more fluid movement. .
  4. You did not sew with it before buying ? . Only way your going to know if it's worth the price paid . You need to oil and manually cycle the machine. You need to plug it in, string it up, and lay down some stitches . If it a mechanically sound stitching machine, then 300-$ is a OK price. .
  5. ( depending on machine model ) .. what about a shorter length table-top set-up ?. . Or a half table top with a left-side hinged drop leaf, to swing up/down when needed ? .
  6. I was absolutely stunned by a refreshing slap in the face, from Craftsmanship ...LOL . . those KHsew 441 presser foot set in the Binder kit are, Sweet .. perfect in-spec. machine cut and finish, and along with there raised needle plate and feed Dog design, was absolutely Beautiful . I noticed they had other high-shank presser feet I am going to check-out, along with there needle gauge sets from there site. For majority of the ChiCom/china mainland products .. including 441 presser feet sets ... all bought off , ebay, amazon , and other online retailers . Have bought a dozen of the ( blanket foot/needle foot ) the full sized '441 ski's' for cut and grind . There really cheap-$ price, but all bought were disgusting, absolute ZERO craftsmanship and quality control . ALL have had over sized shaft hole, and All have 'never' been Square and Center . I was going to cut/grind and bastardize them anyway, so i used most of them, some I throw in the trash. . .
  7. Finally got caught-up with orders and a couple hours to play with and do a little cut and fit on the new 441 binder this weekend .. and want to add: on the presser foot set with this Binder kit , this is ' Very 1st time ' that I have bought an aftermarket presser foot set, and it was perfectly cut to Spec. with the center needle foot shaft hole cut to correct size for a none sloppy fit to shaft . and centered perfect alignment between the outside presser feet . Also the whole kit looks pretty sweet on it's machine work and finish . Not finished yet with what I am doing now with the Binder, I just setting it up, and getting a good feel for what they sent me . Also waiting on an order of 1" nylon bias type2 to start in getting it appropriately dialed . The machine I am adapting the Kwon Hing kit to, is an ( Artisan model ) . So, No Way I cutting that nice Kwon Hing outside Press foot that I got with that Binder kit . So I cut/trimmed another cheap crappy Chicom foot that had laying around . I cut both sides of presser foot to appropriate lengths . Then I soldered extra Heal Plate to the Foot, to mate with the raised Needle Plate that has some nice knurled surface to mate with the foot's heal pressing down on materials .Then added a push bar off the Binder throat exit, for feeding the materials edge nice and snug to the Binding . also added a couple different mounting screw on mounting Binder to the swing-arm . - - I Just grabbed some scrap off the bench, and this is the 1st thing I Seam bound for a test . so I think the KH 441 Binding kit looks pretty promising for putting out some good results when people get it all tuned to there taste . -
  8. edit to change .. thought it was bottom load . OHHhhh .. must be ( Top Load ) Bobbin ?. Your Tension is on the side ( staring up at you ) it's the 'spinning basket' you removed the Bobbin out of . just start looking around the side that is exposed to you, and you will see the tiny screw that adjusts the little leaf spring that the Bobbin thread is routed threw . . https://sewing.com/sewing-machine-parts/ .
  9. Wow.. Nice .. you went and pulled the trigger on a new 146 RB . That Consew is a strong puncher, lay's down nice stitches, and well design machine, will last you minimum of a few decades .... LOL Like all sewing machines . ALL have there plus/minus's . ( IMHO ) I think the only minus with this line of Consew, is limited design/selection of presser feet . But if looking for a combo-straight stitch/zigzag, That one is 'proven' to be a strong everyday workhorse machine . I bought a new 146RB1A over 20+ years back and have no regrets, I jump behind that thing at least once every day for something, was a good investment . I run ( 2 ) combo/Straight/zigzag stitch machines . setup heavy and one setup light . the 146RB for a 'thumper' and a old Swiss. 217 Bernina for more finesse . Keeping a ZigZag in your arsenal comes in SOoooo handy to jump behind for even doing a quick Butt seam, and even use it for quick (hidden) Tacking to hold together layered panel items,when putting things together . .
  10. Flat Bed zigzag and walk foot . The Consew 146RB-1 models, ZigZag /straight stitch, are pretty common in use and dependable workhorse machine . .
  11. On the thinner material you should have no problems . I did Bind some thinner 4mm thickness and was all good, and I did some test sews on different thicknesses after getting it all together and working out some of the bugs . I am pretty swamped this week on getting some orders finished and out the door, Then I will put more time into fine tuning there binding kit . ------ The KHsew parts kit, I am pretty impressed with . This IS NOT the normal that I am used to when getting aftermarket sew parts off the mainland PRC . KHsew parts Quality Control look really Nice, the Fit to machine is spot-on, and tool and finish is really good . This parts kit is a well thought-out piece of kit, and it's great starting point with the 441 machine to get yourself Binding . I have ZERO regrets on the KH 441 Binder parts kit, it is a keeper for me, ( IMHO ) It is 98% all there for your Binding needs, and I will build and modify off of it, to make a kickass binder set-up for my personal needs. ------ OK .. The KW 441 kit, will and does seam bind right out the box . It is plug-in and play parts kit . This Is a Nice Seam Bind 441 kit .. But it can and Will do better, and I have never bought even a high-dollar seam binder that I have never had to put some work into, to get that professional finish look I am after . If this is all the work I have to do get the end results needed with the purchase of a new Seam Binder. Then I feel like one lucky SOB .... LOL . Couple things that I am going to modify . change and shape/cut a different outside press foot . And am going to add-on an extension off the throats exit, for material and binding guide/edge to push against feeding out . ( for me ) .. when doing some test runs . That is only negative I see, 'You Will' , be constantly fighting to keep the Binding Tape's rolled edge 100% consistently tight against your materials edge when sewing. The Bindings finished rolled edge will have some soft hollow feel if not getting some added push surface leading into the machines feed . .
  12. I really Jones'ing to get these parts-in, and for giving them a going over, and mount them on the Artisan 441 clone . . On the ( KHF 441 ) part . . 9mm opening and a 26mm binder fold, is the smallest option on that part # . but that is GTG and satisfactory for me for some heavy bag binding. Great looking website with a lot of nice looking accessories . easy Log-in, and I have had all the items in my Cart trying to order the 441 Binder parts . Was Easy to get it all together , But... I got an item by mistake in Cart twice ( X 2 ) , and For some reason I can not delete , ( Site Glitch wont delete follow threw command and update Cart change ) . I have tried many times to delete the item in cart. and pay for ( x1 ) . I still waiting for a return contact back by email so I can get some new play toys . ....thanks for the heads-up on the Parts in this Thread . . .
  13. Most anytime you want to drill/tap a hole on the Flatbed. The Machine body overhangs blocking your average pistol grip style Drill from anywhere near getting your Bit Plumb. A small R-angle drill will get you into the places with little workable headroom clearance . You particular model Consew is single-needle, and does offer very affordable and wide selection of Presser feet. You might get lucky and not have to Modify your R-side of your presser foot at all . It all depends on model type machine you are putting a Binder to, and it's offered selection of Feet, and just how close you have to get to that Needle for your feed. .
  14. what Don and Wizcrafts is saying .. . You will be picking up a lot of small facts in a fast,short time . so don't feel overwhelmed and stay relaxed. Mounting brackets and direct deck mounts, Drilling and Tapping is no biggie and is all but expected, .. PLUS your going to want to get more Presser Feet... LOL .. fitting/cutting/file/trimming Feet, to fit your need is all part of Binders . All tools you will get good at using . small R-angle Drill , Thread Taps . Then Cut/Dremel , Grinder and a File. a small Vice. To shape Feet for a mounting Binder into a workable slot . You spend many Hundreds-$ on a top-shelf Binder, or folders, Or just spend 20-$ for generic Binder off EBay . But all have one thing common in the end everyone deals with . YOU Alone have to make this happen . For a fact, you all by yourself ( will spend Many Hours ) . in finding that, perfect Spot to mount, with just the right Distance, correct Height and perfect angle of Feed . All set in that perfect slot set into the side of your Presser Foot, That most times you have to make. Your picking up and building a lot of good knowledge to have. 1st time new Binder Set-up, It's always Pain in the Ass, but it does get way easier after you do it a couple times and get your head wrapped around the basics . This 1st trip your now taking. You will be gathering a lot of little details and store them away in your head, that you will come in pretty handy latter down the road. Because if you are sewing for any amount of time. You will have 'want' more Binders setup on this same machine, or Binders on a different machines. .
  15. My ego eye can't tell what brand of binding you are using by the Pic. ..LOL . I was just saying that I have had real bad issues with a lot Import, NonUS milled binding Tape, especially in the mil.spec.typelll . Me If I buying binding, Usually buy from Bally Ribbon, but If I have bought from other suppliers I make it a point to ask where they bought it from because until you run a lot of good quality and bad tape, it hard for you to really see the differences . I see on-line generics that say and list different options of throat widths . If you don't see listed, You need to email or call them and ask for an answer of sizes available . but If a company can't tell you what the simple feed opening of a binder is, then you should have nothing to do with them . You live in Canada, so I don't know if you have any Shops that build to order . If you want 'one' of the Best for custom soldering made to your specific wants, I go to Tenn. attachment . Just expect to spend a few hundred $ minimum, and you can easy get up to about 600-$ pretty quick . but you get something that will last and give quality results. Right Angle Binder, is feeding your tape into the throat at a 90deg. off to the side, and not straight in front of you . Your binding then makes turn and folds into the Throat, running into your machine feed . ( me ) , I like a swingarm bracket for a top load bobbin machines, with the Binder system mounted on the slide plate covers . .
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