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  1. Thank you, that's the info i needed in the order I needed it
  2. I need to slow down my first light sewing machine. I've seen Wizz suggest a very nice motor from toledo I think. I've also seen a box on top of the clutch motor. I've also seen a combination of the two. What do I actually need to sew light glove weight leather to upholster guitar pads. I have an outlaw for heavier leather. I also need to be using it asap. I can expand later if I need. Thank you for your help.
  3. This one is a few hours away but really inexpensive.
  4. That means a lot to me, I appreciate your kind words, definitely the bright spot in the day. Right on, great bold lines. Wow!!! The depth is absolutely amazing and inspiring!!
  5. That's true. Most folks that don't order from me for technical gear. I'm an artist, I lean into my strong points. I don't have enough room on a fitted holster fit someone's dog. I am a niche market, giggle all you want.
  6. Great advice. I've had 81 5 star reviews at etsy. I use a tandy pattern pack for holsters with no gun, 203 so far. Was hoping to get a generic but I understand molding is specific.
  7. I sew a lot of dog harness, guitar straps and wallets. 5 to 8 oz two thick. Lotsa art engraving and assembly stuff for now. Www.reservationleather.com
  8. Lots and lots of machines, I have no idea what I'm seeing but it looks dusty and cool. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1542260856586185/?mibextid=dXMIcH
  9. That is a gift you have, always the answer to what I need to know but don't know what to ask. Thank you Great info, thank you
  10. Thank you. I was misunderstanding. My clsp stays because I sew back a few to close the seam but if a thread breaks it all unravels. I though they'd stop like my hand stitches.
  11. Not all engraved is brown. http://Www.reservationleather.com.
  12. Google doesn't tell me more then a few of you folks do, thank you It look way nice fie the price, only one post here about them. I am afraid of the speed, I love using my clsp but it is crap. Handcranks are rare. I want a machine but can't swing above $1200, can borrow $500 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3642287422712546/?mibextid=dXMIcH
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