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  1. Thank you, I thought it looked too light for much more than garment leather. I'd like one to sew wallets, backing on straps and holsters.
  2. It's nearby and affordable, should i?
  3. I want a sewing machine, should I keep this motor?
  4. Kewlies, my mom made a lot of our clothes with this table. Maybe I can find a head machine to match it. Thank you
  5. Ok, if it was heehaw I'd say that is "it's terrible and not enough" Dude, I asked a question, I didn't go buy it. Why would anyone be a dick and the ask to see the object of their distain?
  6. Howdy all. I've inherited a yamata 5 line serger. The table has a lion clutch motor in it. I plan to take it apart, clean it and sell it to raise money for a machine to make wallets. Should I keep the motor and add a machine?
  7. Thank you, a bag for my daughter.
  8. Howdy y'all, raisin pie all around. I've been lurking for years. I really appreciate the mountain of knowledge here and how freely it is shared. This year I plan to add a sewing machine and learn hand sewing to make wallets and bags to expand my products beyond engraving veg tan. Most of my sales are holsters, guitar straps and wrist cuffs. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShannonsToolbox
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