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  1. You have a very unique (and dark ) design style Marius and I enjoy seeing your creations. I hope this pattern is successful for you.
  2. That's great, thanks for sharing. I assume that the stitching holes are burnt with the laser as well?
  3. @fredk That's awesome. A guy in Ireland in 2021 watching 1950s American TV shows about cops. Cheers! I do love seeing the classic cars in those shows. I'm not a holster guy either but I had ever seen anything like that before so searched around and found what I think you're looking for. Seems like they were referred to as Safety Speed Clamshells. Check out the full article: https://revolverguy.com/fighting-leather-clamshell-holster/
  4. Nice! I like everything about it.
  5. THat's way cooler than carrying them in a plastic bag, for sure!
  6. That was probably more fun than yard work. Those came out great. (Just added to my list of future projects.... "make some cast-iron pot handle covers")
  7. You've obviously done a great job of integrating it into your workflow. Thanks for the details. Will the Glowforge also burn the stitching holes? I've had a Cricut Maker for about a year and I should probably start working it into my projects using a similar approach. I'll need to 'outgrow' the Cricut before I can justify the expense of a Glowforge.
  8. Gray, I've long admired your work. Can you describe how the laser is used in your belts and strap projects?
  9. I'd call that a big success. Looks great!
  10. That looks great. What stamps did you use for the weave design?
  11. THat's nice. How about making a matching belt-worn shot bag to go along with it and hold the ammo?
  12. Meaningful Christmas tree ornaments are some of those things that have very long lifespans. I bet that the folks who receive one of them will still be hanging it on their tree with pride in 20-years. I still use one every year that I made in Sunday School when I was 4 and I'm 55 now.
  13. In the time you've been gone I've made this forum a part of my daily routine. Hopefully you'll be able to integrate a fun and creative outlet into your daily routines now. It certainly sounds like you've had 8-years of daly routines that were anything but fun and creative. Welcome back!
  14. That's a great idea and I can see where it would speed up straps as well as wider cuts. I would think that the wood channel in the base could be a problem with thinner leather. Like the leather would be pressed into the channel instead of lying on a flat surface. I have a paper cutter around here that works similarly and it's quicker than breaking out a square every time I need to cut paper.
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