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  1. maxdaddy

    Loop stapler: Weaver vs. EGM vs. ?

    Thanks for sharing all of that insight. Very interesting.
  2. maxdaddy

    6" Splitter for sale - American - LS440 Model A

    Yes, the splitter is still available.
  3. He should love the new wallet. Looks great
  4. maxdaddy

    Sewing leather onto denim

    My $0.02.... unless your punching and stitching skills are real good, I'd leave it just like it is. If/when the glue ever stops holding, you could punch it then and re-glue/stitch. I'd be afraid of one of my punches not being aligned and ruining the look.
  5. I know that this is an old thread, but I just got a Cricut Maker being and this kind of information is very helpful. Thanks @AmyK for putting it together and sharing
  6. maxdaddy

    American LS440 Splitter Adjustments

    Thanks for sharing those details. I have that splitter and have needed to adjust it for a while now but didn't know where to start.
  7. maxdaddy

    Strawberry Short Cake I-Pad Case

    Wow, that' a really great design.
  8. maxdaddy

    Stamping Dark Letters

    Those letter do look great. I'll give that a try tomorrow after work. My worry would be the accidental touchdown of the alphabet stamp in the wrong spot.
  9. nice job. I think it looks great... One of your comments make made literally LOL out loud. I'm at the point in my leather craft journey to REALLY need to learn how to tool leather like that. But at the same time, I also REALLY don't think I would enjoy it.
  10. THat's really cool. I think it needs some little feet though.
  11. maxdaddy

    How do I line a flat cap?

    Cool, I didn't know that. thanks
  12. maxdaddy

    Gamber leather crafting

    Wow. That looks awesome!
  13. Wow, that's a great variety of looks and styles.
  14. maxdaddy

    Free wallet pattern made of 6-7 oz veg tan

    YEah, the card offset is interesting. I might make it next week to see how it "rides and "sits". Thanks for sharing the pattern
  15. maxdaddy

    Train Engineer’s Hat

    That's a cute idea. I bet you had fun putting it together and incorporating the little surprises.