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  1. I apply 3 or 4 coats of shoe polish on the flesh side of veg tanned leather and then seal it with with liquid floor wax or Resolene to get white leather. I've made white top hats, straps, and other projects this way and it looks and holds up pretty well. The flesh side is typically the 'back' side of a piece since does not have the smooth finish on it that the grain side does. That smooth finish is what makes the grain side so difficult to apply an opaque finish to, because brush strokes are impossible to avoid (at least for me). Spraying a white acrylic paint on might work, but I still think there's be adhesion issues and the white might flake off if the piece is flexed. The backside of the leather is more 'porous' and so the white has lots of teeny-tiny surfaces to adhere to. Give it a try on some scrap... shoe polish is cheap and it comes with a built-in applicator! .
  2. Welcome to the group. Hope we get to see some pictures of some of your projects soon.
  3. We went to our first Halloween party over the weekend and snapped a few pictures.
  4. You may only need a few touches with a stylus to get a couple of dimples in the narrow area. I'd give something like that a try in a small area.
  5. This works great for me... relatively cheap and easy to source at the big box stores. I only buy the unscented variety. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Holloway-House-64-oz-Floor-Polish/1000194489
  6. Tandy has some free patterns for leather coats and jackets. The link below is for the men's coat but they have a few others for ladies coats. THere's probably some helpful information in there. https://www.leathercraftlibrary.com/product/1214/2665-mens-top-coat-pattern-size-38
  7. That came out great. Did you put any feet or tabs on the bottom?
  8. Fun post! Here's my Halloween projects. My wife will be the plague nurse in the white mask and hat. I'll be the plague doctor wearing black half-mask and hat. I'll follow up with some full costume poses after the weekend. The leather is all 6-7 ounce veg-tan from Tandy. I get the white by applying 3 or 4 coats of cheap white shoe polish to the flesh side and then sealing with liquid floor wax. The black on the skull bag was obtained with vinegroon. The black on the half-mask is Fiebings pro dye with floor wax finish.
  9. Tandy sells something they call Tanner's Bond double sided tape and it works very well for me in many situations. It comes in a few different widths and is relatively inexpensive. Give it a try, you'll probably find sometime to like about it. https://tandyleather.com/products/2535-650-tanners-bond-adhesive-tape
  10. That looks great. The holster will outlive the drill for sure.
  11. Scott... that's very interesting. If it's not a trade secret, which of the ingredients acts as a sealant? I'm going to try my hand at making some beeswax-based conditioner and would like to experiment with the sealant idea as well. Thanks
  12. That turned out great! I made the same pattern and afterwards I was found myself wishing I had used another closure type besides the zipper. I really like how you did yours, and may make another and steady your solution. Can you share a few more pictures of it open along with the latch, if any.
  13. Thanks for sharing all of that insight. Very interesting.
  14. Yes, the splitter is still available.
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