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  1. Thanks Halo. Did you make the pattern that they call 'Summer 2'? Sheilajeanne, yeah that's true. I suppose that would always be a risk with shoes that can't be tried on, though. I'll buy a kit from Tandy and give it a whirl when I get a few big house projects completed and have some time for leather craft.
  2. Hi folks, Tandy just released a new kit that I think is pretty cool. It's a pair of outsoles and insoles and size-specific patterns to assemble a pair of sneakers. The price seems a little high, but I can still see this being a good-selling kit for them. I've tried a few different sandal and slippers and the results have always been unhappy with the results in terms of comfort and wearability. It would seem that this would give novice leatherworkers a good first-time experience which may lead to deeper dives in the shoemaking world. https://tandyleather.com/products/sneaker-starter-pack https://tandyleather.com/blogs/tandy-blog/sneaker-starter-pack I am not interested in hearing any Tandy-bashing, but I would be interested in opinions from experienced shoemakers on the forum about it.
  3. Heck yeah! Here's some of my improvised end punches. The larger one, on top in this picture, is 1.5".
  4. I live just a few miles from you down here in the flatlands and I'm wondering what inspired the mountains in the background? It's always a nice treat seeing your creations. Please keep sharing them.
  5. Ditto what the others have said!
  6. Thats beautiful! The bird and animal heads are a nice design surprise.
  7. @JDsimms55 Love the control knobs! Surely there's a backstory to that project. I'm interested even if nobody else is...
  8. That project turned out great! Wow.
  9. THat's great. Love it. My game requires that I practically hang a Pez dispenser of golf balls off my belt.
  10. thanks for sharing that... I've used wax to 'age' leather on a few bags and hats but have always felt that the time spent burnishing and rubbing the wax in gets lost soon after the piece is put into use and exposed to sunlight. What I mean is that the random dark areas that I got from the application of the wax into certain areas seems to 'fade' away as the surrounding areas develop a natural patina and I lose the areas of the hand aging.
  11. The heavens are crying out... "IT SHOULD BE MADE! MAKE IT!"
  12. Thanks... the 'stache didn't survive the pandemic. But neither did the mohawk or other silly looks that I experimented with while I was working from home most of 2020.
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