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  1. Nice job. Looks very functional and durable.
  2. Thanks... the 'stache didn't survive the pandemic. But neither did the mohawk or other silly looks that I experimented with while I was working from home most of 2020.
  3. Here's a few of my recent hats that I wear often.... a fedora, a porkpie, and a bowler. (Apologies for appearing in the bowler picture... I don't have a picture of it on a prop. ) The bowler gets the most comments and questions from strangers, by far. I used from patterns from Tony See (DieselpunkRO) as starting points. Even if I'll likely never sell a hat they are a lot of fun to make and wear out.
  4. I'm in Florida and wear my own leather hats all of the time. I've made several styles for myself and enjoy switching up the look. I get comments on them and occasionally the question comes up of "how much I would charge to make one for them?" I never suggest that I make them to sell, but some folks think that I should be happy to make one for them with the same look for about $40. When I explain that there's about 8 hours worth of work that goes into one (depending on the style), plus the cost of the leather I say that if I did sell them I'd probably charge a couple hundred. I've never had anyone respond that they felt that a leather hat was worth that much. Hats are not something that I would be able to make and sell profitably in my area of Central Florida. It seems that most folks are happy to buy something mass-produced.
  5. Wow, that's impressive. Have you had any of your pieces used in other films?
  6. Thanks for sharing that with us. I've never heard of 'greases' being applied to or into leather.
  7. That piece turned out great. He's clearly proud of it and you should be too.
  8. Welcome to the forum as a contributor. It sounds like you've worked through lots of efficiency improvements over the years and hopefully you'll share some of the insights with us. It really is a strange scenario when one person looks at a handmade leather item and thinks "that guy must be getting rich selling those things for $XXX" yet we look at the same piece walking out the door and think "dang, I made way less than minimum wage on that piece".
  9. Nice work. That red border stamp really pops out.
  10. I wish I had known that $15 was a bargain price to pay for a well-designed pattern. Admittedly, initially I did learn a lot by struggling along trying to make hats, bags, and whatnot based on my own designs, but when Tony See (DieselpunkRO) had a 50% off discount a few years ago I bought a few hat patterns. My skills improved a lot once I had good patterns to start with. I also found that it made it easier to come up with my own designs for other custom pieces once I had cut and assembled some well-designed pieces. I've bought many patterns from other designers since then, including from some of the folks who contribute to this forum.
  11. Those are certain to be family treasures. They look great.
  12. When I do hat band, I cut leather with a arc, not to much. Does fit better. I learned the hard way, hope this was of some help

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    2. Bawarrior


      Have sewn, and laced but happiest with shoe goo

    3. maxdaddy


      Interesting approach. I've got a fedora that I'm just finishing up and will give that a try.


    4. Bawarrior
  13. Looks great... I always struggle with getting my hat bands to look and fit right.
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