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  1. maxdaddy

    Harbor Freight Air/Hydraulic Clicker

    That's some nice engineering!
  2. That's a cool idea! I can't participate in this go-round, but it sounds like a fun way to bring the virtual and leather worlds together.
  3. maxdaddy

    Harbor Freight Air/Hydraulic Clicker

    Nice! Please post some pictures of it when you get it all setup in the final configuration as well. I've got my mind set on doing something similar and would love to see more of your build.
  4. maxdaddy

    installing ornament nails

    I would try using the nail holes in the ornaments for stitching to the larger piece. It may not have the expected look, but it should be easy enough to try out and decide if you and the customer are OK with it. The picture is of an antler-handled beer mug I made a few years ago and it has a slotted concho stitched onto it, similar to how I'm suggesting. I punched holes around the perimeter and stitched through the leather all the way around. (There used to be a tassel hanging off of the conch slot but it suffered an alcohol-related demise.) The antler handle was contoured, drilled and then stitched to a smaller intermediate patch which was then stitched to the barrel of the mug. I'm showing this project simply as a means of offering another perspective to attaching unusual things to a leather project. I've stitched coins and conchos to other projects but can't find any pictures to show at the moment.
  5. maxdaddy

    Problem with prickng irons

    I actually pull mine across a strop a few times before I start using them and then apply beeswax about every fifth hit.
  6. Wow! I love your work.
  7. maxdaddy

    Choosing the right laser

    Thanks for sharing that information. I'm sure that there's a laser cutter in my future and every time I watch one in action I think of several things that I could do with one. I like how you use it for a big variety of different jobs. It was obviously a good investment for your shop.
  8. maxdaddy

    How I now straighten leather for strap cutting

    I'm heading out to the shop now to see if i've got the raw materials on-hand to build my own. Thanks for sharing.
  9. maxdaddy

    Another Homemade Stitching Pony

    Nice! I like everything about it. Lots of good ideas put into action there.
  10. maxdaddy

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome! I'm just outside of Tampa in Plant City.
  11. maxdaddy

    6" Splitter for sale - American - LS440 Model A

    No. I don't have any printed documentation for it. Good luck.
  12. maxdaddy

    6" Splitter for sale - American - LS440 Model A

    Yes I still have the splitter.
  13. Nice flask! Would you mind providing some details on the aquarium paint? I seal my tankards and mugs with beeswax but am always looking for alternatives.
  14. maxdaddy

    Rope Can cover

    Love the painted feathers!