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  1. Thank you. Some times when the water is real dark ( forgot the term) They tend to be a darker color from the stain. Limestone will almost bleach them.
  2. Thank you.Thats my favorite. So many ways you can create that scene.
  3. Thank you, It was untill i hit with green.Going to leave it the ways it is. No chasing colors. Thank you Chuck.That bend in tail is off.
  4. This is the 3rd time I have Tooled this scene. The thing is I always enjoyed Images of bass chasing birds. Also grove ponds thet use to be here had cattails surounding them. Love to wade and fish among them.
  5. No Problem. Go for it. 2 pieces. Same on both sides
  6. i have made a lot of them.Their good to give awayespecialy to friends for their bibles.
  7. There you go and Way to go !! Your getting the "Fun" out of this leather stuff. Keep it up and Thats some good Tooling and camo of the beveling marks.
  8. There are some people that still like to hold a book in their hand to read. This marker was made in 2016. Don't know why i still have it-Yea i do, it was for my Wife. I have some scraps -a lot- i am going to start redoing them again.
  9. Thank you i push the tooling a little to get to the painting. I guess there is a Medical term for that type of behavor.
  10. I modified a brush to creat long grass that a stamp could not do. never thought about that for the shading. It's these little tips that I learn from. Thank you. Haven't found a Forum on art that Is as full of share techiniqqques as this Forum is.
  11. The way up interpid the blue is what I wanted it to be seen. Sprayed with sealer and it doubled it's pop.
  12. Thank You. My Mom and sister can do the whole thing-draw paint-aand make the frames. Me ,Didn't evan Know til i was 66 that there was a spark. It's still a spark.Have to make istakes t improve.
  13. What i am up to is figuring out how to fade contrasting colors.Watering down paint does not work for me. Tried a mediium that will flow paint easer-Not. so it's a light dip into the paint and brushing excess off. Sometimes. Smuge was fixed.
  14. Stewart

    Years go by Fast

    8 Years ago. What started my path.Thats a good thing
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