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  1. Stewart

    Redwing Black Bird

    My favorite bird. Just need to create a pattern with a bass trying to catch one.
  2. Stewart


    This 4 inch round is composed of two different images scaled to fit. One thing learned is to paint before backgrounding. The backgrounding disrupted the flow of paint.
  3. Stewart


    Well ,I have "Showed" at a local library. Most goes to kids.
  4. YIntx----- Maybe. tooo frustrating. Djole-- I was so fed up with it,just wanted to finish. knife did not cut-paint did not lay right and so on. Chuck123wapati---Thanks but we both know
  5. Did not know where to post this. This is not I regularly do and it shows. A lot of mistakes and miss cuts and beveling. That's What t happens when not practicing. Started with the knife but got sloppy so I just beveled the lines. Problem was the dull edge. Studied all the ways to do it. It's just me. Anyway this is just a break from what i normally do.
  6. Stewart


    Thank You Tom.
  7. Stewart


    There is a story here. We can just speculate about what it is. I will leave up to you all to decide.. Myself is that she is waiting for a long gone Seaman .
  8. Stewart

    Shell Hunting

    Thank you both. Kiwican and Chuck123wapati
  9. Stewart

    Shell Hunting

    I have one more pictorial to do and on to a different style for a while. Sample photo included
  10. Stewart


    It is finished and proud of it.
  11. Stewart


    I have a sister and 2 friends that liked the scene that I traced this from. One of the friends is my leather mentor and I took a wrong turn somewhere. This has been a slow progress . night time- shading on the trees,etc.... What i have done so far
  12. Stewart

    Yesterdays Ballgames

    Know what you mean. Fresh cow patties shoed up sometimes.
  13. Stewart

    Yesterdays Ballgames

    Those were the times. Thanks- Just an old man and his childhood and a relaxing way to demonstrate them
  14. Stewart

    Yesterdays Ballgames

    we had ground rattlers look out for.
  15. Stewart

    Yesterdays Ballgames

    Thank you.. We played in a pasture, Sometimes the ball was not a ball at dusk.
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