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  1. ok,,that sounds good. You have to pay the Piper. those 30years of getting home at 2 am, well it was fun but not so now. me, it's ok / Loved ones, they are the ones paying the price.
  2. Seems no way to quit ask main addmin, and nothing happen. I do not want to log off. I just want to be deleted. noting wrong with the site it's just what I want to do.
  3. I am out of here. I am slowing down and just piddling around, the traditional stuff I wont do anymore.

  4. I think you are thinking " he's not going to jump out a perfectly good airplane!!.
  5. I will. your post saved ne from unjoin this group. I am turning one of my bedrooms into a craft room. I made my mark and sold baseballs to fellow members on here and that says something, My direction is going to be off the wall and for family and people i see fr repeated encounters. So thank you again
  6. Well, I have been working on two projects and it's taking a lot of my time. Reason is between the two there is 76 inches of chain stitching. Last one is not finished yet. Hands starting to cramp up. A new aliment plus leg cramps, Just life paying back those get home at 2am nights. I am starting a Shield type of Dream catcher and a belt buckle insert with NAVY tooled on it, Pictures Later.
  7. Things to keep busy and be useful. The lily pad with dragon flies is for a notebook for my Wife as well as the hair clip. If the hair clip works out ,I have relatives that i will make some for. I had seen the hair clips like these somewhere. And Yea, I torcher myself by using the Chain Stitch. My go to stitch
  8. Thank you. Eather one would work but brown better
  9. he is "cool" I had to use glitter. It maybe overdoing it but that's out of my system. Leather to me is the best form to release your imagination on. Its like Mozart doing his best on a piece of canvas.
  10. Thanks. I am now doing one with an angry catfish.
  11. These were just finished. They keep your hands busy and mind active finding different images to do. Tooling, beveling and painting is the total package and not time consuming. The make perfect display at trade shows or craft fairs. Flea markets also. The only problem I have encountered is gluing. some blanks have a coating on the inlay part. cleaning it solves the problem . Sanding or liquid remover does the trick.
  12. These were in my better days; Age dims a lot of things so new stuff is always a little ragged a little. The baseballs, I sold a few to fellow Leather Workers for their kids. Now I just play around for the joy. figuring out colors to paint is tops.
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