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  1. Thank you Then you know. These will really teach to to slow down. After these i sticking to belt buckle inserts and the rounders and rectangular stuff i do.
  2. Thank you Chuck. Will start other side to day,, there will be a wide strip of leather under the bottom tip of wings for bottom. I an going to try 3 different colors of thread,, the saddle stitch will become base color and 1 color for each side. cross weaving under stitches.
  3. This is definitely not what i really like to do. Then making grand nieces happy overrides that. Who knows after 4 of them , i might like doing them.
  4. Oh yea!!! i think I will leave the stitching up to you guys . I have 2 more purses to do.. they will have a butterfly shape. by the fourth one i may get it straight. Wait I am only dowing 3.. oh well !!!
  5. If you overlook stitch lines. i thought doing this would be easy. Well, that went south! I didn't think about how the strap was secured or the padding for shoulder. Then there is this thing call retention of directions. so its "that's cool but I'll do it the way i think i should." It will turn out ????? Good or bad
  6. I am doing this for a G/niece. I Haven't done this type of work in a lot of years, or it seems that way. I know the Lip Stick theory will work. Has in the past. Will see what happens.
  7. Stewart

    Saltwater Scene

    I am trying to make an allusion of glass. If I get it right, there would be lot of creations of scenes I can do. I have seen videos of how to do it, the thing is instructions and I do not get along so my way first.
  8. The image used will be part of a larger tooling that includes cattails and a Red winged black bird. After painting the basic colors, I wanted I covered with clear glitter. Always wanted to do that and this fit the bill.
  9. Faded colors has me hooked and my choice of what color to paint foliage
  10. Stewart

    For Baseball Fans

    Forget the face. No way i would get that right.
  11. Stewart

    Baseball Buckle

    A sport season buckle. Going to expand on different themes to accommodate whatever is happing at the time. Need to do the stitching.
  12. I ridden the urge to a yellow yellow butterfly. The next is a kid catching a baseball.
  13. I was knock out with a line drive in the 6th grade at school. So the game was total out. No watching from then on. But baseball scenes are fun to create and do.
  14. Thank You. Never had a home run .i was to good at letting the other team get them Thank you
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