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  1. Stewart

    At it again

    Thank you, Thus is almost done. Just needs a little touch up where the paint meets out colors
  2. Stewart

    At it again

    Thank you. She was painted over with different colors .Just could not get the right tone.
  3. Stewart

    At it again

    Just enjoying creating these.
  4. Thank you all. Joe
  5. For those of you all who like the solitude of fishing on a frozen lake
  6. Thank you. bank account increased also. You are right. Just did not think about it. When fishing my buudy and i would walk the rocks at dead low tide and pick up hooks, weights and jigs that were still in good condition.
  7. Thank you again. its a work in progress. Need to develop creating muscles and such on them
  8. Thank you Kiwican and a safe New Years eve to you and yours. Joe
  9. Now this was fun tooling exercise. The painting was good except for the fish. White and black control was the problem. Did use metallic Silver to tame the white down.
  10. Stewart

    The wharf

    Things do not look pretty half way through. At least mine does not. Little bit of paint and about 6 beers after finished and everyone maybe happy.
  11. YinTx, Those are just what is needed for a lot of people in these times. It's sure nice to see the smiles When gifting them. Have a safe and joyful Holidays Joe
  12. Stewart

    Holiday Tradition

    Your welcome. Be safe. It's the only way to approach things. Same to yo and yours.
  13. Stewart

    Holiday Tradition

    I hope this brings back memories that some have the happy opportunity to do in one way or the other.
  14. Glad it did. don't always have to do the same-same.
  15. A little fun with images. Yes, the Kid is from Lutz. That's what we do !!!!
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