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  1. We did have the fattest cooks. On shore, you are right, at ship for 25 days, when they cracked an egg before going to powder egg. You may get sunny side up or fried chicken. The funny thing, I was born in Tampa florid and station with a squadron at Cecil Field ,Florida. Not Alaska. Squad went to Reno, Seabee base for Bombing runs, i wentto fill in with the base sailors and work the midrat shift as a fry cook. I made sure the e2''s and e3'''s ate better the the ranks above that rank except for one officer. he liked to eat. he was aalso good to his Sailors.
  2. She is going to like me or i get an A+ in English This just friend's thing ain"t right That just don't work. It's all out.Digging deep. I am down to the3rd Poem. A path Two young people of older years, side by side, strolling out of a path that had romance and then tears. Each wondering was it right or wrong to be attracted like an old country song. As sunlight filtered through the fog, each knew that life was not a song. They each reached for the others hand, standing together,they knew they were more than friends. From the warmth of the Sun and light on their face. They knew they were in the right place. They drew together in a tight brace. Lutz Country Romance poems Joey “ 2-Jays Stewart 1-25-2023
  3. I had it from 1954, Colorado black beauty. Lost hatchet the stitching is a heck of lot better. Haven't done any stitching in a while. i went back to church and now doing page holder for the women there. men do not read books- some do. They like to dog ear them. macho thing i guess.
  4. Chuck up to 3. Digging deep.I have caught up to her. I forgot about the Golden Rule women go by. Once you do something they like,It has to become a habit. I failed all high School English classes. My stitching is a real lot better. Show when finshed on Cell phone case.
  5. This is the mess I was doing before I meet Luke Hattley. A true friend that I truly miss. The stitching It was wild. I have gotten a little better
  6. Thanks Chuck. Well i havent tried The Pepe" la Pue way yet/ It might be my next tactic We are both having fun. If I do catch her then what??? As the song goes" I am only 1/4 of what i use to be !!! .
  7. I am still doing a little leather work making corner page markers for Church friends. I am a little distracted right now. The cause of the distraction Is a Lady. Yeap,and the chase is on. this whole mess has everything upside down. We guys in born in Lutz, Fla are nut cases anyway. But a 76 year old guy acting like a Jr. High Kid that does stretch things a little. Now these Lutz Girls , they know. They have too with us Nut cases running around. So, the race is on.She stays just ahead enough. Yeap these Lutz Girls know! So i will see you all later. She just sprinted again.
  8. The stamping was designed Intently placed that way. This is the second of three Childrens books I have written. two more covers to do. They are for my g/grandkids Yeap and the grammar is just as intently misspelled also
  9. Thats kind of cold And Merry Christmas to you also Mike.
  10. Merry Christmas Suzelle To you and a good New Year. And another Fraze Your too Cool.
  11. Merry Christmas to you also Chuck. As the Hippys say " Stay Cool"
  12. He must be starting to give a Toast for the fresh Snow. The book cover ? Its for a Childrens book about our cat that's a P.I. I have written. If it looks like bad tooling and such, it was intentionally done
  13. Stewart

    My Friend Got Lost.

    They just waddle your mind. Its X-mas time coming up and it seems I have done a set of 4 Santa's .. So thats what I will be doing , I also have a Green Frog with poinsetts that makes a good hanging ordiments. Well I will be giving other members a break. I haave a dreamcatcher to do for a brand new Great grandson with the New smell still on him. I will catch you later gator, for a while.
  14. Stewart

    My Friend Got Lost.

    Ol'Dirty face was coming here to Lutz FLA for a visit. Well he took a wrong turn in Georgia and ended Up on a beach off the Atlantic. Well like all northerners,had to have their picture taken. never knew why they had to have their pictures taken standing in an orange grove.
  15. Had this wild idea. Name change . came to me as I was working on a new image to trace. maybe it was getting up at 3:30 am for the last week or more. Heres the reason of the change. Have to find the right stems to fit the flowers. crop and paste and size.
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