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  1. Stewart


    No problem. we'll get er done....
  2. Stewart


    Well I figured if i was going to start a Leather business, I would need someone to head up the customer complaint department. So let me introduce you to Knuckles. My Little Friend
  3. Stewart

    Stroll on a Beach

    My Latest one. A checkbook cover is next
  4. Stewart

    Frog and lotus

    That is outstanding tooling and painting.the foreground dictates the color of water and that's like chasing the wind.
  5. Stewart

    Care free Outing

    Wonder where I got that "Hitch" in my step. Thank you.
  6. Stewart

    Care free Outing

    Thank you Tom. I just plain enjoy doing these than making something. Thank you. Magic ?? When I snap my fingers my wife says do it your self.
  7. Stewart

    Care free Outing

    finished it
  8. Stewart

    Fiddlers in a bucket

    Oh Stickle Backs. Wonder if thats what Doc. Ford ( randy White writer ) friend encountered and had to have removed. Tiddlers is a scary word .
  9. Stewart

    Care free Outing

    I been doing these seascapes for a while. That's just to get the water and wave action right. Tooling of course. So here's a start on another one. Fire away!!!!
  10. Stewart

    Fiddlers in a bucket

    Fiddler crabs. Great bait for Can crushers ( sheep Heads)
  11. Stewart

    Fiddlers in a bucket

    Just the border to finish. Still playing with color tones. Love doing these. Stkill lot os skills to overcome. Thank you everyone for looking.
  12. Improved the suspender set up. Took gator clips off and added swivel snaps as someone suggested. and explanation of why a belt and suspenders. Two things My Mom was livid about. keeping belt line at belly bottom and visiting pawn shops. Bad boys wear pants on hips and Bad men are connected to Pawn shops. The golden rule__- keep hands in pockets when in stores. Yeap they say never trust no one wearing a belt and suspenders. So there you go.
  13. How to explain whats happening. The start page has changed twice. First was the old page for several years. then a new format, then the old now for a few weeks the new one as was this morning. when i came back it was the old format. Real weird
  14. Stewart


    Oh well, this was messed up from the start.Orginal background had fewer and bigger rocks. I misinterpreted my tracing and made more rocks.. than over colored. The brown on kids haead is hair. The original picture was 2 different ones and is pretty cool. what I did was pure murder. It's not sealed so maybe I can repaint it--- or???