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  1. Stewart


    Thank you Batttlemunky. The mules foot is good for fish scales also.
  2. Stewart


    Something simple For the bird Watchers
  3. Stewart

    No feeding the fish

    I needed to do somting simple to try to get past the cartoon look . I am going to shellace than a thin film of the paint over the fish and stuff to try and make it all look underwater. See what happens.
  4. Stewart

    It's all Good

    Every one loves the frogs,I keep striving except there all different so it hard to nail one aspect down. Thank you for your kind words.
  5. Stewart

    It's all Good

    Kind of figured you all needed something new to look at. My wife likes me doing this. she said it keeps my hands busy and from picking my noise or scratching my -!!!! So enjoy
  6. Stewart

    For Nature Lovers

    Thank you lor having intrest in what I do. No I do not sell them, most are kept for the kids to let theirs pick out and keep when I really retire. i do give to realitives that have a favorite past time and i see something that would fit in , I will create a tracing and give to them . I di that for a lot of kids in my family when I was doing Dreamcatchers. One likked gariffis and I incorporated charms to fit in. No stress. Joe Stewart
  7. Stewart

    For Nature Lovers

    After the seahorses i figured to move to something else. Kind of like to go to something else except have a block. Guess I have to get back to the "Honey do" list
  8. Stewart

    Bulding up my Corral

    This is for a Neice. a true florida Beach girl. The mian body is a lime gree toned done with white. The spline is a beach buff The image was from 4 subjects one of the sea grasswas insetted twice, the midle one was different one,the fish 3 times an one sea horse . background seperate
  9. Chasing colors. the beak-too sharp. The wood- walking a loose beveler.
  10. Stewart

    Horsing Around

    Your welcome. Nver thought about that look but it does ina wayburlap maybe. I used the a104 n this one. I also use the m881 and m882. depinding on the look I want. Thing is they are used to get rid of bad tooling marks some times. The m882 is use for sand or fie rocky areras. Whats the draw back is tose tooling marks are hard for the paint to lay. Again Thank You for your intrest in tools I use. Joe
  11. Did try,Maybe after do a dozen or so it would get better
  12. Stewart

    Who Gives a Hoot

    I tried something new. If i did more of these there might be an improvement. I seen this picture and had to copy it.
  13. Stewart

    Horsing Around

    Thank You .
  14. Stewart

    Horsing Around

    This is going to a brother in law. Seems I sent him a few fish coasters and he picked up an aquriaum to display them in. Anyway I wanted to do one for a long time So i have my mind of laying out a tracing pateren with a clown fish ,angle fish and a sea horse. Well enjoy Say. something smells fishy around here. Oh fish sticks sandwiches tonight.
  15. It will be something. can mess this up along with the rest I have.
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