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  1. Yes and thank you. It's exactly why I created this.
  2. Thank you >chasing colors is fun.
  3. Thank you Halojones. One of my kids turned 50 and i was thinking about when they were young.
  4. Thank you Retswerb. They give my kids something to fight over and take their minds off where all the money has gone.
  5. Thank you Northmount.
  6. I was just going to do one .Than You can give to one grand girl and not the others or the ones in the future. So i will do more but of this one with changes in foreground.
  7. Stewart

    For the Ladies

    Ladies, For those who still have the inner litle girl. enjoy
  8. Well I was told by a friend That at 2am in your favorite water hole, The fish all turn to mermaids. mind you it was 2:15 am and It looked like he caught one he said. just saying
  9. It don't hurt none. Same on my Cam. Thing is cats don't last long at night.
  10. Thank you. I do enjoy creating the scenes And bring back memories. I have to remember that there are other regions that people have memories of. seems i need to feed the critters around here
  11. Same here. Went to the Church camp on the river also.
  12. Thank you. It has been rewarding for me to be able to do them. It's finished just need to seal it . Skin tones are a pain. the tent of the leather changes the application of paint. I can not leave it just natural. I use Bullseye shellack to seal and it darkens ray leather. The spot is a fleck of lent.
  13. I do a lot of these types of scenes on 4 inch x 6 inch leather. My aunt was one of the first mermaids and this going to her. that's one of the reason I like doing these, to capture family memories. i will complete the painting then go back over and smooth out the paint lines.
  14. Stewart

    High Hopes

    here in Fla it's cold than hot the cold. No spring just straight up summer. 89 degrees 2 days in a row It was 45 degrees in the morning than 80 in the afternoon Thank you for the complement.. Thank you. Kiwican.
  15. Stewart

    High Hopes

    First day of spring. No rain, calm and promising.
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