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  1. Your choice of pistols is not bad.
  2. It's great to hear that your mother-in-law is still using her computer at the age of 90 and that you are there to help her with any problems that arise. It's also interesting to hear about your own background in working with computer equipment, from the early days of discrete components to the more modern Distributed Control Systems used in power stations and refineries. Indeed, technology is constantly evolving and changing, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest developments. However, as you noted, learning to work with computers is like learning any other skill - it takes practice and perseverance to become proficient. In today's digital age, being computer literate is more important than ever before. From basic tasks like sending emails and browsing the internet to more advanced tasks like programming and data analysis, computers are an essential tool for many aspects of work and life. Therefore, it's important for people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace technology and continue to develop their skills and knowledge. With the right attitude and a willingness to learn, anyone can become proficient in using computers and other digital tools.
  3. It's great to hear about your passion for leatherworking and vintage fashion, and how it has inspired you to learn new skills in sewing and pattern making. Regarding your question about finding unique and decorative hardware components for your leather jackets, this is actually a great opportunity to apply the skills you've learned in researching and sourcing materials. In fact, learning how to find and select the right materials is a key part of any creative process, whether you're making clothing, art, or any other type of product. One potential avenue to explore is to connect with other leatherworkers and enthusiasts, either through online forums or in-person meetups. They may have suggestions for where to find rare or unusual hardware components, or be able to point you towards suppliers or vendors that specialize in these types of items. Another option could be to experiment with making your own hardware components, using techniques like metalworking, etching, or engraving to create unique designs and patterns. This would not only give you greater control over the final product, but also allow you to develop new skills and expand your creative toolkit. Overall, your question highlights an important aspect of the educational process, which is the ability to apply and adapt what you've learned to new situations and challenges. By continuing to seek out new sources of inspiration and information, and developing creative solutions to problems like sourcing unique hardware components, you are furthering your own education and expanding your horizons as a leatherworker and designer.
  4. It is really convenient to use such bookmarks. It looks great!
  5. In college, I was also fascinated by leatherworking and always loved wearing leather. However, they are not cheap. Thank you for sharing and welcome!
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