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    Yup all the redneck stuff.

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  1. chuck123wapati

    Thinning Barge

    yes always read the msds, and do a little research and usually you can find the same chemicals a lot cheaper than buying from accompany that just repackages and charges more.
  2. chuck123wapati

    Thinning Barge

    I found this on the web never used it.
  3. chuck123wapati

    Working with snake skin

    Store bought chicken is way down there compared to rattler. Lol Do you eat the toads? Do they taste like chicken too? I've had frog legs they kinda taste like chicken or visi versa.
  4. chuck123wapati

    Knife Sheath Template

    lol nope I don't mean that a bit I would use the heck outa one of em they are amazing. Alooong way off but a great place to see what the US once was about. You rock guys have me a bit confused now. lmao
  5. chuck123wapati

    Knife Sheath Template

    LMAO!! I'm a dummy. sorry yea mine aren't great works of art but functional and meant to be used.
  6. chuck123wapati

    Stitching Pony

    The dowel rods look pretty modern to me, I would look closely at the hinges they may have some clues, China made , japan made, etc, I would guess homemade possibly a boy scout, or 4h project piece. It is very cool would love to get some measurements and more pics to build one myself.
  7. chuck123wapati


    you could make it as a western ranger style with sewn on billets for the buckle and adjustment.
  8. chuck123wapati

    Working with snake skin

    don't know about Cobra but rattle snake scales start to fall off during tanning so I take them off if they don't, the hide underneath is shaped the same so it still looks like scales. And I eat the meat too.
  9. chuck123wapati

    Knife Sheath Template

    no harm no foul friend by the way your sheaths are top notch much better than mine wish I had croc skin to work with, I have rattle snake when I come across one fishin. lol
  10. chuck123wapati

    Knife Sheath Template

    yup you can do it either way that suits you but Its kind of hard to just wet mold the front of a fold over type sheath that I was talking about.
  11. chuck123wapati

    How To Make Coin Conchos

    thank you!!!!
  12. chuck123wapati

    Knife Sheath Template

    nope you need 3/8 for the welt plus an additional 3/8 or so just for added room for the blade to move freely without cutting through the welt and thread. Wet molding is easy when your done with sewing the sheath wrap the knife in plastic so it wont get wet , moisten the leather slide the knife in and mold it then let it dry with the wrapped knife in it. Then apply your finishes. Much better looking design!!!
  13. chuck123wapati

    Knife Sheath Template

    Is this a going to be a two piece sheath? If so I would make the spine side of it straight that will give you the clearance you need for the blade. You will also need space for the welt on both sides. I usually use 3/8" welt and allow at least that much in extra space for the blade. If a fold over type sheath then welt on the one side but the same extra room. I would also recommend go a little farther up the handle with the sheath then wet form the leather but I'm a fold over type sheath maker. Defiantly make a heavy cardboard mock up.
  14. chuck123wapati

    New toys - brogueing punch

    you punch the first set, turn it 180 degree in the big hole, punch the next set of small holes then move the punch, line up the small holes punch the large one then turn it again and do over. Make sense? anyway that's how I would do it.
  15. chuck123wapati

    phone case

    That is a good idea, I glued the inside piece of leather so the rough side would face the fabric for that same reason and it helped a bit also I may have to try that but I haven't had any complaints so far lol. Thank you for the suggestion!