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  1. very purdy indeed! How did you do the grips?
  2. Thanks yes it rides real nice, I'm going to finish tuning it up a bit and check the bearings and such. It appears Wheeler makes some high end stuff the road bikes are all carbon fiber now didn't look much farther small fortune to get one i'm sure. This thing shows my age for sure it has a kevlar seat why i have no idea i guess they wanted a guys ass to wear out first lol.
  3. Thank you! lol it took less than an hour to get them both working, I used brake cleaner then air then some pb blaster over and over about 6 times while working them. I figure if i can rebuild a holley double pumper then i could manage these but didn't have to. They work like new now. i read they were hard to service and about a dozen posts suggesting wd 40 might work or one guy in the whole US who can repair them lol. you can check out my $8.47 bike in the all about us section and off topic if you like.
  4. i picked this up yesterday afternoon on a curbside free pile before it went to the dumps. Literally 1 hour to pull the brake/shift levers off and clean them up aired up the tires and she is good to go. Another fine example of making things far to complicated those brake/shift levers are far to complicated for the average folk to fix i guess that makes me the lucky one lol. I was worried then i realized all the online fix it info started with spray wd40 in it sometimes that works. Wd 40 is the worst crap in the world, so Brake cleaner and air it was then some pb blaster, more brake cleaner, air, pb about 6 times and they work perfectly. I did order some new tape so my new to me bike cost me $8.47. I'll finish the tune up later today i'm going ridin.
  5. i live in Wyoming drier than he## here i just keep mine in the box it came in, I have some still 15 years old or better. Wouldn't NFO ruin it for tooling later on?
  6. little off topic but what do you know about shimanoo sti 600 brifters? it seems they aren't very good but i have a couple to fix.
  7. lol never bought a lawnmower in my life, there is always one to be given away if you can get it running, usually just a carburetor clean. i got an almost brand new one because the people thought the engine was seized, someone put to much oil in it and it got into the cylinder, i pulled the sparkplug out then pulled the rope and oil went ten feet, cleaned and installed the plug and she ran great for years. Another one of my favorite appliances, sunbeam mixers. About 15 years ago my wife needed a new mixer as the new ones only last a year or two, so i got on ebay and bought an old mixmaster model 10 put on a new cord , new grease new brushes painted it and its still going strong at about 80+years old, i also have bought many of the attachments and dont have 75 bucks into it. I guess i owe it to my folks living during the depression years and my dad a mechanic taught me from day one how to fix things he never put a wrench to any of my bikes or cars but sat patiently and instructed me on how to repair them at 14 i was working in his garage full time.
  8. great job indeed! holsters of the time period of that pistol would have been embellished with any sort of do dad, nails knives and such whatever the owner had to make the design.
  9. no how they came up with the 1700s? they didn't really say.
  10. Its my first look at those internal hub setups this one is a Shimanno and from what i read isn't as good as the sturmy but with the very slight pedal wear i think they are near new and I don't ride like i used to lol. For the few bucks in oil, grease and sweat i figure it is worth it. AND since i wrote this along comes a facebook find in our upcycle page. A Wheeler 16 speed bike for free, i never heard of the company but it is Tiawan made and is an upscale road bike Shimanno sti 600 series derailuer and brake shift handles, european style wheels and tubes. weighs about a pound lol. It appears to be in good order also the tires are flat but i need to get the adapter for the valve stem and figure out the brake shift sytem
  11. I've been looking but they smash every thing asap there is a no scrounging rule here. I literally had to sneak this out in the back of my burb. Sucks because so much good stuff gets thrown away that could be used by less fortunate folks. The bikes are just a small example of needless waste in our country.
  12. This week was free dump week so as i have tons of junk i spent many trips to the dumps this week. On one trip to the steel pile someone threw out about 6 perfectly good bikes. this old guy was the only one that wasn't ran over so i had to sneek it home lol. Everything in perfect shape except the tires and the wiring on the lights and of course the seat is missing. The pedals show no wear whatsoever. What really sucks is that i'll bet a well over a hundred good bikes went to the dumps this week for no other reason except you can buy a new bike cheaper than the darn tires to replace the ones on your old bike. Really i went to walmart and a set of tires and tubes are only 9 dollars cheaper than a brand new Chinese junk pile. Truely what is wrong with the world when big business can set the price on the little things to repair good functioning products so high you cant help but buy a whole new product, thiers, and throw good stuff in the dumps. sorry for the rant i hate what our world has become in this respect. Got on ebay and the rack sells for about 45 bucks, the light set is an old Schwinn set again going for about 40 bucks. How cool is that internal 3 speed wheel.
  13. dont ask me how they know lol. https://www.bigcommerce.com/ecommerce-answers/how-define-handmade-items/ Webster's Dictionary defines handmade as an item made by hand or by a hand process. It was first used in the early seventeenth century.
  14. you can always search the forum yourself you will find your answer many times over. people just trying to help you friend.
  15. its birthday season for me, I'm making pencil sets on my lathe then making leather cases for them. I suppose they would work as well for Christmas also.
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