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  1. dang your getting after it!! great work indeed tooling roses are my kryptonite lol.
  2. the inmates where i worked used to use it for lube on the meat slicers and kitchen equipment after about a 3 months it would turn to this rubbery gummy stinky mess, took complete disassembly and soaking in motor pool solvent to loosen it up. It would gum up so tight that it would strip the gears out of the auto slicers. I"ve seen many thousands of dollars worth of damage to high quality Hobart equipment from using that stuff. My motto is Don't be cheap on something that may be a personal lifelong keepsake.
  3. great 1st try. all you need is more practice at this point. Knife practice, getting a smooth flowing design is the first step, make sure your knife is sharp so it runs smooth, keep it straight up, get some scrap and practice. Use a background of some type or if just beveling then work on smoothness all around your outline. i bevel with my mallet trying to get good even hits then i take my beveller and by hand smooth out any rough edges all the way around Dying is somewhat of an art in itself, you can dip dye or use an air brush for even look or a natural sponge if you want the mottled look. block dyeing is another option or you can use a brush and paint on coats of dyes like red for your flower . i have never had good luck dyeing with wool dauber.
  4. lol forgot one Pastor https://www.internationalleatherclub.com/
  5. i did too until one day out hunting i sat down to eat lunch and filled my barrel with dirt. now i know why old working holsters were usually sealed up top and bottom lol. btw duct tape saved the day again. but with your cross draw that shouldn't happen.
  6. Man those are stunning to say the least. your right on the combo!
  7. lol i see, that high polish took some time and i was trying to keep the cost down yet still make a finished tool that needed no additional work before use. The design is a good one feel free i copied myself, that bottom rounded edge is kind of tricky to create. They work very well and much smaller than my original i'll be using it quite often.
  8. find out if you live where you can just go out and pick it. The species of Salicornia are widely distributed over the Northern Hemisphere and in southern Africa, ranging from the subtropics to subarctic regions. There is one species present in New Zealand[10] but the genus is absent from Australia and South America.[8]
  9. what a cool idea, those rock my friend!!
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