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  1. maybe post some of your own and they will change, i think that is what happens but dont know for sure.
  2. you could build a couple of spacers for your 20t, you wouldn't need a gauge then.
  3. Hardening and tempering details are easy to obtain from the steel manufactures they aren't secret by any means. Its how well the tool makers can reproduce with certainty the process every time that create better tool makers than others. Type of high carbon steel used is just a part of the equation imo and not as important as in the end its a mater of the finished hardness and temper being correct for the tool and work it will be doing. I agree with you the cheapest and most expensive can be just as sharp.
  4. sorry it took so long to respond, I was havin a Beer lol. Now what was it again we were talkin about lol. Oh yea why have a punch and could use a beer when you can have a beer and use a punch.
  5. great video, Man it takes some work to make something look used lol.
  6. Awesome work, nothing quite like self-made tools! Its always beer thirty somewhere lol.
  7. oh man that's nice iron and nice leather!
  8. maybe get a course grained sponge, they use them a lot for watercolor painting, and mottle the whole belt.
  9. Those are called happy mistakes by Bob Ross lol.
  10. Very nice!!!!! green thread would make it pop and tie it together too.
  11. ok then you have ruled out hundreds of pistols that arent used for concealed carry. I would research popular cc weapons and start from there,
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