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  1. https://sites.google.com/a/poitar.host/langdjerold/das-sattler-riemer-und-taschner-handwerk
  2. I agree 100% its not about the quality of the tools or products. Its about who makes them and how they are treated in China. Slave labor is what is happening over there and no country can compete with them when they have no labor cost. They captured the world economy while everyone slept now we buy Chinese because there is nothing else in our stores.
  3. I love it too. you did a great job for the first project, its a complex piece.
  4. yes and also homemade chokecherry grape Brandy among other goodies. lol
  5. here, USA, in most every town there is a local VFW, veterans of foreign wars. If you have these in the UK go there and talk to real vets ( the boots on the ground) they will know someone I'm sure who would benefit. I will add you are an awesome and wonderful person to care that much about your family as well as those who may get the benefit of your tools. God bless you friend
  6. https://westernhorseman.com/culture/flashbacks/don-king-s-sheridan-style/
  7. so I have three swivel knife blades i measured the total angle of each to see if they were close to Stohlmans instructions which say to sharpen the edge at about 30 degrees which is 60 total degrees. My three blades were all different angles 55, 65 and 75 degrees and i haven't changed any of the angles from factory. Two are tandy one is ? The 55 being my favorite to use. Also noticed the point angle on my two 1/4" filigree was different also.
  8. i scanned two pages from the Leather work Manual by Stohlman, Patten & Wilson THey are over the limit so i'll post twice. swivelsharp1.pdf swivelsharp2.pdf
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