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  1. here is another thread on the subject. with a picture.
  2. you should consider some of the thinner hides that were traditionally used for writing and maps and such. sheepskin , goat skin, calf skin. Deer is another good supple leather that could be used.
  3. Thanks Frodo , I don't think I'm ready for a motor yet lol I'm still going one turn a time. it definitely has a learning curve to get a straight stitch.
  4. I'm sure everyone has a little different minds eye definition when the word is said. i pretty much define the terms loosely through satirical comedies with no ill intent meant. Sort of old fashioned now a days and sure to piss someone off that doesn't remember a time when we could kid around with who we are without being offended. Everyone connects Sherlock Holmes to the hat style , wasn't he an English Gent? but in my case my minds eye sees the this English cartoon character from the old rocky and Bullwinkle show and now i cant remember his name. And my redneck is that get er done guy Larry. lol. you've seen my redneck bill the other would probably be a beautiful English pointer or red Deer. My disclaimer!!!!! if I offended anyone I'm sorry.
  5. oh yea thats nice!!!!! I like that tooling.
  6. lol i could do redneck on one and English gent on the other that way you could just turn it around depending on which pub or bar you were in . thank you!!
  7. lol that would be awesome but what motif? i know redneck, thanks guys!!
  8. Thanks no it doesn't i thought it would but its not noticeable at all. lol that comes from living in Wyoming to long.
  9. thanks!! your work does inspire folks lol.
  10. most cannons are mounted on wheels lol but your holster is some awesome work indeed
  11. Thanks Fred you know i was thinking about your your hat bands and contemplated making the band a bit wider and adding about three 22 cal bullet loops on each side.
  12. get the msds sheet don't rely on what people "tell" you about any chemicals. https://archpdfs.lps.org/Chemicals/Leather-Dye_Tandy.pdf
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