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  1. chuck123wapati

    new modeling tools

    yes they do thanks!
  2. chuck123wapati

    rifle sling question.

    That would be a good solution however my problem was that the black dye wont take, I mistakenly washed it with saddle soap, I have already made another so just want to save the leather by covering it with snake skin or something. I like roses to but man there has been a learning curve for me lol.
  3. chuck123wapati

    rifle sling question.

    Wow that Is a beauty!! To bad there aren't any crocs here in Wyoming or that would fit the bill alright, all I have is a rattler that crossed my path a few years back lol.
  4. chuck123wapati

    rifle sling question.

    Great idea Thank you !!! I think I'll go with a little padding in back too.
  5. chuck123wapati

    rifle sling question.

    So would you glue it back in also, then add a backing piece and top piece?
  6. chuck123wapati

    4-5oz suede, 4 x 18": what to use it for?

    Wallet, phone case, or maybe hair ornaments like this feather I made.
  7. chuck123wapati

    rifle sling question.

    Thanks for the help! What I did to finish the poor thing off was mistakenly use saddle soap on it before I dyed it. The red and green dyes both took but the black just took in spots. Yea I was reading a book on finishing and it said to clean it with oxalic acid, but my mind read saddle soap? Any way I didn't like the composition very well either, its for a roller derby lady named reckless raven. I am almost done with the replacement but don't want to waste this chunk of hide. It 9/ 10 oz leather and tooled pretty deep. I like both suggestions I was thinking of some type of backing in between the tooling and snake skin but it would have to be thin. Halitech that's some nice work indeed!
  8. chuck123wapati

    rifle sling question.

    Hey all, I have a question, I made a rifle sling the other day but screwed up the dyeing so had to start over. I am thinking about covering my mistake sling with snake skin ,so the leather isn't wasted, and am wondering if the tooling would show through or how I would keep it from showing through. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. chuck123wapati


    Very cool indeed.
  10. it looks like it was sponged on, either paint or dye then the notes, snail were painted. I think you could create the mottled effect with either, with some practice. Beautiful work indeed.
  11. chuck123wapati

    Where to find extremely thin leather?

    skive it as thin as you can then mash it in a vise between two pieces of wood or metal. What I do for my coleman lantern pumps.
  12. chuck123wapati

    Getting tools in Australia?!?

    Your on the right track, Tools aren't scarce here in Wyoming but money is lol. I make what I can, forget about what I want and buy only what I need. I have made a good share of my equipment, head knife, awls, modeling tools, a few stamps, mallet and stitching pony. to name a few. I find you can re work a number of cheaper tools to fit your needs also such as old screwdrivers. If you have metalworking tools you are a step ahead of the game.
  13. Hey there, I'm in Rawlins also, but I don't have the money or the knowledge to make saddles. I'm just learning and trying to make a little spare change, on belts spenders and such. If you do have to break up your tools to get them sold I would love to have a shot in need of some stamping tools, dyes ,and books. Good luck to you.
  14. chuck123wapati

    Holster for percussion pistol

    Very nice work!
  15. chuck123wapati

    new modeling tools

    Thanks they work well this is my first test with them. Prolly work better than I can use them, still learnin.