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  1. chuck123wapati

    New to me basketweave

    the smaller stamp looks better, as well the border is much better.
  2. chuck123wapati

    Belt, Holster, Mag pouch set

    Really nice set. What weight leather in the belt? The double stitching looks great.
  3. chuck123wapati

    Sheath, laced and lined

    I like them both, reminds me of an early day patch knife/ flint striker and the way you did the belt loop is really cool.
  4. thrift stores/ used clothing stores/ yard sales if they have those in France
  5. chuck123wapati

    Review on my Leathergoods website

    Nice lookin site and nice lookin products. your "privacy policy" link doesn't work
  6. chuck123wapati

    simple pouch for work friend

    That is one cool piece of work! I used to love watching Speedy.
  7. chuck123wapati

    New to me basketweave

    I don't but that's me, I go to the center of the bend with my patterns. One thing you will find is your stamping will be lost a bit when you bend the leather so wrapping it completely around might not look the way you want it to. Bend your test piece to see what happens. Cool lil skinner there!
  8. chuck123wapati

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    i like it ! A lot of work there for sure.
  9. chuck123wapati

    Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    if its the ratchet lock type you may be able buy those parts at the local welding shop.
  10. chuck123wapati

    1911 mag holder/pouch

    you may need to know what type of competition and any special rules that may pertain to the holders.
  11. chuck123wapati

    Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    oh you pay for it too just in a different way.
  12. chuck123wapati

    Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    lol me too not because i love them but because i get tired of forgetting where i put them.
  13. chuck123wapati

    Holster Liner Material

    its interesting as the topic of lining holsters is always going to create discussion. One of the videos posted shows building an unlined holster. the other shows what appears to be suede lined holsters a the end.
  14. chuck123wapati

    Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    I use a set of magnified reading glasses plus a headband magnifier for my small work. I don't sit in one spot for all the many different things i do in day, do my knife making in the garage and my leather in the basement, so a desk magnifier wouldn't help much.
  15. chuck123wapati

    Holster Liner Material

    Personally I don't line my holsters unless asked. Seems lining good leather with more leather doesn't help much at all except for pleasing the buyer. I've toted guns for decades in the woods both lined and unlined and haven't seen a lot of difference in wear on the firearms. From my years of rigorous testing ,lol, I've found that there are three things that keep a firearm from wearing prematurely and getting dirty in the holster. A toe in the holster so you dont sit down and fill the barrel with dirt, a tight holster so it doesn't shift around and wear itself self as you walk and lastly and most importantly personal responsibility for the care of my firearm and holster. If I do line a holster its like Dwight does but i may use a different lighter piece for the inside.