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  1. yes 5 kids, four over 20 plus me and my wife to help her through this. They take turns staying with her. Nothing trumps family lol. Wound vac and picc lines are managed strictly through the experts, nurses don't even touch them here. I have a repair kits for leaks but that is all I do with that. It isn't hard to see on strangers but when its connected to my daughter with a six inch hole in her stomach its a different story. Life goes on, this time its a happy ending for us.
  2. medicine has come a ways now home ivs come in a little pressurized ball that need no pumps or have problems with air. I almost forgot I also now know how to clean a stoma and fit a colostomy bag. We have to go back twice a week to get her wound vac changed which is a two hour trip both ways. We still have a lot of time before she is well and life is semi normal again for me, never normal again for her. if your interested in some newer medical stuff. infusion balls https://www.progressivemedinc.com/our-products/epic/ picc line https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/picc-line/about/pac-20468748 wound vac https://duckduckgo.com/?q=wound+vac+&t=chromentp&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DZourpoEOoT0
  3. thank you for the prayers!!!! but dang man i just spent 12 days eating city food and you sent me this LOL. OH well I'm home now and mama is feeding me again .
  4. Thank you for the prayers and good words. I can now add to my resume packing open wounds, cleaning a JP drain tube, and administering iv antibiotics. all of which I really had no intention to learn in my lifetime. But I made a promise to her 40 years ago to keep her safe. Stay safe in that weather.
  5. thank you my friend!! My mom loved St. patty's day, she had a green plastic necklace with a shot glass on it she wore every year, she didn't use it really. She passed two days before Patty's day. I wear it every year now and have a shot for her and myself. That old BBQ is a classic better than what you can buy now. Enjoy life !!
  6. thank you!!! prayers are what pulled her through this ordeal. God is great!
  7. Hang in there my friend and enjoy a meal made just for yourself your mum would say so too I'll bet. I've been staying with my daughter who had emergency surgery, thought she was dead, she was in the hospital 28 days and me 12 by her side. I'll be off and on as she is home now but still needs our help. I almost missed springtime lol the grass is a foot tall in my yard. Stay safe love your dad and bbq for mum.
  8. not trying to color anything for anyone I'm just trying to make you see that tool is unsafe at best. Like the signs(others posted) say a lost eye or missing body is much more unpleasant than I will ever make your day with a few words. But hopefully you will take heed and at least listen to them. i can only judge your abilities by what you put out there but above and beyond that I've taught hundreds of illiterate inmates how to use every tool imaginable. I never once told one of them to just give it go with a power tool without proper training. I'm sorry if your offended but i cant with good conscience tell you or anyone on the planet for that matter that hopping onto this machine without training is a good idea. As you admit not having any experience with any tools above the few leather tools you have bought especially power tools of this nature. I have no problem staying out of your threads. ignore button is your friend as it is mine. Good luck
  9. Thanks mine is too, thinking up the design sometimes takes days lol Orchid drew this with a stylus right on the leather, other than the letters being kinda wonky she made few mistakes. She routinely sketches with a pen, how does a person do that without erasing lol?? thanks friend
  10. thank you it was great fun working together and I couldn't have done it justice lol. she spent four hours painting it.
  11. thanks you yes her thing is really digital art work she can draw some really cool stuff.
  12. lol thanks yea i had to put on the bifocals to see how far she went.
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