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  1. The different styles were/are developed by the different artists just like painting, then as they become popular their style gets copied. A lot of it is the business side too on the more modern styles at least and probably why you thought it started in the 40s, Stohlman for example started about that time and as he got better he started to produce tools and books and made it a business which promoted his style further. It makes it troublesome to some degree as the tools we can buy were created to do a certain style well but we as artists/humans also want to develop our own style as we get better so we either have to make do, learn to use them differently or develop tools we need ourselves. At least that's my take on it. Leather carving IMO is influenced by centuries old traditional methods, folk art/ untrained leather workers embellishing personal items, professional artists/people making a living at it and every thing in between.
  2. save the hardware at least, even if its rusty you can throw it in some vinegar and clean it up to reuse.
  3. i saw this site the other day its very cool, there are tons of contests for just about any craft.
  4. my dad had one years ago, what they did was run the leather thong that ties around your leg through the toe and the back flap.
  5. man your stuff is beautiful! Its so clean and nice looking work all the way through.
  6. you can always use it on stuff you dont wet mold.
  7. great looking hats ! Great stache too.
  8. and why people traditionally wore straw hats in summer and felt or leather in winter. Leather hats are ok used at the right times same as shoes. Summer isn't the right time to sell them for sure. unless maybe biker type head gear.
  9. yea you may try to stamp th rough side first while putting another piece of leather under it flesh to flesh
  10. stohlman has at least one book on stamping the rough side. Check the free books on tandy e library.
  11. i saw harbor freight had a nice little collection system for just a couple hundred bucks.
  12. i do my woodworking and knife and tool making in a one room garage for all the dirty work, when I'm not wrenching on my rides. The basement for the leather, wood finishing and non dust stuff.
  13. If you want to find the fastest and easiest way to do something get the laziest person in the shop to do it.
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