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  1. Tandy has an ebook library that is free I'm sure they have the stohlman belt patterns with all the info you will need. the pattern i have= slot centered at 1 1/8" from the end of the billet. first snap hole 3/4" from center of slot towards tip of billet second is1" from slot center to rear of billet third is 2" all measured from center of 3/4" slot Hope this makes sense.
  2. lol nope but apples to oranges is about the same. I don't remember what the seam is that quilters use but they sure can make some nice straight lines, my mom used to quilt it is an amazing craft in its own right and i might add some of the designs would rock made from leather.
  3. maybe some videos on quilting would help. I think if you sewed the squares together like they do fabric it may solve your problem.
  4. Nice work and welcome back to the craft. From your northern neighbor.
  5. Tandy is having a sale on some stuff i saw their fine diamond chisels are 50% off so picked up a couple. I think today is the last day for the sale.
  6. I don't use clamps on leather that's what contact cement is for, glue it, hammer it then i sew it up and its clamped for good.
  7. use contact cement. you can get weldwood brand at about any hardware store or walmart
  8. stohlmans book projects and designs, you may be able to get it free on the tandy ebook library. here found one for you. https://leathercraftlibrary.storage.googleapis.com/Archives/PDFs/Projects-%26-Designs%3A-Truckers-Wallet.pdf
  9. here is a cool one found in a well if you made a copy of these and told someone they were roman they wouldn't believe you. Then i found a copy lol click the link to see the original. https://mymodernmet.com/womens-shoes-ancient-rome/
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