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  1. Same principle as a condom, would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Lol
  2. Thanks, I carry extra on the belt because my utility/security rife uses the same ammo. It usually leans against a tree while my handsare occupied, the pistol stays on my hip.
  3. Been playing hard this summer and am getting tired of worrying about scratching up my fancy holsters. Dont really know when a fancy holster is going to be useful actually (going to sunday meetings?). I guess they can hang from my wall and collect dust? Built two holsters that can be used without worry while playing and if they get beat up, even better.
  4. You do outstanding work. Very nice
  5. Thadrick

    New holsters

    Well that was quick. lol, done Thanks
  6. That look great. My hardest time with leather working is the drawing out part.
  7. Thadrick

    New holsters

    Almost done with my grand daughters holster, the only hold up is waiting for my daughter in law to give me demensions so I can get the strap installed
  8. Thadrick

    New holsters

    The plant I work in requires that I maintain troubleshoot and fix any issues with the boilers and take readings every hour When I took the job we were running two Detroit 850hp coal fired boilers and a gas/fuel oil 450hp boiler for summer use when the Detroit broilers were being tore down and cleaned. They were amazing but then the new engineers decided we needed new boilers so they tore them out so I was operating two gas/oil 850hp boilers temporarily till the project was finished. That's when we took over the new plant with one 750hp boiler combined with two 450hp hot water coal fired boilers converted to steam by the engineers. We told them it wouldn't work but our engineer is young and stubborn and made it work (for 2 years) before they finally destroyed themselves. At the present time I'm running the 750hp boiler along with a rented 850hp fuel oil temporary backup that is nicknamed "old rusty". Under the contract were not allowed to fix or maintenance that boiler and the company is supposed to do that. We've been renting it for 3 years and we haven't seen the owner do anything to it. Were all just biding our time till something serious happens and hoping that someone else is on shift when it does. The 750hp gas boiler has been doing all the work for 8 years now while the temp boiler is warm and on standby. Needless to say, other than testing safeties regularly the 750hp boiler hasn't had a tear down or clean up in that time The biggest problem with the government engineer is that he's allowed to use DOD and international guidelines during the construction. I've been an electrician for 28 years and my father was an electrical inspector. You wouldn't believe the amount of electrical violations in the plant. They didnt even look at special occupancies sections in the code book and the contractor took advantage of it. I'm not much of a plumber but those that know claim it's not good either. The bad news is that the same engineer is in charge of designing the next plant. We also have a new 12kva generator that we maintain also. I really like the work but as stated above, the plant sucks. I've contracted and wired three boiler plants when I was in the field, I just can't believe what the contractors got away with on this job.
  9. Thadrick

    New holsters

    Only one side, between me and the phone. If it blocks phone signals form being recieved, who cares, as long as my phone is close to me if "I" have an emergency and need help. Im a 28 year veteran in the electrical field and even owned my own electrical company for 20 years before going to work for the Govt . I have no doubt Ive been over exposed throughout my life, Ive even had 4800v RF blow a hole through my arm just below the elbow and spent two days in the hospital ensuring my kidneys wouldnt get plugged up from the damaged/burnt tissue circulating through my body. If ya'll dont care about what frequency voltage does to you, "thats your deal" but, Im going to try to reduce the effects now that Im older and not as bullet proof as I used to be. Heck, even little cuts a bruises take longer to heal now. Its not like putting a piece of fabrick between layers of leather is exactly a difficult project and if it makes me feel happy, great? "Thats my deal." My phone is for "my use" in the event I get a runnaway boiler. BOOOM!!!! If it wasnt for that, I wouldnt even have a phone.
  10. That's nice! Sometimes simple can look quite amazing.
  11. Thadrick

    New holsters

    Ordered, thanks
  12. Thadrick

    New holsters

    Leads me to believe that maybe other people have the same concerns as me?
  13. Yup, same her, started packing a couple years ago. I bought a plasmatic gun a year ago and took it to the range, stove piped 6 times in 100 rounds using various ammo, stopped at Rockies on the way home traded for a wheel gun. It hasn't stove piped yet. I have a black one also. Same pattern but the brown one is prettier lol
  14. I cant speak for the others but my bond arms was probably one of the toughest holsters Ive made. I know your pain. I took mine and dropped the trigger guard and then ordered a 3" barrel for it and the next holster was still diffucult but turned out much prettier. I used a metal clip to attatch to my belt so I can take it off easier when in a vehicle and such. The thing I dont like about the bond arms is the serious lack of accuracy. I used to shoot on the police team in my home town and even with that training and experience I cant get mine to shoot strait. Still better than throwing rocks I guess, just gotta be close.
  15. Thadrick

    New holsters

    I've always carried my phone in my left pocket and since I haven't been, my leg feels weird like a "cool feeling". I think their is something to it?
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