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  1. I thought I would give you all an update. The rig was delivered ... and the customer loves it! I must say, sending out an order like this is sometimes akin to sending your kid off to college. You put a lot of work and emotional capital into them, and then send them off and wish them the best. He did ask for a shorter version of the trouser belt, as he's on the 2nd to last hole (long distance sizing is always a challenge), which means I'll have a nice piece for the gun show table!
  2. The local schools are on Spring Break this week and my wife and I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art for a day trip. We found this little gem along the way. I can only imagine the tools and practices used to make this. ... and talk about deep lines and relief! What are the odds any of our stuff will be under glass 600-700 years from now?
  3. Brooks125


    This was a repair job for a fellow who wanted his father's duty rig repaired. The loops were gone, and had been replaced at least a couple times. The new loops are 2-3 oz veg and dyed, somewhat to match. I was pleased with the outcome of a 80+ yr/old rig.
  4. Brooks125

    Expanding the Base

    Western work has picked up. Carry items are getting more consistent. Specialty items are fun!
  5. No steel is allowed on US Quick Draw Assoc holsters. It's all rawhide. 277 thread off the machine. I did hand stitch the welt, same thread. I always make my own patterns, which also allowed for the slight rear rake on these. Thanks!
  6. I went through an entire side of rawhide to get this right. It's all about timing. Wet enough to mold, dry enough to cement. Once you start, clear your calendar because you have to work it until it starts drying, because it has to be set when you're done.
  7. New item time! A couple months ago, I received a request for a "Fist Full of Dollars - walk and draw rig." The customer specified a few adjustments from the Man With No Name: - It needed to be a double rig - He wanted to use it for quick-draw - It had to fit a pair of 4.62" Ruger Vaqueros The QD requirement meant it all had to be rawhide lined, which is a departure for me, and it needed bullet deflectors. This is probably the 4th version I came up with for the order .. I could not be happier. AND the power of the internet means he found me from Washington State (I'm in Ohio!) I'm kinda jazzed about this one!
  8. ... as a bonus, I used the rounds produced from the 2" punch to make these "coins". Since I have use of the stamp, I made about 50 or so. Any idea what use they might have, other than they just look cool? I suggested some type of "challenge coins" for the club, but I dunno. (That bridle is fun to cut and stamp!)
  9. Tom E for the win. Nice edges and looks good. I'm fortunate to have a burnishing wheel attached to my drill press, since this is a "production run"-type order. The local DU was able to get a nice 3" wide brass stamp, which I was able to use on a few things, but it really sets this project off nicely. Side note: this project uses a LOT of material. At $30/pc, it really just covers material and I'm donating the labor. I get about 8-9 pcs per side of bridle leather in 12-13oz. Thanks for the input, everyone!
  10. Thanks Tom. I will try that. It is good that I have plenty of scrap and the sanding did seem a bit "frayed". I'll try your version, or some close approximation - Thanks! No kidding. I'm often amazed at what some people will publish in their product shots.
  11. No logo yet, still waiting on them to get the stamp. It holds the shotgun at your side. It's not particularly original, as I've seen them in the past and very early on, I tried to imitate them. This turned out much better.
  12. I was commissioned to make sponsor gifts for the local Ducks Unlimited Banquet. I was asked for suggestions and I came up with some of the usuals ... drink coasters or dresser valets with the DU logo stamped in. My contact suggested these shot gun holsters. In working up the prototype, I impressed even myself with 2 things: 1 - I picked the right material - 12/13 Bridle stock. No dying. No edging and it looks good. (The prototype has some VERY rough edges, but that was by design) 2 - It seems I got the pattern down on the first try, which is not typical for these odd projects. One note, they use a LOT of material and the design doesn't lend itself well to yield. I got 9 out of the first side of leather. The order is for 20 units! This should be fun, and I'm hoping will expand my product base a little, as well.
  13. I did get some hard rolled and finished the pouch. It turned out well. I discovered the difficulty cutting straight lines, that you mention here. I wish I knew that going in. Thanks for the advice. Here's my finished product.
  14. I found those two pages previously. All I can find on the CFDA site is an explanation as to WHY they have the rules they do ... but none of the rules. The second link send you to a "Page Not Found". I'm going to go with the posts from some of the local clubs, which seem to be pretty consistent.
  15. I am working on a Cowboy Fast Draw holster, a first for me. I understand the holster need to be lined with rawhide, not metal. One site said a bullet deflector is suggested, but not required for adults. What I am having trouble finding are the regulated dimensions for the holsters. Bob Marshall did a video a few years ago and he indicated a maximum (I think) space of 1.25" from the front of the holster to the point where the hammer meets the frame. And there was a minimum (or maximum) space from the throat to the top of the holster. When I look for regulations and require dimensions, I find local club regulations and the CFDA site has an explanation as to WHY the rules exists, but not the rules themselves. If anyone has access to current CFDA requirements, I would like to see them before I make really nice, unusable rig for someone. Thanks in Advance.
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