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  1. In the words of Suzanne Sommers' character ("Blonde in a T-Bird) from American Graffiti - "I do love tuck and roll leather"
  2. I use a 6-ton shop press from Harbour Freight, less than $100. I got a couple 3/8" steel plates from a friend of mine that does metal work for the top and the Weaver red base plate on the bottom. I use it to cut the back pieces for shoulder rigs. Weaver made the clicker die for $125 from my drawing. Clicking makes it much easier to use up smaller scrap and I can batch the labor and do a lot of pieces at once. Like FredK said, I sometimes move the die around and hit it in a couple shots, but they come out clean. I would advise against hand-pounding dies, though. You'll do more damage beating them up than you would save in time or cost.
  3. Sailrite offers a 5/16 ferrule, which is longer than the standard. I use them for attaching a stiffener to the thumbreak. Until then, it was a lot of cursing and wasted caps! https://www.sailrite.com/Snap-Fastener-Button-Silver-5-16-Barrel-Nickel-Key-A
  4. So far, this seems to be the solution. I came down this morning and it was happening WAY too often. I swapped out the thread as suggested above ... no help. Since this is, apparently the only "how-to" video NOT on YouTube, I called Toledo Ind. and he walked me through removing the head cover (not hard at all) and a couple set screws loosened and tightened, we're back in business. Thanks for the help everyone.
  5. There is a groove for all four lines. It does get easier as you go!
  6. I have a Cowboy 3200 and typically stitch 8/9 oz veg tan leather for belts holsters and gun leather, belts etc. Lately, I have had trouble with skipping pick-ups from the bobbin. When it happens, I know it because the thread loops on the needle chuck. The stitch is good on all other counts, as far as tension and spacing. I'm lubricated well. Tensions all seem right. In fact, I seldom adjust much of anything since my projects are all pretty similar. I've been pretty consistent for about 7 years now! One thing I did change ... I recently switched to Superior Thread (277). Oddly enough, it only seems to be the white thread that does it. Any ideas what may cause this and, more importantly, how to correct it. It's infrequent enough that if need be, I can hand stitch the offending thread down, but that gets old after awhile. The picture shows the skipped stitches on the top row, there's only a couple here. Thanks for the input.
  7. Well, to get back to the holster, I just finished it up (yes, the oil is still wet). It's certainly not as stiff as steel, but it firms up nicely. This rig has a leg thong, so I think it will serve quite well. Yes, there is a real timing issue when you laminate leather-rawhide-lining. I had to wait for the rawhide to soften up, then wait for it to dry enough to accept the Barge, and then stitch, form and hold it in position until it dried enough to put on the rack for final drying. Figure on scheduling your evening around the process. Thanks for everyone's input!
  8. However, I used the rawhide on a different project and it looks like, yeah, it leaves a pretty decent window where it's dry enough to accept the Barge and hydrated enough to work with. I'll keep you posted.
  9. This is a Bianchi, which may be a copy of his design. I'll try to play with the drying/Barge timing. Thanks!
  10. Lets try this. Yes, it is a cut down holster with the stiffness providing the retention.
  11. I have a customer who wants a re-make of an existing holster for competition. His current holster fits a 1911 with a minimalist holster on a western belt. He wants a holster and belt that fits a CZ Shadow 2. The existing holster is steel lined. He wants to stay away from steel and I know some makers use rawhide as a stiffener. My question, how do you put the rawhide between leather layers and get it to fit well, particularly on the inside radius, against the gun? I've discovered the Barge cement won't adhere to wet rawhide. Is there a way to get the layers to bond, or not really? By the way, this is NOT a detailed boning on the outside of the holster. Kind of a western take on a modern gun.
  12. I'm fortunate in being able to drive to Weaver and pick out a side when I buy leather. Today, I went to he warehouse, was greeted by a nice young man who offered to help me sort the stack. I saw from halfway down the aisle that it would be a short sort. ONE SIDE was left of my preferred leather (H/O 8/9). I'm glad it was a high-yield piece, and probably would have been my choice given a full stack. I was told that 8/9 and 7/8 are on backorder and may be for several weeks. I tell you this to give you fair warning: call and check availability, if you can get it ... get it and start getting with your secondary sources. It seems the supply chain has hit leather! Good Luck!
  13. Like Lobo said, I think you're little thick on the leather for good boned forming. I use 8/9 oz with pigskin suede lining, which yields pretty good results. The cement does affect the absorption of the water for forming. On design, you look pretty good, just make sure you leave enough grip presentation to get your fingers around the grip comfortably, but keep the trigger covered and the mag release not covered, which you did there. ... and be careful, mold guns become habit forming as well, at about $50 a pop! I'm up to 80+ and counting!
  14. I get scraps from a muzzle loading shop in the area. They sell them in bundles and they're generally scrap pieces. If you find someone that caters to early American craft trades, that may be a good source. I use them as sketch material for new holster designs to be sure I'm going in the right direction. My supplier is the Log Cabin Shop in Lodi, Ohio. https://www.logcabinshop.com/ Good luck.
  15. I am looking for a metal belt clip for holsters. It's very similar to the one shown, but with the addition of a punched out portion of the bottom-front to grab onto the bottom of the wearers belt. I've seen them, but now I can't even find a photo online. Any help would be appreciated.
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