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  1. Brooks125

    Mold or Dummy Gun Suppliers

    I haven't seen an expanded list posted, but thought I would put my 2 cents worth in on suppliers for different mold guns. and (I think the same company) are a pretty good first stop for most common modern guns. - About $50/ea, pretty consistently has some of the off-the-beaten-path molds and have a few independent suppliers (pocket guns are easier to find), sometimes they are cheaper and have free shipping at times They have a lot of the vintage, magnum and single action guns in stock. ("Large Magnum" is a Python) They charge for shipping up front, and if it's cheaper, they automatically refund the difference. They are a great source for aluminum dummies, but have a limited supply. Order by phone as long as the guy in that department is in. Feel free to add to the list ... it may save us all some time and money!
  2. Brooks125

    Weightlifting Buckles!

    I would have guessed Weaver, got a 3" from them in the past. In that vein, you're probably going to be looking for equestrian tack to get that. Good Luck.
  3. Brooks125

    Adler 30-1 reborn

    What a gorgeous restoration. I like how you kept the "treadle" to use with the motor.
  4. Brooks125

    Motorcycle Tank side cover

    A friend of mine is asking if I could cover a side plate for his son's Ducati Scrambler. The original covers are aluminum and can be attached/detached by a tab and grommets, and secured by an allen screw in the middle. The design is convex, thankfully, but I'm wondering what's the best way to attack this. I'm a holster guy, so I need some guidance on type of leather and how to bond or secure it to the plates. He's also wanting it in a russet brown finish, but I'm guessing I'll use something already tanned to that finish. The photo isn't the actual plate, but it's the same size/shape - in aluminum. Thanks in advance. (Always fun to get out of the comfort zone!)
  5. Brooks125

    Keeping Busy During Lockdown

    My biggest frustration is having to mail order everything. Weaver is 45 mins away and like the earlier post, I would like to go pick out my H/O hides. When my Barge began to get thick, I had to order more cement and thinner. And all the other little things that I would normally get off the shelf either at Tandy, Weaver or a local muzzle loading shop, I have to order, pay shipping and wait 3-4 days. I know ... 1st world problems. Stay healthy and stay safe.
  6. Is there a trick to getting spacing correct on adjustable straps? I have got my shoulder holster patterns down pretty well, but as much as i try to be accurate on the hole spacing for the straps, some are always just a tad off, which is usually the ones that make the strap bow IN towards the wearer. I like to use 2 screws to secure the strap, both for redundancy and fit, but being accurate on 1.5" hole spacing is a bit of a stumbling block.
  7. Brooks125

    Beginner Sewing Machine

    It's a common request. So common, in fact, I called Toledo Ind. a few years ago and asked for the very same thing. Keep in mind, Bob advertises "thousands" (I think) of sewing machines in stock. When I called and asked if he had a used heavy, leather sewing machine, he gave me an immediate "nope". I asked how he knew in such short order that he didn't. "I get this exact same call 3-4 times a week." I'm sure he does, and 2 weeks later I was loading a new CB-3200 in the back of my truck from his shop. Used machines go for almost as much as new, and with the warranty (and someone like Bob a phone call away), new is almost always a better choice. That being said, knuckle down, save up the coin and take a leap. I taught myself to sew leather on that machine. It is the best $1800 I ever spent and don't regret it for a second.
  8. Brooks125

    Looking for Holster Hardware - Tension Screw

    So here it is! This fits for 1911 single stacks. YES on KnifeKits and here's the shopping list. 8-32- Phillips - Pan Head -(.750 x .312) Finishing Washers - #8 - Countersunk- (Black Oxide) TLMAB Washers - Black EPDM - (.500 x .180 x .625) Slotted Post - Steel- Black Oxide - (⅜ in)
  9. Brooks125

    Looking for Holster Hardware - Tension Screw

    That seems to be the ticket. I order my mold guns from them.I guess I should have figured they would have the screws with all of the kydex they work with. Thanks for the complement as well ... I am learning!
  10. Where would I find, and what is the correct name for the tension screws used to adjust the tension on a leather holster/mag pouch? Do they sell them as a set or should I just rig one from long Chicago screws and rubber hose/line?
  11. Brooks125

    What the heck happened?!

    I think im going with the "something happened" explanation at this point. Just wondered if this was a predictable mishap. The close stitches were a result of the tension.
  12. I have been sewing holsters and leather gear for a few years now. I have a Cowboy 3200 and keep it well oiled and it's been a real champ. A few weeks ago, it would skip a stitch once in awhile. It would punch through, but the needle would not pick up the bobbin thread. Last week, I was working on a western belt with cartridge loops, you know, a quick cheap easy job. I noticed the thread "skipping" and looked at the belt. The thread was so tight it basically twisted to the point of cutting completely through the 18 ounces of leather. It seems like the bobbin hung up and didn't release the thread at all. It hasn't happened since, and the skipped stitches has stopped. Any ideas what caused this and how to avoid it in the future? (I cleared the thread away before I took the photos.)
  13. ....a few more. Always in "chocolate" now. This is one large holster. I think it's over 200 sq in.
  14. ... and I could use a few more of him. Every time I see this fellow, he hands me money and orders another holster. Great guy, super pleasant and I love doing work for him. One small catch ... he always wants a holster that I am positive I will never make again, since he has modified pistols and specific parameters, which are: Steep rake, closed muzzle and a wide front (to go over his hip instead of ON it). I now note on the order sheet that it is to "DS" specs (his initials). The closed muzzle used to be the stickler.I often felt like I was designing on the final piece ON the sewing machine. After awhile, though, you get the feel and you get a bit of a formula in your head. Also, when a guy orders 13 holsters in a year, you do what you can to accommodate. I need about 5-6 more of THAT GUY!
  15. Brooks125

    Metal Shims for Thumbreak Holsters

    I'm looking for a supplier of spring steel shims to be used as reinforcements on thumb break holsters. I scavenged this one off of an older holster. 1" on center x 1/2" width would be good. (I hope the photo's big enough, Sheesh!