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  1. Brooks125

    So I have this customer .....

    ....a few more. Always in "chocolate" now. This is one large holster. I think it's over 200 sq in.
  2. Brooks125

    So I have this customer .....

    ... and I could use a few more of him. Every time I see this fellow, he hands me money and orders another holster. Great guy, super pleasant and I love doing work for him. One small catch ... he always wants a holster that I am positive I will never make again, since he has modified pistols and specific parameters, which are: Steep rake, closed muzzle and a wide front (to go over his hip instead of ON it). I now note on the order sheet that it is to "DS" specs (his initials). The closed muzzle used to be the stickler.I often felt like I was designing on the final piece ON the sewing machine. After awhile, though, you get the feel and you get a bit of a formula in your head. Also, when a guy orders 13 holsters in a year, you do what you can to accommodate. I need about 5-6 more of THAT GUY!
  3. Brooks125

    Metal Shims for Thumbreak Holsters

    I'm looking for a supplier of spring steel shims to be used as reinforcements on thumb break holsters. I scavenged this one off of an older holster. 1" on center x 1/2" width would be good. (I hope the photo's big enough, Sheesh!
  4. Brooks125

    Another Mold Supplier - Here we go again!

    I'll give Rings a call. I use their price list as the "availability" list from Knife Kits. Thanks!
  5. I know this gets asked periodically, but I can't find anything here on old posts, so here goes: Does anyone know of an off-the-beaten-path mold gun supplier? I'm specifically looking for a S/W 60LS - it's the Lady Smith in .357 J-frame (2.125" barrel). If not, have you ever successfully cut down or left the holster short using a longer gun mold? I can't find her on : Duncans Knifekits (Blue Guns,Cook's, HolsterMolds, MultiMolds or QLH) Bunkhouse Tools Boise Foundry or Rings. Let me know if you can help! With any luck, someone else will find a new supplier of their own on the thread!
  6. Brooks125

    Gun Show Signs

    Thanks for the input ... so here's my solution. (2) 1/2"x5' pvc, (2) C-Clamps, (2) signs made at the UPS Store and velcro. It was easy to put up and not a bear to carry in/out. Sorry for the busy photo, but it worked pretty well, and even gave me some other display options. Thanks again.
  7. Brooks125

    Gun Show Signs

    We don't own the tables,and I may not be allowed back if I do that. I did figure the problem out. 2pcs of 1/2" pvc, 5' long (10' cut in half). 2 Dewalt 6" speed clamps. Velcro! I Velcro the edges of the signs to each side of the PVC. Tension between the clamps is key, meaning, set them a couple inches further than the sign to keep them from rattling. If I install them at and angle, I should have 360* viewability. I'll post pictures after the show! Thanks, guys!
  8. Please tell me you make multiples of these in different variations and sell them to the pro shop for that specific course. Unless it's a real duffers course, that would be a great item! I do holster/gunleather work and am always impressed when I see you guys doing great, delicate accessory work. It's harder than people think.
  9. Brooks125

    Gun Show Signs

    I have been going to gun shows for just about a year now to sell custom holsters and gun leather. I recently bought 2'x3' corrugated (horizontal ribs) signs to advertise my spot. Aside from building a 25 piece PVC frame and spending 2-3 hrs setting up, is there a simple sign system that can be made to post signs, overhead, for attendees to see. I know this isn't leather-specific, but I know some of you have gone to a lot of shows and have seen better stuff than I have. I currently have 2 or 3 great regular customers, but would like to get more. I'm thinking being able to be found (again) may have something to do with it.
  10. Brooks125

    Cobra 4 backstitch problem

    I believe you have a tension issue. When you back stitch, the threads now have 2 threads in the hole, instead of one. It will take some practice, but I corrected the problem by adjusting the top tension tighter ONLY when I am coming forward by my back stitch. I have a CB3200, and adjusting the first tension wheel on top does the trick.
  11. For lighter tooling, pattern marking, snap/rivet setting and small punching, I use a 1# dead blow hammer from ... drum roll please ... Harbor Freight! I use a 3# dead blow from the same reputable dealer for slot punching and maker's marks. Cheap, fairly durable and easily replaced. The faces do wear out, but it takes some time. I make gun leather with minimal stamping so I stay more to the orthopedic end of the leather working spectrum.
  12. Brooks125

    None of your beezwax!

    Prepaid shipping boxes from USPS. The big ones make a great work surface for the bench.
  13. Brooks125

    Wet Forming Exotics

    I just got a snake skin from Tandy on their web specials and am planning to do a holster for a friend. These skins are pretty soft and seem absorbent. I was wondering if there is a process for wet forming leather gear that uses non or less absorbent exotics, on things like holsters. Does the veg tan simply absorb enough to still tool and bone the items, or is there some step I'm not thinking of?
  14. Brooks125

    Blackhawk Paddles

    Here's the back side ...
  15. I've had requests for Paddle holsters, and it always seemed daunting, working in leather. I figured out a way to make a standard patch that fits the Blackhawk paddles, which can be had separately. Just line up the holes and sink t-nuts in position through the applique'.