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  1. I feel for you, that is a tough hit for sure. I would see what kind of return deal you can get with SLC. I will say using BK tools on the HO leather made me appreciate both.
  2. The first and only time so far in my 8-month leather career of leatherworking that I have used HO was at the Rocky Mountain Leather Show in Sheridan a couple weeks ago. I thought it was noticeably different in a good way from the economy and standard grades I had tooled on so far and which I will still use. I did hear some of the more experienced students say that HO was subject to batch to batch or year to year or whatever variances that were not always good. But not one person thought of not using HO. I look forward to my first HO purchase sometime in the future but until then I will keep plugging away on what I have. I did hear that Tandy's upper levels were quite nice also and I look forward to using them also. Hope this helps a little at least, Frank
  3. I'll see you there! This is my first show, and I am excited even though I am at best a "rank amateur".
  4. WIndy county 8 here.
  5. I am curious about Elmers. Someday, I may try it on leather and for thread locking.
  6. Hello from Wyoming! I am a newbie as well and I really appreciate this site!
  7. Love it and the thought behind it. Looks great also.
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